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Vocabulary Word

Word: indeterminate

Definition: uncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite

Sentences Containing 'indeterminate'

"Cuarenta y quince": jocularly, an indeterminate number.
"Gunk" may refer to any fairly large quantity of unwanted substance or objects of varied or indeterminate identity, much like the English "junk".
"Indeterminate colitis" is the classification for colitis that has features of both "Crohn's disease" and "ulcerative colitis".
A man who has at length found something to do will not need to get a new suit to do it in; for him the old will do, that has lain dusty in the garret for an indeterminate period.
A rational curve, also called a unicursal curve, is any curve which is birationally equivalent to a line, which we may take to be a projective line; accordingly, we may identify the function field of the curve with the field of rational functions in one indeterminate "F"("x").
Additionally, when asked about the unused script at a convention, Graham Williams, having forgotten the exact title, made up the name "Gin Sengh", as in "The Killer Cats of Gin Sengh" (or "Geng Singh" — the spelling being indeterminate), resulting in the fan myth that this was the original title.
An indeterminate number of Italians and anti-Communist Yugoslavs were killed in the foibe massacres. Slovenia in Titoist Yugoslavia.
An indeterminate number of Italians and anti-Communist Yugoslavs were killed in the foibe massacres. The socialist period.
Contradicting the principle of bivalence, Buridan implies a system of three-valued logic in which there are three truth values--"true", "false", and some indeterminate third value.
Dr. Joseph W. Ulatowski believes that since the truth value in Plato's conditional promise and even more so in Socrates's proposition is indeterminate, it means that Plato "ought to err on the side of caution with respect to the future contingency and allow Socrates to cross the bridge".
Equal-interval chords are often of indeterminate root and mixed-interval chords are also often best characterized by their interval content.
He wrote well, was a forcible speaker and an acute critic; but his adoption of the indeterminate eclecticism of Victor Cousin in philosophy and of the somewhat similarly indeterminate liberalism of in politics probably limited his powers, though both no doubt accorded with his critical and unenthusiastic turn of mind.
In a full currency substituted economy, exchange rates are indeterminate and monetary authorities cannot devalue the currency.
In addition to this, an indeterminate number of ordinary board members are also elected every year.
In the course of his new opinion on remand, Judge Benavides chided the Supreme Court for giving inconsistent and indeterminate guidance in the death penalty area, likening the High Court's jurisprudence to the Augean stables.
Indeterminate allosaurid, dromaeosaurid, and ornithomimmid, remains are known from the Xinminbao Group.
Indeterminate ankylosaur remains are known from the group.
Indeterminate colitis' behaviour is usually closer to ulcerative colitis than Crohn's disease.
Indeterminate crocodilian remains are known from the group.
Indeterminate nemegtosaurid remains are also known from the group.
Llewellyn (1893–1962) was the most important figure associated with the American Legal Realism of the 1920s and 1930s, which held that the law was indeterminate on the basis of statutes and precedents alone and required study of the how disputes are resolved in practice.
Maqroll, his most well-known character, is of indeterminate origin, nationality, age and physiognomy.
Nouns and adjectives were inflected according to one of two grammatical numbers: the singular and the plural. Nouns can be divided into numerous declensions according to the form of the stem: "a", "ō", "i", "u", "an", "ōn", "ein", "r", etc. Adjectives have two variants, "indefinite" and "definite" (sometimes "indeterminate" and "determinate"), with definite adjectives normally used in combination with the definite determiners (e.g. the definite article "sa"/"þata"/"sō") while indefinite adjectives are used in other circumstances.
Other fairly closely related creatures are known as "Eoraetia", from the Upper Triassic of Europe, and the rather indeterminate "Kunminia", from the Lower Jurassic of China.
Possible indeterminate ornithischian remains have been reported from the Lower and Upper Elliot Formation of Cape Province, South Africa and the Mohales Hoek District, Lesotho.
Prior to 1989, Oregon judges would decide whether a convicted felon should be put on probation or sent to prison, and for those sent to prison, set a maximum sentence (known as an "indeterminate sentence.") Based on a subsequent decision by the Parole Board, the average offender would serve a fraction of the sentence handed down by the judge.
Since this latter term was not applied to a "chimneyed house on wheels", or vardo, until 1872, the term "vanner" has no inherent connection with the Romanichal. Writing in 1897, M. Horace Hayes describes the "light vanner" as a horse of indeterminate breed "which we meet in vans, 'buses and tram-cars".
The Talkeetna Mountains Hadrosaur was a hadrosaurid of indeterminate classification whose carcass appeared to have been deposited in a bathyal or outer shelf environment that later became Alaska's Matanuska Formation.
They also discovered many other animals and some indeterminate stone tools.
This means there exists an element "x" of "K" which is transcendental over "F", and such that "K" is a finite algebraic extension of "F"("x"), which is the field of rational functions in the indeterminate "x" over "F".
To the end, he occupied a somewhat indeterminate position with respect to that school; he subordinated historical investigation to immediate practical interests, and politics moved in the direction of limiting rather than extending the sphere of state action.

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