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Vocabulary Word

Word: incidental

Definition: not essential; minor; N: something incidental

Sentences Containing 'incidental'

'My dear Copperfield,' said Mr. Micawber, 'yourself and Mr. Traddles find us on the brink of migration, and will excuse any little discomforts incidental to that position.'
23, written in 1875 as incidental music to Henrik Ibsen's play of the same name, and was also included as the first of four movements in "Peer Gynt Suite No.
86), Svendsen ("Romeo og Julie", 1876), Delius ("A Village Romeo and Juliet", 1899–1901), Stenhammar ("Romeo och Julia", 1922), and Kabalevsky ("Incidental Music to Romeo and Juliet", Op.
A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film.
Among his works were an opera, two comic operas, three Grove Plays, incidental music for plays, some works for orchestra, choral music, and some songs and instrumental works; he also wrote church music.
An incidental allusion, purposely thrown out, to the day of the week, and the day of the month, set him thinking and counting, and evidently made him uneasy.
And as we must look at the curious and complex laws governing the facility with which trees can be grafted on each other as incidental on unknown differences in their vegetative systems, so I believe that the still more complex laws governing the facility of first crosses are incidental on unknown differences in their reproductive systems.
Apart from the incidental sign, the two operators differ by a Weitzenböck identity that explicitly involves the Ricci curvature tensor.
As nothing can happen either to an ox, a vine, or to a stone, which is not incidental unto them; unto every one in his own kind.
As the capacity of one plant to be grafted or budded on another is unimportant for their welfare in a state of nature, I presume that no one will suppose that this capacity is a SPECIALLY endowed quality, but will admit that it is incidental on differences in the laws of growth of the two plants.
Brookmyre's books are all set in the same "universe" and contain a number of recurring characters, especially the appearance or mention of major characters (such as Parlabane) in incidental roles in other stories.
From incidental accounts it is known that he spent significant time in Baghdad with Christian scholars including the cleric Yuhanna ibn Haylan, Yahya ibn Adi, and Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Baghdadi.
Grieg extracted two suites of four pieces each from the incidental music (Opus 46 and Opus 55), which became very popular as concert music.
He made all manner of gestures while he spoke, as if in incidental imitation of some few of the great diversity of signals that he had never seen.
He remained with the company for "Fifth of July" (for which he composed the incidental music), "Balm in Gilead" (sharing a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Ensemble Acting), "Burn This", and "As Is", all of which eventually transferred to Broadway.
He was the son of Samuel Gilman Brown (1813–1885), president of Hamilton College from 1867 to 1881, and the grandson of Francis Brown, whose removal from the presidency of Dartmouth College and later restoration were incidental to the famous Dartmouth College case.
He wrote the incidental music for "A Streetcar Named Desire" which he performed on Broadway for two years.
Hence, in the English, this thing of whaling good cheer is not normal and natural, but incidental and particular; and, therefore, must have some special origin, which is here pointed out, and will be still further elucidated.
His compositions included incidental music for Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", additional songs for Leo Fall's operetta "The Merry Peasant" (1909) and the children's opera "King Goldemar" (1902).
How long he continued to reign after this we know not; but it appears, from an incidental notice, that he was still on the throne in 170 BC, while he was certainly dead in 154 BC, when his brother Mithridates IV of Pontus is mentioned as King.
However, deionization does not significantly remove uncharged organic molecules, viruses or bacteria, except by incidental trapping in the resin.
Ibsen asked Edvard Grieg to compose incidental music for the play.
If gall bladder cancer is diagnosed after cholecystectomy for stone disease (incidental cancer), reoperation to remove part of liver and lymph nodes is required in most cases.
In 1918, Harling contributed incidental music to the Broadway production of the 1898 play "Pan and the Young Shepherd" by Maurice Hewlett.
In 2001 at the BBC Proms, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and BBC Singers, conducted by Manfred Honeck, performed the complete incidental music in Norwegian with an English narration read by Simon Callow.
In November 2010 Southampton Philharmonic Choir and the New London Sinfonia performed the complete incidental music using a new English translation commissioned from Beryl Foster.
In respect of specified matters proposals may also be made by the Regional Committee to the State Government for legislation or with regard to the question of general policy not involving any financial commitments other than expenditure of a routine and incidental character.
Incidental benefits include faster vessel speed caused by more efficient action of the hull sails.
It is an incidental result of differences in the reproductive systems of the parent-species.
It will be advisable to explain a little more fully, by an example, what I mean by sterility being incidental on other differences, and not a specially endowed quality.
Japanese research vessels refer to the harvested whale meat as incidental byproducts which have resulted from study.
Jools Holland had recorded the "Danger Man" theme earlier, and he appeared with The Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra to play "Theme from Danger Man", plus various other themes and incidental music composed by Astley.
Nothing can happen unto thee, which is not incidental unto thee, as thou art a man.
Of my mother I have learned to be religious, and bountiful; and to forbear, not only to do, but to intend any evil; to content myself with a spare diet, and to fly all such excess as is incidental to great wealth.
Several gamma secretase inhibitors that underwent human clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease and MCI patients resulted in statistically significant worsening of cognition relative to controls, which is thought to be due to its incidental effect on Notch signalling.
She wrote incidental music for a New York production of Seán O'Casey's "Red Roses for Me", and the music was later reworked as the orchestral suite "Dublin Town".
So with plants it appears that, from having the power of movement in obedience to certain stimuli, they are excited in an incidental manner by a touch, or by being shaken.
Songs included "Pipeline," "Wipe Out," "I Only Have Eyes for You," "Get a Job," "A Teenager in Love," and "One Summer Night", all of which can be heard playing in the background as incidental music.
The 1993 production was not a fully staged version, but rather a drastically condensed concert version, narrated by Plummer, who also played the title role, and accompanied by Edvard Grieg's complete incidental music for the play.
The general sterility of crossed species may safely be looked at, not as a special acquirement or endowment, but as incidental on changes of an unknown nature in their sexual elements.
The involvement of JRD Tata in the affairs of Trust is not just incidental. Being a trustee since the Trust's inception, he held the position of chairman during the last 25 years of his life.
The movie contains the only recordings of some of the instrumental pieces currently available to Gershwin aficionados (unfortunate because not all the incidental music composed for the movie was used in the final cut.)
The musical styles displayed, range from orchestral underscore, to incidental pieces in a 1980s Europop style and lounge music.
The routine discharge of effluent incidental to the propulsion of vessels is explicitly exempted from the definition of dumping in the MPRSA.28 The Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships prohibits the discharge of all garbage within of shore, certain types of garbage within offshore, and plastic anywhere.
There is evidence that incidental artificial selection caused by heavy fishing has led to a compensatory growth response, i.e. faster growth and earlier maturation.
These may be played in different variations depending on the situation they represent, scattered amongst incidental music.
They provide a good deal of incidental detail otherwise lacking in the various parallel versions of the Silmarillion.
To Rathvon, they were incidental to what he felt were his more important church-work responsibilities.
When the nerves and muscles of an animal are excited by galvanism or by the absorption of strychnine, the consequent movements may be called an incidental result, for the nerves and muscles have not been rendered specially sensitive to these stimuli.
† Five tracks are preceded by incidental music performed by The London Film Orchestra and written by Anne Dudley.

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