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Vocabulary Word

Word: inception

Definition: start; beginning

Sentences Containing 'inception'

After its inception, the Royal BC Museum continually expanded.
Almost from its inception, the Kingston Trio found itself at odds with the traditional music community.
Altogether, 49 other sides have come and gone since the league's inception.
At its inception, Julia Moon was the primal ballerina of Universal Ballet.
At its inception, the foxtrot was originally danced to ragtime.
Bassinthedust has grown rapidly since its inception.
But these moments, these flashes of inspiration which are at the inception of every vital picture, occur but seldom.
Every year after its inception in 2003, NAsHDC has consistently expanded in participation and support.
From its inception the school was located near Kali Bari for 34 years.
From its inception, "Dissent"'s politics deviated from the standard ideological positions of the left and right.
From its inception, the organization is governed at the campus level by local multicultural Greek councils.
From its inception, Workbench offered a highly customizable interface.
From their inception, the Pioneers' leading sponsor has been the "Dancing Camel" pub brewery from Tel Aviv.
Given the philosophy of Whittier, the neighborhood was ethnically integrated from its inception.
He chaired the Executive Advisory Committee from its inception in 1986 until his death in June 2000.
It has been held each fall since its inception in 1992.
Remington Arms operated the plant from its inception until 1985, when operations were taken over by Olin Corporation.
Rinomato hosted the show from its inception until 2011.
Roman literature was from its very inception influenced heavily by Greek authors.
Rural cemeteries, from their inception, were intended as civic institutions designed for public use.
Sandy Antunes' monthly column has run without interruption since inception.
Since inception in 1982, VCFA has raised nine funds totaling over $730 million.
Since inception, it has been contested at various distances: Records.
Since inception, the race has been set at various distances: Records.
Since its inception in 1985, the museum has grown in staff, services, and exhibits.
Since its inception in the 1980s over 13,000 children have been served through this program.
Since its inception, a total of six world records have been set at the event.
Since its inception, Entergy has been headquartered in New Orleans.
Since its inception, Intacct has received backing from the following firms:
Since its inception, Le Rocheton has served a number of different purposes.
Since its inception, Olympus has made investments in over 60 companies.
Since its inception, the NHS has been involved in several noteworthy controversies.
Since its inception, the President Cup Malaysia has been the major tournament for under-21 and under-23 players.
Since its inception, YRP has set a different theme each year.
Since the group's inception membership has grown to over 100 members.
Since their inception, the awards have been given in categories for novels and best other work.
The book describes the history of the graph from its inception to the beginning of the Climategate controversy.
The centrepiece of the penal law is the "code of punishments" issued by each dynasty at its inception.
The club have participated in the division since its inception in 2012.
The Commission, however, is under-resourced and few prosecutions have been made since its inception.
The company has been privately owned since inception.
The division lasted from the inception of Soviet league football in 1936 to the dissolution of USSR in 1991.
The fortunes of the organization have been mixed since its inception.
The inception of Starship Traders can be traced back as far as 1986.
The packaging has undergone many changes since its inception.
The records list the top 5 players in each category since the inception of the Cubs.
The Socrates Project from its inception had a twofold mission.
There have been no changes of major significance to the routing of this state highway since its inception.
This chart shows all divisional playoff champions since the inception of the league in 1992.
This is That has produced seventeen films in the six years since its inception.

More Vocab Words

::: endearment - fond word or act; expression of affection
::: impending - nearing; approaching; about to happen
::: prurient - having or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire
::: tempestuous - stormy; violent; impassioned; N. tempest: violent storm
::: colossus - gigantic statue; person or thing of great size or importance
::: piquant - pleasantly tart-tasting; spicy; pleasantly stimulating; Ex. piquant situation when my old enemy asked for my help
::: snicker - half-stifled(suppressed) laugh; V.
::: stupefy - stun; make numb (as with a drug); amaze
::: indigent - poor; destitute
::: malapropism - comic misuse of a word; CF. Mrs. Malaprop