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Vocabulary Word

Word: improvise

Definition: compose on the spur of the moment

Sentences Containing 'improvise'

"The Twist:" The actual challenge is to improvise a ten-minute lesson to approximately 100 elementary-school students.
Advanced TPRS teachers are able to improvise, creating stories solely based on student answers to questions about the day's vocabulary structures.
Although it was a collective sound, swing also offered individual musicians a chance to 'solo' and improvise melodic, thematic solos which could at times be very complex and 'important' music.
Although there are basic steps that make up the dance, certain people may improvise variations, sometimes forming a competition between the dancers.
Around three in the morning, he came to the studio and recorded a rap verse, which he improvise in about ten minutes.
Beethoven himself played the piano part and the opening solo offers an example of his improvisational style (at the premiere he did, in fact, improvise this section).
Contrary to his reputation, Carpenter didn't find the actor difficult to work with because "we had a deal. He would give me one take as it's written and I would let him improvise...Many of his improvisations were brilliant.
During a crisis caused when Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth was broken, resulting in the laws of truth breaking down and causing reality to be shaped by the perceptions of individuals, one of the symptoms was when Batman found himself unable to solve any of the Riddler's riddles, but was nevertheless still able to defeat the Riddler as the Riddler himself couldn't solve the riddles eithermost likely reflecting the public idea of the Riddler's puzzles being insolubleclaiming that he managed to "improvise" to defeat the Riddler.
Each composition is set with specific notes and beats, but performers improvise extensively.
Famines caused by crop failures in the 19th century caused Finns to improvise "pettuleipä" or bark bread, bread made from rye flour and the soft phloem layer of pine bark, which was nutritious, but rock-hard and anything but tasty.
He encouraged them to experiment and improvise when recording and to utilise "mistakes".
He realised that, when African musicians forget words, they often improvise and make new ones up.
In the same way that a "sonero" (lead singer in Son and salsa bands) will "quote" other, older songs in their own, a "casino" dancer will frequently improvise references to other dances, integrating movements, gestures and extended passages from the folkloric and popular heritage.
It gives leader an exceptional opportunity to improvise, and in part makes the Argentine tango unique in the dance world.
Matt Frewer was chosen for his ability to improvise, and his—according to producer Peter Wagg—"ideally exportable" Mid-Atlantic accent.
Much of the humor in "Starstruck"'s dialogue lies in the contradictions of their perceptions and actions, as they improvise their way through erratic situations; this has drawn comparisons to director Robert Altman, who favored loose scripts where character interaction was brought out more naturally by improvisation and the overlap of spontaneous dialogue.
Newfeld also encouraged the group to improvise songs, two of which, "Semi Pro" and "Hot Nutz", appear briefly on footage of the recording process streamed at the band's website and included with American editions of the album.
Producer Mike Vernon is credited with allowing Clapton to play in the studio as if he were playing live, and to improvise his "solos played at full volume through a Marshall JTM 45 (nicknamed the Bluesbreaker)".
said Traddles, 'we are prepared to rough it, as I said just now, and we did improvise a bed last week, upon the floor here.
Subsequently they teach students how to improvise their own figures.
The actors had to improvise on a scenario where they had been grounded and were trying to convince their mother to let them go out.
The performer must improvise a string of "swaras" in any octave according to the rules of the raga and return to beginning of the cycle of beats smoothly, joining the "swaras" with a phrase selected from the "kriti".
They decide to improvise a new plan according to which Marlowe will be killed in a fight.
This stunned Lesnar and forced Angle to improvise the finish of the match.
To this end, he let scenes play out and allowed the actors to stay in character and improvise.
When the lines didn't sound well he would ask the actors to drop the script and improvise.
Whilst Das has choreographed many group pieces, he and his students continue to present traditional full-length Kathak solos, requiring the dancer to improvise on stage with live musicians for up to two hours.

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