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Vocabulary Word

Word: incursion

Definition: temporary invasion; CF. excursion: short journey

Sentences Containing 'incursion'

2007 San Francisco International Airport runway incursion
A similar incursion in 1984 also failed to strike a revolutionary spark among the conservative Honduran peasantry.
Arpad's Magyars settled here in the Great Plain first and then in Transylvania and Moldavian The Romans in Pannonia were eventually forced to build forts to protect themselves but they were not able to extend their empirs into what is now eastern Hungare.The family name Medonich was found to be descended from the founding Magyar race, a strong and proud race of warriors,farmers and horsemen who survived against the continued incursion of the Turks seeking to gain their and proud beautiful homeland.By the 11th century the Magyars had converted to Christianity and saw waves of crusaders and heated battles over the next centuries in 1221 the issuance of the Golden Bull by King Andras II gave rights of self determination to the nobles and gentryat the national council and it is here that the Medonich family on the document of attendance.
At one point, there was a prediction by a sorcerer that there would be an incursion into a palace -- a prediction that much troubled Emperor Ruizong.
Honduran officials acknowledged the incursion publicly, but only after United States spokespersons had trumpeted the incident as proof of the Sandinistas' aggressive intentions toward their northern neighbor.
However, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor was quoted as saying "This wasn't a procedural issue, this was caused by a good controller with a lot of experience making a mistake", adding that since the incursion the controller had to be recertified for their job.
However, the incursion of rock n' roll into the music business was swiftly becoming unavoidable, and around 1958 Robison dropped both the Abbott and Fabor imprints and founded Radio Records, exclusively a rock n' roll label, with only Billy Barton held over from the previous Abbott and Fabor rosters.
Imperial Captain Laurent Zai is sent on a suicide mission to defeat an incursion by the Rix, a space-faring nation who worship planet-sized artificial intelligences (AIs).
In his poetry several literary prizes highlights since his first collection of poems, "Las horas en vano" (1989), to the most recent, "No" (2009), as well as the anthology bringing together twenty years of poems "Esta luz tan breve (Poesía 1988-2008)" and his revealing incursion into the children's literature with seven illustrated poetry albums.
In September 2010 Montoya, now Colombia's ambassador to the Dominican Republic, was charged with murder by an Ecuadorean court for his role in the 2008 incursion of the Colombian military into Ecuador which destroyed a FARC camp and left more than 20 dead.
In the course of the following, renewed Swedish incursion into Prussian territory, the small Prussian fleet was destroyed and areas as far south as Neuruppin were occupied, yet the campaign was aborted in late 1759 when the undersupplied Swedish forces succeeded neither in taking the major Prussian fortress of Stettin (now Szczecin) nor in combining with their Russian allies.
In the disorderly state of England under the Plantagenets, who governed it from about the middle of the twelfth till towards the end of the fifteenth century, one district might be in plenty, while another, at no great distance, by having its crop destroyed, either by some accident of the seasons, or by the incursion of some neighbouring baron, might be suffering all the horrors of a famine; and yet if the lands of some hostile lord were interposed between them, the one might not be able to give the least assistance to the other.
It was also the site of the killing of five Australian-based journalists (the Balibo Five) by Indonesian forces on October 16, 1975 during an incursion by Indonesia into what was then Portuguese Timor.
Mass Effect: Incursion is an on-line comic (8 pages) that follows Aria T'Loak's encounter with the Collectors one week prior to the opening events of "Mass Effect 2".
Mulligan was the first to alert Washington to two British plans to capture the American Commander-in-Chief and to a planned incursion into Pennsylvania.
Other peoples whose ancestral links to the Mississippian culture are less clear but were clearly in the region before the European incursion include the Catawba and the Powhatan.
Questioning its corporate role, he believed that meant it looked less and less like a work of art and more like a vanity project. Responding to concerns from "The Times" that ArcelorMittal's sponsorship and naming of Orbit would represent an improper incursion of corporate branding into public life, Johnson stated that Olympic rules mean that it cannot carry any corporate branding during the games.
Rabbi David Wolpe of the Sinai Temple criticized Cohen after the event, saying "increasingly I came to believe that Iran was not Cohen's sole concern; he wanted it as a stick with which to beat Israel over Gaza, whose incursion he wrote left him ashamed."
Second, this golden age will be followed by an apocalyptic nuclear war that starts with a border incursion by NEMA (North American Economic Military Alliance, comprising Canada, The U.S., and Mexico) forces in South America during the year 2098.
The 2007 San Francisco International Airport runway incursion occurred around 1:30 pm PST on May 26, 2007 when SkyWest Airlines (operating as United Express) Flight 5741 (SKW5741), an Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia turboprop aircraft, nearly collided with Republic Airlines (operating as Frontier Airlines) Flight 4912, an Embraer 170 Regional Jet, at the intersection of runways 1L and 28R at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), South San Francisco, California.
The battle begun as a result of a border incursion by bedouins.
The events of "Incursion" link into the events of the comic miniseries "Mass Effect: Redemption".
The final report recommended three fortified regions: The CDT's report proposed that offensive operations into Germany should focus on an incursion to establish a line from Konz to Trier, then to Ottweiler, Homburg and Kaiserslautern.
The incursion of the Kalabhras and the confusion in the Tamil country was broken by the Pandya Kadungon and the Pallava Simhavishnu.
The Mexitecan's who ruled this area prior to the Spanish incursion called it Yucuyuxi.
The Orc incursion in the northern Shire occurred during the reign of Arassuil as Chieftain of the Dúnedain, and the Orcs led by Golfimbul were but the most western pack of Orcs which had left the Hithaeglir.
The segment was criticised due to the Cumbria train crash only 2 days earlier, even though it was not caused by a track incursion.
There were no reported injuries to occupants and no reported damage to either aircraft. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials described the runway incursion as the most serious incident of its kind in at least a decade, and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) initiated an investigation into the incident.
They found themselves altogether unprepared to stop or resist the incursion of Hyder Ali; and in consequence of those disorders, the company is now (1784) in greater distress than ever; and, in order to prevent immediate bankruptcy, is once more reduced to supplicate the assistance of government.
To avoid this invasion appearing as a war of aggression (no war of aggression could be started without the consent of the estates), the Swedes issued no declaration of war and presented the incursion to the German parliament as aimed solely at restoring peace.
To forestall French incursion into what they had come to consider as their own sphere, the British government renewed efforts to finalise a boundary agreement with France and on 1 January 1890 instructed Governor Hay in Sierra Leone to get from chiefs in the boundary area friendship treaties containing a clause forbidding them to treat with another European power without British consent.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 178, adopted unanimously on April 24, 1963, after hearing of violations of Senegalese territory by Portuguese military forces from Portuguese Guinea, the Council deplored the incident at Bouniak as well as any incursion by the Portuguese and requested that they honor their declared intention to "scrupulously respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Senegal".
Upon the accidental death of the commander of III Corps, Lieutenant General Do Cao Tri during the Cambodian Incursion of 1970, Minh was promoted and became corps commander.
“... in written arguments to the Supreme Court of Canada, Mr. House pointed out that although our courts have so far refused to grant refugee status to American soldiers who are deserting military duty out of moral objection to the war in Iraq, in 1995 the Federal Court of Appeal granted refugee status to a deserter from Saddam Hussein's armed incursion into Kuwait, on the basis that he should not be compelled to take part in an illegal war.

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