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Vocabulary Word

Word: inclusive

Definition: tending to include all; all-inclusive; Ex. inclusive charge

Sentences Containing 'inclusive'

According to the Georgian officials, the status will be elaborated within the framework of "an all-inclusive dialogue" with all the forces and communities within the Ossetian society.
According to the gospel, Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem forty days (inclusive) after his birth to complete Mary's ritual purification after childbirth, and to perform the redemption of the firstborn son, in obedience to the Law of Moses (, , etc.).
All are inclusive and considered the Welcome Wagon to new residents of the community.
Another major development in the services was the relocation of the reading desk from the front to the middle of the community, creating a more inclusive atmosphere.
As a consequence, an inclusive linear model of phenotype regressing on all genetic markers (and marker multiplications) can be used to fit the positions, and additive (and dominance) effects of all QTL in the genome.
As an inclusive organization that transcends nationalities, NDI or Nusantara Development Initiative is made up of 30 youths across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and the Philippines.
Blue Apple Theatre is an award-winning inclusive theatre company based in Winchester, England.
Feminism is one of Inclusive Mosque Initiative's key concerns, the place of women in Islam, traditional gender roles in Islam and Islamic feminism are likewise major issues.
Fijian goes even further with six words for "we", with three numbers — dual, small group (three or four people), and large group — and separate inclusive and exclusive forms for each number.
Formally, the most inclusive definition of an enumeration of a set "S" is any surjection from an arbitrary index set "I" onto "S".
He added that he had been committed ever since becoming Chief of Army to making the Army an inclusive force.
He defined it as the largest and most inclusive clade of archosaurs containing Aves (birds, anchored on "Vultur gryphus") but not Crocodylia (anchored on "Crocodylus niloticus").
However while the Cape shared these restrictive features, its explicitly colour-blind political system was unusually inclusive.
However, "the broader intent is inclusive of the many-varied persons whose worldview is naturalistic" but are in the "general population", as opposed to associating solely with the "community of reason".
In 2006 a total of 1526 exhibitors exhibited at the fair and came from overseas representing over 18 countries, Tanzania inclusive.
In contrast to other cruise lines which price the cruising experience, to some extent, a la carte, Regent Seven Seas bills its cruises as "the most all-inclusive".
In English this distinction is not made through grammatically different forms of "we", but rather indirectly, for example through explicitly inclusive phrasing ("we all") or through inclusive "let's".
In statistical genetics, inclusive composite interval mapping (ICIM) has been proposed as an approach to QTL (quantitative trait locus) mapping for populations derived from bi-parental crosses.
In the 1969 edition the heading has become "Religious and Secular Institutes of Pontifical Right for Men", a form it kept until 1975 inclusive.
In the Eastern and Western liturgical calendars the Presentation of the Lord falls on 2 February, forty days (inclusive) after Christmas.
In this manner, "the distro is good maintaineable and corrections or updates can be provided very fast", inclusive 'current' DVDs.
Inclusive political settlements to conflict require agreements to be reached between both elites and their constituencies.
It is also 69th national championship played by Serbian clubs inclusive of nation's previous incarnations as Yugoslavia and Serbia Montenegro.
Mapbacks were primarily mysteries, but many different sorts of books found their way into this inclusive line.
Michael F. "Mike" Rush is a Democratic member of the Massachusetts Senate, representing the Suffolk and Norfolk district. This includes Boston, ward 18, precincts 7 to 20, inclusive, 22 and 23, ward 19, precincts 10 to 13, inclusive, and ward 20, in the county of Suffolk; and Dedham, Norwood and Westwood, in the county of Norfolk.
No universal term other than Eskimo, inclusive of all Inuit and Yupik people, exists for the Inuit and Yupik peoples.
Now, inclusive of the occasional wide intervals between the revolving outer circles, and inclusive of the spaces between the various pods in any one of those circles, the entire area at this juncture, embraced by the whole multitude, must have contained at least two or three square miles.
Occasionally this group has been treated as a separate family (Mellinidae), but has been more typically considered a subfamily within the all-inclusive family Sphecidae.
Official kit sponsorship rights for 5 years from 2010 to 2013 inclusive were awarded to Nike for US$43 Million.
On the other hand, sometimes one wants to specify the inclusive meanings of terms.
Rather, transpartisanship acknowledges the validity of truths across a range of political perspectives and seeks to synthesize them into an inclusive, pragmatic container beyond typical political dualities.
Recently a more inclusive and integrated view of geologic events has developed, changing the scientific consensus to accept some catastrophic events in the geologic past. This held that there have been violent and sudden natural catastrophes such as great floods and the rapid formation of major mountain chains.
Secondly, and most importantly, after studying many religions and teachings, Sikhism was inclusive rather than exclusive.
Seeing itself as an inclusive nation with universal values, France has always valued and strongly advocated assimilation.
Separate personal pronouns exist, but are usually used for emphasis; they distinguish inclusive and exclusive first person plurals.
The Aflatoun Network is a participative and inclusive network of organizations who bring the programme to children.
The constituency contained: From 1918 it consisted of "The Dunfermline County District, inclusive of all burghs situated therein except insofar as included in the Dunfermline District of Burghs, together with so much of the Kirkcaldy County District, inclusive of all burghs situated therein, as is included neither in the Eastern Division nor in the Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy Districts of Burghs."
The four Cherokee forms of "we" are: "you and I (inclusive dual)"; "another and I (exclusive dual)"; "others and I (exclusive plural)"; and "you, another (or others), and I" (inclusive plural).
The latter usage is informal, however, and its contracted form "let's eat" can only be inclusive.
The law of The Bahamas makes provisions for the appointment of 12 Justices to the Bench of the Supreme Court, inclusive of the Chief Justice, and for five Justices of the Court of Appeal, inclusive of the President.
The low price of corn, from 1741 to 1750, both inclusive, may very well be set in opposition to its high price during these last eight or ten years.
The scarcity which prevailed in England, from 1693 to 1699, both inclusive, though no doubt principally owing to the badness of the seasons, and, therefore, extending through a considerable part of Europe, must have been somewhat enhanced by the bounty.
The stations between Shirebrook and Whitwell (inclusive) are in Derbyshire.
The vocalic inventory is and . Syllable structure is maximally CVC, and stress always falls on the final syllable of a word. 1st-person/exclusive pronouns are formed in "ha", inclusive with "ka", 2nd person with "hi", and 3rd with "in".
This article is neither all-inclusive nor necessarily up-to-date.
This cost is inclusive of the product cost as well as the cost involved in research, marketing, and accessibility costs.
This is Wilber's term for "romantic" approaches, like deep ecology and ecofeminism, that often mistake earlier and more exclusivist modes of being for more mature, more inclusive modes.
Thus, Simplicidentata is a total group that is more inclusive than Rodentia, a crown group that includes all living rodents, their last common ancestor, and all its descendants.
Tolerance is a key principle of Inclusive Mosque Initiative, which promotes interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution within both intra-faith and inter-faith situations.
While relevant parties are described here in the masculine or third person (as "he" or "they"), these references are for brevity, intended to be inclusive, representing architects, building owners and contractors.

More Vocab Words

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