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Vocabulary Word

Word: incentive

Definition: spur; motive; something which encourages one to greater activity

Sentences Containing 'incentive'

"Paul Lewis: A thoughtful man, born with a creative incentive to do great things so impressively -- inspiring and helping children and adults of all ages."
A further incentive to local film-makers is that they are invited to make television programmes either in film format or video format.
A problem was that wages in the Soviet Union could neither be used as a way of disciplining workers or as an incentive system, except in a limited capacity.
Also, instructors do not receive an incentive if the FM is done for a "Guaranteed" FM client.
An additional incentive is the recognition that the winning teams receive.
and the first payday including the incentive was June 25, 2013.
As with the TNT Incentive, if instructors receive two or more negative evaluations in a month they do not receive the incentive.
Bonus images could be unlocked as an incentive to win races.
Both Cooper and Sams invested a great deal of time into ensuring the passage of the original incentive program through the Legislature in 1993.
Critics assert that naked CDSs should be banned, comparing them to buying fire insurance on your neighbor’s house, which creates a huge incentive for arson.
Critics speculate that these creditors had an incentive to push for the company to enter bankruptcy protection.
Deployment strategies focused on incentive programs such as the Federal Photovoltaic Utilization Program in the US and the Sunshine Program in Japan.
Economic and social gain was also an incentive to become a Muslim: conversion to Islam conferred economic and social status.
Egypt State Incentive Prize in Arts and Letters of the Supreme Council of Culture, in 2004.
Flaherty was also concerned that there was no inherent conflict in the islanders' way of life, providing further incentive not to shoot anything.
For a lottery bond the serial number is an added incentive for the purchaser to buy the bond.
For ever lesson taught across Gaba there was 25 yen added to a pool, which was used to fund the incentive.
For example, in dealing with Asian powers, the Company, Chaudhuri explains, had every incentive to present itself as having the delegated power of the British Crown.
Gaba instructors can also receive an incentive for teaching a certain amount of lessons each month.
He further noted that when surveyed, "students opposed any practice that created incentive to compete for grades rather than for learning's sake."
However, the incentive is only paid for the total number of peak lessons taught, not overall lessons.
If an insurance company cannot verify the individual's labor income, the former would always have the incentive to claim a low realization of income and the market would collapse.
If instructors receive two or more negative evaluations Gaba would not pay them the TNT Incentive for that month even if they met the lesson number requirements.
In a socialist economy, there would be no incentive to use money as financial capital, thus money would have a slightly different role in socialism.
In addition, tax breaks are also given to each service voucher, creating another incentive to purchase these services.
Incentive spirometry, a technique to encourage deep breathing to minimise the development of atelectasis, is recommended.
Lacking economic incentive, commercial interests are not drawn to help in the Choctaw's conservation and there is no official Choctaw Hog registry for this breed.
Many characters have specials that allow them to avoid an attack; this creates an interesting incentive to attack other characters.
Many point out that the bull's genes are valuable and that there is a strong economic incentive to keep the animal in good reproductive health.
On March 19, 2013 Gaba announced that it would be changing the incentive system from May 2013, raising the amount allocated to the pool from 25 yen to 35 yen, raising the overall amount allocated to the incentive.
Presumably, the purpose of the practice was to remove the incentive for stores and businesses to avoid reporting income.
So, for example, if an FM is held late in the month but the client does not join until the following month, the incentive will be part of the paycheck for the following month.
Superscape evolved from Incentive Software, a publisher of home computer games in the 1980s and 1990s.
That was sufficient incentive for Husk Jennings to begin a $1.72 million restoration of the rest of the building, for which the city kicked in almost $340,000.
The availability of water was the incentive behind it becoming a choice of settlement.
The categories for the PNT are: F-peak Incentive.
The company's representatives said that they were "determined to improve working conditions for instructors" and that they were looking at increasing the TNT incentive and the per lesson pay rate.
The festival gives away "best-of" awards, which gives the chefs incentive to invent some of the most creative po' boys.
The incentive was paid the following month.
The irregularities of William Behnes are considered to have added a strong incentive to this act of repudiation.
The loan is generally provided at a cost, referred to as interest on the debt, which provides an incentive for the lender to engage in the loan.
The producers also might be able to recover part of their investment by the return of the entertainment tax as a way of incentive.
The rationale was to give the Soviets a powerful incentive to see the war through to the end.
The sector has received an incentive in 2009 with the opening of the nearby port "Marina di Rodi Garganico".
The size of the receipts is commensurate with the quality of the show, and there is great incentive to excel.
There is no incentive given for customers to give feedback, so it is likely that this is a true reflection of the quality of the brand’s products and services.
This incentive will not be linked to negative evaluations.
This was an incentive towards fulfillment and overfulfillment.
When the incentive is paid depends on when the client joins, not when the FM was conducted.
With the ample land available in the West, most farmers had little incentive to adopt intensive farming methods and other advanced agricultural technologies.

More Vocab Words

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