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Vocabulary Word

Word: incoherent

Definition: unintelligible; muddled; unable to express one's thoughts in an orderly manner; illogical; lacking cohesion; not coherent

Sentences Containing 'incoherent'

'Splitters' preferred incoherent complexity.
A geographic society, the Institute of Incoherent Geography, plans to make a world tour in such a way as to "surpass in conception and invention all previous expeditions undertaken by the learned world."
Attack on Jaurès and result. Villain focused on Jaurès, bought a revolver and began stalking him, scribbling incoherent notes about the socialist leader's habits into his pocket-book.
Briefly, Watson, I am in the midst of a very remarkable inquiry, and I have hoped to find a clue in the incoherent ramblings of these sots, as I have done before now.
By 1923, courts had vindicated a "common-knowledge" standard, concluding that "scientific evidence", including the notion of a "Caucasian race" including Arabs and many South Asians, was incoherent.
By the spring of 1993 the Azerbaijani military, which had the upper hand in the initial stages of the war, had been largely reduced to unorganized and incoherent fighting groups.
Despite this "stumbling block", Bright said that Windows 8's interface worked well in some places, but began to feel incoherent when switching between the "Metro" and desktop environments, sometimes through inconsistent means.
During the next half hour she chased the enemy which responded with "incoherent recognition signals" rather than with torpedoes or return fire.
Four sides of incoherent and interjectional beginnings of sentences, that had no end, except blots, were inadequate to afford her any relief.
He concluded that air's volume can expand to fill available space, and he suggested that the concept of perfect vacuum was incoherent.
He seemed incoherent and was largely unresponsive towards David Letterman's questions about the film and his career plans.
I had many a broken sleep inside the Yarmouth mail, and many an incoherent dream of all these things.
In his "Los Angeles Times" review of Savage's 1995 solo exhibition at the Cirrus Gallery in Los Angeles, critic David Pagel described the artist's works as "raw, incoherent, precarious and daring.
In his last role before departing for the boxing ring, Rourke played an arms dealer chased by Willem Dafoe and Samuel Jackson in "White Sands", a film noir that reviewers found stylish but incoherent.
In its staging and design, the film is symmetrical with Méliès's "A Trip to the Moon": while the astronomers' progress toward the moon in that film is consistently depicted as left-to-right motion, the Institute of Incoherent Geography's progress toward the sun in "The Impossible Voyage" is consistently right-to-left. A print of the film (though not the supplemental epilogue) was deposited for American copyright at the Library of Congress on October 12, 1904, and the film was sold in French, American, and British catalogs by the Star Film Company.
It is also assumed that particles are spherical and the particle-matrix interface is incoherent.
One day he meets Olga, who is flamboyantly dressed and acting almost completely incoherent.
She bombarded Crosby with half incoherent cables and letters, anxious to set the date for their next tryst. Visit to United States.
She frequently resorts to physical and emotional abuse as a way of enforcing discipline, incessantly slapping her sons' faces (sometimes hitting all three with one swing of her hand, Three Stooges-like) and insulting them in an often incoherent way ("Jam a bastard in it, you crap!").
She had turned from the window, which remained open, and was praying in accents that would have affected the most unfeeling; her words were rapid, incoherent, unintelligible, for the burning weight of grief almost stopped her utterance.
The chaplain resolved to try the experiment, and obtaining access to the madman conversed with him for an hour or more, during the whole of which time he never uttered a word that was incoherent or absurd, but, on the contrary, spoke so rationally that the chaplain was compelled to believe him to be sane.
The epilogue begins in Crazyloff's study, where he is criticized by the Institute of Incoherent Geography for losing so much transportation equipment during the voyage.
The Grand Arvou is an arch bridge, with a span of 68.5 m and an elevation of 13,60 m between the arch's top and the ground; the distance between the roof and the base of the arch is 10,5 m. The bridge is built in mortar and small incoherent stones, with partial plastering.
The linguist Geoffrey K. Pullum has argued that they are generally so inaccurate as to do more harm than good: "for the most part, accepting the advice of a computer grammar checker on your prose will make it much worse, sometimes hilariously incoherent."
The psychologist David Marks has written that paranormal researchers such as those in the SPR have failed to produce a single repeatable demonstration of the paranormal in over 100 years and described psychical research as a pseudoscience an "incoherent collection of belief systems steeped in fantasy, illusion and error."
The radiation of the electrons is initially incoherent but then on account of the interaction with the useful electromagnetic wave they start to bunch according to phase and they become coherent.
They return in triumph to the Institute of Incoherent Geography, where a grand rejoicing is held for them.
This resulted in incoherent stories and flat sales.
While in the coma, he pronounces incoherent sentences.
With several kinds this is effected by the pollen-grains, which are light and incoherent, being blown by the wind through mere chance on to the stigma; and this is the simplest plan which can well be conceived.

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