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Vocabulary Word

Word: incubate

Definition: hatch; warm (eggs) with the body to promote hatching; maintain at optimal environment conditions for development; be holding in one's body an infection which is going to develop into a disease; N. incubation; CF. incubation:disease

Sentences Containing 'incubate'

According to paleontologist Ken Carpenter these eggs were laid by sauropod dinosaurs who chose the site based on how easy beach sand would be to dig nests into and because such sands would absorb enough heat to help incubate the eggs.
After playing at SXSW they played at the Incubate in Tilburg, Netherlands in September 2009.
Both parents incubate the eggs and their cryptic colouration makes them almost invisible when sitting on the nest. The eggs hatch after about 20 days.
Geoffrey Miller proposes that sexual selection might have contributed by creating evolutionary modules such as "Archaeopteryx" feathers as sexual ornaments, at first. The earliest proto-birds such as China's "Protarchaeopteryx", discovered in the early 1990s, had well-developed feathers but no sign of the top/bottom asymmetry that gives wings lift. Some have suggested that the feathers served as insulation, helping females incubate their eggs.
In September 2010, Dan Deacon collaborated with Jimmy Joe Roche at the Incubate festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Incubate (festival) (formerly ZXZW) in Tilburg Netherlands, in 2008, headlined by Wire (band) and Sun Ra Arkestra.
Males mated to females with brighter feet are more willing to incubate their eggs.
The Gagoyle was discovered by Nightcrawler and Blackthorne Shore, who learned of the creature through "ancient scriptures" that directed them to a volcanic cave. There, dangerously high radiation levels served to incubate a cluster of "Gagoyle eggs".
The Micronesian Scrubfowl and some other megapodes are the only birds known to incubate their eggs using volcanic heat.
They have played at the 2009 ATP VS the Fans festival in Minehead, UK, followed by the Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands the following week.
Two or three eggs are laid and both sexes incubate and take care of the young.
While MIZOD was created to protect industries around the harbor and port facilities relying on deep water access, the intended effect was to incubate manufacturing growth in the entire city and region.

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