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Vocabulary Word

Word: inclined

Definition: tending or leaning toward; bent; V. incline: slant; dispose; be disposed; tend

Sentences Containing 'inclined'

You observed it, Mr. Darcy, I am sure,''said Miss Bingley;``and I am inclined to think that you would not wish to see your sister make such an exhibition.''
For my part, I am inclined to believe it all Darcy's; but you shall do as you choose.''
He did not repeat his persuasion of their not marrying and from that, I am inclined to hope, he might have been misunderstood before.''
The advantage of an inclined plane can be seen by the following experiment.
Prop the board so that the end A is 2 feet above the table level; that is, arrange the inclined plane in such a way that its length is twice as great as its height.
On an inclined plane whose length is ten times its height, the lifting force is reduced to one tenth the weight of the load.
By the use of an inclined plank a strong man can load the 600 pound bowlder on a wagon.
If an inclined plane is pushed underneath or within an object, it serves as a wedge.
Usually a wedge consists of two inclined planes -LRB- Fig.
Another valuable and indispensable form of the inclined plane is the screw.
May be the man you hoe with is inclined to race; then, by gorry, your mind must be there; you think of weeds.''
But I confess that I am now inclined to think that there is a finer way of studying ornithology than this.
Sometimes we are inclined to class those who are once and a half witted with the half witted, because we appreciate only a third part of their wit.
They have no doubt that it is a damnable business in which they are concerned; they are all peaceably inclined.
I think sometimes, Why, this people mean well; they are only ignorant; they would do better if they knew how: why give your neighbors this pain to treat you as they are not inclined to?
I took my face out of my hands, and saw my enemy sinking back upon his inclined board.
His disposition -LRB- always inclined to exact concessions rather than to make them -RRB- kept him aloof from all friendships.
``Their demand was fair, and the chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence.
``Well, Albert,''said Franz,``do you feel much inclined to join the revels?
``No, I slept, as I generally do when I am weary without having the courage to amuse myself, or when I am hungry without feeling inclined to eat.''
The latter rose and bowed to the countess, who inclined herself without speaking.
Monte Cristo inclined himself without answering, but the gesture might pass for assent.
you know I take but little sleep, and I do not suppose you are very much inclined for it either.''
``Oh, no; I have seen him eat of everything in Italy; no doubt he does not feel inclined this evening.''
and Morcerf inclined his head towards the door, through which sounds seemed to issue resembling those of a guitar.
I am almost inclined to ask you, as though you had experienced death,`is it painful to die?'''
It was well enough inclined, too, to be complaisant to the king of England.
So when any one says to me, Prithee, read me Chrysippus, I am more inclined to blush, when I cannot show my deeds to be in harmony and accordance with his sayings.
The Christian should sorrow more for other men's malice than for our own wrongs; but the Roman is inclined to wash his hands of the offender.
With respect to horses, from reasons which I cannot here give, I am doubtfully inclined to believe, in opposition to several authors, that all the races belong to the same species.
By this movement the stems are inclined to all sides, and are made to move round and round.
This conclusion throws so much light on geographical distribution that I am strongly inclined to trust in it; but I will first give the facts which demand an explanation.
'I suppose she wouldn't be inclined to forgive him now,' hinted Peggotty.
I am inclined to believe, from my uncertainty on this head, that it was six at first and seven afterwards.
I was inclined to think at one time that he knew who had done it and was screening him or her, but I am convinced now that he is as puzzled as everyone else.
He drank more than ever, and he was less inclined for any sort of society.
That I was strongly inclined to like it, and had taken immediately to the proposal.
"is it not obvious to you now that this matter really strikes very much deeper than either you or the police were at first inclined to think?
Next day I was inclined to think that I had made a mistake, and by the day after I was sure of it.
I was at first inclined to associate it with the sanitary apparatus of these people.
You know I have a certain weakness for mechanism, and I was inclined to linger among these; the more so as for the most part they had the interest of puzzles, and I could make only the vaguest guesses at what they were for.
Therefore we are inclined so far to accede to Mr. Copperfield's proposal, as to admit his visits here.'
Naturally, we was both of us inclined to give such a subject a wide berth.
One fair evening, when Dora was not inclined to go out, my aunt and I strolled up to the Doctor's cottage.
I inclined my head, without knowing what she meant; and she said, 'Come here!'
I was extremely tired, and with that, and the heat of the weather, and about half a pint of brandy that I drank as I left the ship, I found myself much inclined to sleep.
I have given thee a hint about what whaling is; do ye yet feel inclined for it?"
But as he destroyed ships, as well as for other reasons, he must have been a whale; and I am strongly inclined to think a sperm whale.
this is the way a fellow feels when he's going to Davy Jones--all a rush down an endless inclined plane!
They have no doubt that it is a damnable business in which they are concerned; they are all peaceably inclined.

More Vocab Words

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::: curator - superintendent; manager (in charge of a museum or a library)
::: boor - rude, insensitive person
::: imperceptible - unnoticeable; impossible to perceive; undetectable
::: chant - tune(melody) in which a number of words are sung on the same note; V: sing (a chant); utter (a slogan) in the manner of a chant
::: subsistence - existence; means of subsisting; means of support; livelihood; V. subsist: exist; maintain life (at a meager level)
::: compress - force into less space; squeeze; contract; put into fewer words; N: thick mass of cloth pressed to part of the body to stop bleeding or swelling, reduce fever, etc.
::: tenuous - thin; slim; rare
::: ambush - act of lying in wait to attack by surprise; sudden attack made from a concealed position; Ex. lie in ambush; V.
::: forge - counterfeit; reproduce fraudulently; form by heating in a forge and hammering into shape; move with a sudden increase of speed or power; Ex. forged ahead in the last two years; N: furnace where metals are heated