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Vocabulary Word

Word: indefatigable

Definition: tireless; untiring; showing no sign of getting tired

Sentences Containing 'indefatigable'

All this I say, exalted and esteemed lady, because it seems to me that for us to remain any longer in this castle now is useless, and may be injurious to us in a way that we shall find out some day; for who knows but that your enemy the giant may have learned by means of secret and diligent spies that I am going to destroy him, and if the opportunity be given him he may seize it to fortify himself in some impregnable castle or stronghold, against which all my efforts and the might of my indefatigable arm may avail but little?
But not content with this good deed, the indefatigable house again bestirred itself: Samuel and all his Sons--how many, their mother only knows--and under their immediate auspices, and partly, I think, at their expense, the British government was induced to send the sloop-of-war Rattler on a whaling voyage of discovery into the South Sea.
Chief among those who did this fetching and carrying was Captain Bildad's sister, a lean old lady of a most determined and indefatigable spirit, but withal very kindhearted, who seemed resolved that, if SHE could help it, nothing should be found wanting in the Pequod, after once fairly getting to sea.
Connects to Bacton via the Indefatigable field.
Eden had an elder brother called John, who was killed in action in 1914 and a younger brother, Nicholas, who was killed when the battlecruiser HMS "Indefatigable" blew up and sank at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
Encouraged by this discovery, Edmond determined to assist the indefatigable laborer.
He had not been able to devote himself to daily labour previously owing to poor health but once he joined he soon became the leading light; he was an indefatigable traveller for the firm and his brothers were soon able to rely on his efforts.
He was a prodigious and indefatigable worker.
Indefatigable SW was discovered in June 1967 and production started in October 1989.
Speaking of the selection process for his editorship, Hass observed that he received "boxes...xeroxes and notations of the indefatigable David Lehman...I had marked for rereading a couple of hundred poems [myself and I had David's sometimes overlapping lists..."
Spektor was an indefatigable worker, and in the last forty years of his life, when he was steadily becoming more generally recognized as the foremost rabbinical authority in Russia, he maintained a large correspondence with rabbis, communities, philanthropists, and representative men in many parts of the world, who sought his advice and instruction on all conceivable subjects relating to Jews and Judaism.
The "Lion"-class ships were faster, exchanged the guns of the older ships for the same number of guns, and had a waterline belt thick versus the of the "Indefatigable"s. This was in response to the first German battlecruisers, the , which were very much larger and more powerful than the first British battlecruisers, the . "Lion" served as the flagship of the Grand Fleet's battlecruisers throughout World War I, except when she was being refitted or under repair.
The armour protection given to the "Lion"s was heavier than that of the "Indefatigable"s; their waterline belt of Krupp armour measured thick amidships in contrast to the belt of their predecessors.
The increase in speed, armour and gun size forced a 65% increase in size over the "Indefatigable" class and made them the largest warships in the world.
There are many tourists, indefatigable florists, and lined up horse-drawn carriages waiting to give a ride.
These two were so indefatigable in taking Don Quixote out to dance that they tired him down, not only in body but in spirit.
This indefatigable Anglo-Irish statesman, a former Chief Secretary for Ireland, and hero of the Napoleonic Wars, successfully guided the legislation through both houses of Parliament.
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