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Vocabulary Word

Word: incompatible

Definition: inharmonious; N. incompatibility

Sentences Containing 'incompatible'

A long passage in the Lankavatara Sutra shows the Buddha speaking out very forcefully against meat consumption and unequivocally in favor of vegetarianism, since the eating of the flesh of fellow sentient beings is said by him to be incompatible with the compassion that a Bodhisattva should strive to cultivate.
A number of serious attempts, by various means, to create such a union took place between 1574 and 1658, and even as late as the latter part of the 18th century, but it has never materialized due incompatible demands from both sides.
A search for parts was carried out in September 2003; a drop tank was found, but it was incompatible with those used by a Harrier.
According to Krell (1998), Gimbutas' homeland theory is completely incompatible with the linguistic evidence.
Arphic Public License, published by Arphic Technology, was recognized by Free Software Foundation as a copyleft free software license and incompatible with the GNU General Public License.
At the same time, Aderca's leftist leanings were largely incompatible with the neoliberalism of his mentor Eugen Lovinescu, a situation acknowledged by Aderca as early as his "Mic tratat" years.
By the 1960s, city officials deemed the neighbourhood – by this time almost a slum – incompatible with the modern image of a busy, bustling city.
CITES Appendix II - Trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival. Synonims.
Classical perspective and non-Euclidean geometry were not, after all, incompatible with one another.
COLLADA defines an open standard XML schema for exchanging digital assets among various graphics software applications that might otherwise store their assets in incompatible file formats.
DDR3 DIMMs have 240 pins and are electrically incompatible with DDR2.
Different SCSI transports, which are not compatible with each other, usually have unique connectors to avoid accidental mis-plugging of incompatible devices.
Elmasry also stated that "hate that drives Zionist attitudes toward Palestinians" and that Kovel "suggests convincingly that the inner contradictions of Zionism led Israel to develop its 'state-sponsored racism' and that Zionism and democracy are essentially incompatible."
He described the history of psychology according to a view that differing schools of psychology are complementary and not incompatible.
He did, however, subsequently change his views, on another front, philosophical rather than theological. In "Philosophia prima pars", written at the end of his life, he rejected Copernicanism as incompatible with Aristotelian theory on natural philosophy.
He felt that it was incompatible with soldierly conduct and would result in a breakdown in military discipline, and that it was incompatible with giving combat its moral worth.
He state that even though there are some positive aspects of this law, overly broad definition can be incompatible with Article 15 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR).
His son brought him a DVD of the film back from Hong Kong and he tried to watch it, but the region format was incompatible "so we put it in the dustbin".
I thought this sentiment so incompatible with the establishment of any system of check on Mary Anne, that I frowned a little.
In 1883, he resigned from the clergy having concluded that Anglicanism was incompatible with his philosophical beliefs.
In 1891, after the Party's chairman Ludwig Windthorst had died, Peus was offered by the Centre Party to take over Windthorst's seat in the Imperial Parliament in Berlin - an offer Peus declined as being incompatible with running his law office in Münster.
In 2006, section 19 of the Act was declared to be incompatible with the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms under section 4 of the Human Rights Act 1998.
In his essay “Despair, Optimism, and Rebellion”, Evan Fales submits three atheist existential stances towards life (which are not mutually incompatible).
It had been fashionable to claim (with Nietzsche) that "there can be no tragedy today" or, with Teodor Adorno, that "poetic art after Auschwitz is a barbarity", and Hochhuth does not believe modernity and tragedy incompatible.
It observed that ‘National rules of that kind are also manifestly incompatible with the scheme of Directive 93/104...
It was concluded that the fossils indeed came from different individuals, even though their size was not necessarily incompatible.
Kreiser (1975) suggests that the movement's fundamental beliefs were simply incompatible with the established regime.
Later, Intel would add similar (but incompatible) instructions to the Pentium III, known as SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions).
Memory modules for the SPARCstation 20 are compatible with the SPARCstation 10, Sun Ultra 1, and some other computers in the sun4m and sun4u families, but they are physically incompatible with the SIMM slots found in PC computers.
Neither is it contended that they are incompatible with each other: the qualities of two or more of these points of view are often found in the same work.
Non-therapeutic circumcision is incompatible with widely accepted ground rules for surgical intervention in minors.
Robert Cargill argues that the theory suggesting Qumran was established as a Hasmonean fortress is not incompatible with the theory proposing that a group of Jewish sectarians reoccupied the site.
Rumford argued that the seemingly indefinite generation of heat was incompatible with the caloric theory.
Saddam Hussein had his agenda and al-Qaida had its agenda, and those two agendas were incompatible.
She apparently did not confess to the major charges against her, although she admitted to some Jewish observances she believed were not incompatible with Catholicism (observing the Sabbath and mourning the dead, things she had learned as a child).
Spiritual Naturalism is chiefly concerned with finding ways to access traditional spiritual feelings without the inclusion of supernatural elements incompatible with science and a broad naturalism.
Stewart described how the music of the "Messiah" was completely incompatible to the sacred nature of the text, except for the "Hallelujah" chorus, of which he was non-committal, preferring Beethoven's "Hallelujah".
The Canada Line is operationally independent from the Expo and Millennium lines, and uses rolling stock that is incompatible with the other lines, but is still considered to be part of the SkyTrain network.
The Church, however, continued to teach that Orthodoxy was incompatible with Marxism.
The Cross bill sought to ban abortion in cases of rape and incest and imposed fines of up to $100,000 and ten years imprisonment on the practitioners, Roemer declared the legislation incompatible with the United States Supreme Court decision "Roe v. Wade".
The discussion of some topics, even with Mrs. Micawber herself (so long the partner of my various vicissitudes, and a woman of a remarkable lucidity of intellect), is, I am led to consider, incompatible with the functions now devolving on me.
The EAT allowed the company’s appeal. The Court of Appeal held rolled up holiday pay did not discourage workers from taking holiday, that this arrangement was properly negotiated by collective agreement, which was legitimate, and it was not incompatible with the Directive or the WTR 1998.
The Soviet military required that their ammunition should be incompatible with NATO firearms, so that in the event of armed conflict a foreign power would be unable to use captured Soviet ammunition supplies.
These criticized Steiner's thought and Anthroposophy as being incompatible with National Socialist racial ideology and charged both that Steiner was influenced by his close connections with Jews and that he was himself Jewish.
These subdivisions are incompatible with the regions subdivisions.
They conclude that "Holy Hip-Hop" is still associated with the mainstream hip hop culture that they view as incompatible with Christianity's teachings.
This new appointment was short-lived; Cardus's lengthy and discursive concert reviews were incompatible with this paper's style, and were ruthlessly cut by subeditors.
Thus, it is incompatible with data published by the United Nations due to variations in the calculations and formulas used by both parties.
Using all 16 colours is possible in both HiRes and Multi modes, but if two incompatible colours are drawn onto the same 8×8 pixel block, the entire block fills with the colour drawn later.
Why then should his moral resentment against the crime be supposed incompatible with them?

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