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Vocabulary Word

Word: inadvertently

Definition: unintentionally; by oversight; carelessly

Sentences Containing 'inadvertently'

A lesser audiobook narrator might inadvertently muddle the story, but, as usual, Vance displays a dramatic and vocal range that is more than equal to his task.
A man acquires a valuable artefact as a present for his girlfriend, inadvertently drawing a lunatic collector into pursuit of him.
As the drama series progresses, it is evident that these seemingly lowly employees have their own pride despite them being the most despised employees in the company, and in every episode, they end up saving the company from a potential catastrophe, inadvertently or otherwise.
At the 1930 British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario he won the six mile race despite stopping over the finish line after what he thought was the last lap, and being told that there was a lap to go, as the official had inadvertently turned over two discs instead of one.
At the hour of midnight, Jin-lien touched the rooster to pet it, but inadvertently startled the rooster, causing it to call.
Because he was an elf, but of a non-magical variety, he attempted to harness the power of the abandoned Tower Heart, but instead caused the Cataclysm and inadvertently spawned the fear of magic.
But Marcie breaks the eggs into a pot of boiling water, inadvertently cooking egg soup.
By doing this, Neilson inadvertently started an NHL tradition.
Cut to the van serving food late at night where Thomas inadvertently bumps into Sylvia who is pretending to be a prostitute.
During the war the Red Army had found a few shortcomings of its 7.62mm TT-33 pistol, one of which was a tendency to inadvertently drop its magazine while in operation.
Early in the season he inadvertently discovers the identity of the man who raped Charlotte; he had interviewed the man, Lee McHenry, the night she was attacked and he had her blood on him.
Esmeralda has inadvertently also captivated a monk, Claude Frollo, and the hunchback Quasimodo.
Fujiko inadvertently drugs Lupin to sleep and they are captured by Frenchy in his plane.
However, the letter was, apparently inadvertently, accompanied by the military's records of the internal investigation.
Illyria again goes back in time to a point before she had killed the other characters, and she inadvertently begins taking Angel with her on her trips through time.
In 1620, the Thirty Years' War was in its first phase; James daughter and Charles's sister Princess Elizabeth and her husband Frederick V, Elector Palatine had inadvertently started the war when they accepted the crown of Bohemia in 1618.
In a typically Kirbyesque touch, Volstagg inadvertently saves his companions' lives on at least two occasions by stumbling onto the one weapon capable of saving the day (and later claiming that his initial cowardly retreat was all part of a vast master plan).
In the ensuing argument, David inadvertently reveals how much he is getting paid, in comparison to how little he offered to pay each of the others.
In the season finale, Unser reveals to Gemma, falsely, that Tara has taken the children and will testify against The Son's, inadvertently causing Gemma to attack and kill Tara.
It was only spoken by Reagan as a microphone test, which was then inadvertently recorded.
Like Leigh-Cheri, he is a redhead, and unlike her, he is on his way to blow up the Care Fest. As it turns out, the Woodpecker has a passion for tequila that inadvertently causes him to bomb a UFO conference instead of his intended target.
Lucas is outside and tries to advise House on friendship, and inadvertently gives House a new way to think about a possible diagnosis.
Matahachi runs into his mother and uncle Gon at a marketplace and states that Sasaki Kojirō is a pseudonym he uses instead of his actual name, as he feels he has shamed his family by living with a prostitute and inadvertently setting the Yoshioka temple on fire.
Maxwell also made fun of Kurt Rambis prior to Game 4 of the 1984 Finals, wearing Rambis's trademark glasses and inadvertently missing a long range shot in front of loyal Rambis fans known as the "Rambis Youth".
Meanwhile, Helen visits Edna, finds out what Bob has been up to, and activates a homing beacon to find him, inadvertently causing Bob to be discovered and captured.
Mike tries to help her score higher on the LSAT, but she learns that he used to take tests for others when she inadvertently tries to hire him to take the test for her.
Occasionally, players miscount and inadvertently repeat the position more than once, thus allowing their opponent to claim a draw in an unfavourable position.
On a practical level, those who "inadvertently" worked could pay a fine or offer up a "piaculum", usually a pig.
On his release, he embraced me with the utmost fervour; and made an entry of the transaction in his pocket-book--being very particular, I recollect, about a halfpenny I inadvertently omitted from my statement of the total.
One street, Cafon Court in Etobicoke, had its amendment successfully passed when government members inadvertently let one of the NDP amendments pass, although the Tories later voted to strike the Cafon amendment.
Set in a remote village in Eastern Nigeria, an area yet to be affected by European values and where society is orderly and predictable, the story concerns a woman "of great beauty and dignity" who inadvertently brings suffering and death to all her lovers.
She was extremely gracious to Peggotty, except when I inadvertently called her by that name; and, strange as I knew she felt in London, appeared quite at home.
Shortly after (episode 11 12), Metlar's mind was affected by a chemical love potion inadvertently brewed by Earth Corps, which saw the enamored monster elope with the Statue of Liberty.
Since both of the original stories were told on a Tuesday, Penn quipped they had inadvertently invented ""Monkey Tuesday"".
Skeptical, he performs the ritual for the kids, and inadvertently releases Trantor.
Somers had starred in the film with Heather Locklear, who inadvertently directed the focus of both production companies to Somers due to Locklear's starring role on "Going Places" (from Lorimar and Miller/Boyett).
Supposedly, Collins also inadvertently slurred offensive lineman Norberto Garrido, who is of Hispanic descent.
The Cowboys' Leon Lett inadvertently touched the loose ball before the Dolphins' Jeff Dellenbach pounced on it.
The draft was inadvertently put on the server before going through the usual editorial process.
The drones inadvertently fomented the nuclear exchange by their efforts to create conditions on the planets' surface conducive to the growth of the algae that is the One's food.
The escape attempt was thus inadvertently foiled from the outset as the prisoners were trapped in the cell house.
The film follows a naïve grocery clerk as his life spirals out of control when he inadvertently helps his inept manager rob the store.
The next day—upon learning that Richie Novak (Billy Miller) had been struck by a car on the same road at approximately the same time—the three teenagers feared that they had inadvertently killed him.
The outbreak originated from a researcher working on the SARS virus in a lab at the Institute of Virology in Beijing, who inadvertently caught the disease and ended up spreading it to the nurse taking care of him.
The puck eventually came to Malkin for a second crack, and the shot was inadvertently deflected by Brad Stuart into his own net.
The shapeshifter was successful at beginning the war with the Cardassians but inadvertently revealed himself to Odo (who had been misled into believing that Chancellor Gowron was the shapeshifter) at a Klingon award ceremony, and was quickly killed by the Klingons attending the ceremony.
They attempted to establish a security cordon to keep civilians clear of the area, which inadvertently pushed people closer to the actual location of the bomb.
They yell out for Henson to come and look at what they've found but discover that the tins contained rocks, and inadvertently activate a trap that sets off an alarm, shuts the three men in the basement and kills Rick.
This inadvertently resulted in the demise of girlie shows at the fair, once a staple.
Two F-100 Super Sabre jets approached X-Ray, dropping napalm inadvertently on American lines.

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