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Vocabulary Word

Word: inclement

Definition: stormy; unkind; unmerciful; CF. clement

Sentences Containing 'inclement'

After losses to the Los Angeles Wildcats and Boston Bulldogs in front of decreasing crowds, a scheduled game at Ebbets Field against league leader (and eventual champion) Philadelphia Quakers was cancelled due to inclement weather.
And as when Spring and Summer had departed, that wild Logan of the woods, burying himself in the hollow of a tree, lived out the winter there, sucking his own paws; so, in his inclement, howling old age, Ahab's soul, shut up in the caved trunk of his body, there fed upon the sullen paws of its gloom!
Arriving in New York City, he was delayed there owing to inclement weather.
Concerning all this, it is much to be deplored that the mast-heads of a southern whale ship are unprovided with those enviable little tents or pulpits, called CROW'S-NESTS, in which the look-outs of a Greenland whaler are protected from the inclement weather of the frozen seas.
Construction delays and inclement weather caused the Stockton Thunder and California Cougars to play on extended road trips during the beginning of their 2005/2006 season.
Each platform had a canvas hangar to protect the aircraft during inclement weather.
He has been eight years upon a project for extracting sunbeams out of cucumbers, which were to be put in phials hermetically sealed, and let out to warm the air in raw inclement summers.
However, if there is inclement weather, or other factors delay the scheduled jumps, graduation may be conducted on Fryar Drop Zone following the last jump.
In inclement weather conditions, the ability to quickly erect and enclose the building allows workers to shelter within and continue interior finishing.
Late that afternoon, planes from the Japanese carriers Zuikaku and Shokaku attempted a dusk attack on Task Force 17, but ran into inclement weather and the combat air patrols from Yorktown and USS Lexington (CV-2).
Many ultramarathons, especially trail challenges, have severe course obstacles, such as inclement weather, elevation change, or rugged terrain.
Surprise was achieved thanks to inclement weather and a comprehensive deception plan implemented in the months before the landings, codenamed Operation Bodyguard, to distract German attention from the possibility of landings in Normandy.
The gym is an uncomfortable inclement-weather site for commencement ceremonies.
The next few days the British invasion fleet was again buffeted by inclement weather, but by the evening of the 26th this had sufficiently died down to consider starting the landing the next day.
The outset of the race was plagued with rain, which was an ongoing theme throughout the weekend, delaying the start by 2½ hours, but weeping in the banked turns from all the inclement weather that fell throughout the weekend because of poor drainage caused the first two cautions.
This was attributed to prolonged periods of inclement weather.
Travel time is unpredictable due to uncertainties of weather that can turn inclement any time and play spoilsport.
When I got nigh the place as I had been told of, I began to think within my own self, "What shall I do when I see her?"' The listening face, insensible to the inclement night, still drooped at the door, and the hands begged me--prayed me--not to cast it forth.
When it was not too wet or inclement for her child to be with her, they went together; at other times she was alone; but, she never missed a single day.

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