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Vocabulary Word

Word: incidence

Definition: rate of occurrence; particular occurrence; Ex. high incidence of infant mortality

Sentences Containing 'incidence'

A clearer picture is needed to better understand the incidence, prevalence and consequences of ORI and stalking.
A review of 72 studies, published in January 2013, found no significant effect of consuming vitamin C supplementation on the incidence of colds.
A study reported that six Southern states have the worse incidence of sleep disturbances in the nation, attributing the disturbances to high rates of obesity and smoking.
According to 2012 statistics, New Delhi has the highest number of rape-reports among Indian cities, while Jabalpur has the per capita incidence of reported rapes.
Accurate incidence statistics on MCACL are unavailable.
Alcohol has been shown to decrease slow wave sleep and delta power, while increasing stage 1 and REM incidence in both men and women.
All matrices are n × n where n is the number of vertices in G. Incidence matrix.
An increased incidence of Duffy antigen has been reported in patients with multiple myeloma compared with healthy controls.
And between points 5 and 6 this light will be reflected by the cone to the eye in its greatest intensity, since at these points the angles of incidence equal the angles of reflection.
As pelvic inflammatory disease is the major cause of hydrosalpinx formation, steps to reduce sexually transmitted disease will reduce incidence of hydrosalpinx.
Because of the high incidence of deformities among bog bodies, such as the Yde Girl, anthropologists have suggested that the disabled were sacrificed because they were considered to be unfavored by their gods.
But, unlike other viral infections, the incidence of polio – the rarer severe form of the infection – increased in the 20th century and reached a peak around 1952.
Common side effects include dizziness, nervousness and nausea, and the incidence of adverse effects was shown to be less than 5% in all studies.
Fibromyalgia is estimated to affect 2–4% of the population, with a female to male incidence ratio of approximately 9:1.
In addition to a decrease in the incidence of delta waves during slow-wave sleep in the elderly, the incidence of temporal delta wave activity is commonly seen in older adults, and incidences also increase with age.
In Australia the incidence of smoking is in decline, with figures from 2011–13 showing 16.1% of the population (over 18) to be daily smokers, a decline from 22.4% in 2001.
In the late 20th century there was some concern of an increase of breast cancer incidence.
In the United States, incidence in the genotype of collies has been estimated to be as high as 95 percent, with a phenotypic incidence of 80 to 85 percent.
Incidence is twice as high among African Americans, and the Choctow Native Americans in Oklahoma have the highest prevalence in the world (469/100,000).
It is difficult to estimate the global incidence of foodborne disease, but it has been reported that in the year 2000 about 2.1 million children died from diarrhoeal diseases.
Later he asked for a judicial enquiry into the firing incidence suggesting that the encounter may have been fake.
Men of black African descent are at greater risk of prostate cancer than are men of either Causcasian or Asian descendant (60% greater incidence and double the mortality compared to Caucasians).
No incidence of riot, rebellion, civil disobedience, religious clashes or terrorism has been observed.
None of the US Department of Health and Human Services targets regarding incidence of foodborne infections were reached in 2007.
Observation and experiment have taught us that light is always reflected in such a way that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence.
Of course, just like with other purebred dog breeds, this inbreeding can lead to increased incidence of disease.
People "grew hysterical with fear with the incidence of unknown 'mysterious' diseases breaking out.
Prior to the strict criteria for the diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse, as described above, the incidence of mitral valve prolapse in the general population varied greatly.
Results showed significant reductions in blood loss, rate of emergency hysterectomy and incidence of morbidity and mortality.
Since then many surveys have been carried out to elucidate the prevalence of Duffy antigen alleles in different populations including: There appears to have been a selective sweep in Africa which reduced the incidence of this antigen there.
Some studies estimated the incidence of mitral valve prolapse at 5 to 15 percent or even higher.
Susan Allport writes that "While no one knows what the optimal ratio in the diet is for these two families of fats, the current (and recommended) ratio in Japan is associated with a very low incidence of heart and other diseases.
Systemic scleroderma is a rare disease with an annual incidence of 1 to 2 per 100,000 individuals in the United States.
The BOK-2 was a research aircraft fitted with a slotted wing, which comprised the main forward psrt and the large variable incidence rear section with a slot between them.
The Canadian crime victimization survey does not collect data on the ethnic origin of perpetrators, so comparisons between incidence of victimizations and incidence of charging are impossible.
The exact etiology, incidence, and risk factors associated with IMS are not clearly understood, but IMS is recognized as a disorder of neuromuscular junctions.
The fire was likely an incidence of enemy sabotage orchestrated by agents of Nazi Germany.
The incidence of gall bladder cancer is increasing in China as well as north central India.
The incidence of hypomania in the treatment group was no greater than in the control group.
The incidence of rhabdomyolyis was 0.44 per 10,000 patients treated with statins other than cerivastatin.
The incidence of tabes dorsalis is rising, in part due to co-associated HIV infection.
The incidence stemmed from a quarrel between a Christian merchant and a Muslim customer.
The law of reflection always holds, however, no matter what the reflecting surface is, the angle of reflection always equals the angle of incidence.
The notation ("p"γ "ℓ"π) does not determine a projective configuration up to incidence isomorphism.
The tailplane incidence was adjustable on the ground; the elevators had leading edge compensators like those fitted to the ailerons.
This is of extreme importance to those concerned with reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired MRSA infections.
Vaginal irritation, itching, burning or discomfort, urticaria, and peripheral edema were reported at an incidence of less than 2%.
When a ray of light passes from water or glass into air, the refracted ray is bent away from the perpendicular so that the angle of refraction is greater than the angle of incidence.
When light passes from air into water or glass, the refracted ray is bent toward the perpendicular, so that the angle of refraction is smaller than the angle of incidence.
While results did suggest that rats who had interrupted pregnancies might be subject to "similar or even higher incidence of benign lesions" than virgin rats, there was no evidence to suggest that abortion would result in a higher incidence of carcinogenesis.

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