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Vocabulary Word

Word: import

Definition: significance; importance; meaning

Sentences Containing 'import'

"1) The utility tool and import functionality works with most ODBC compliant databases.
'For a moment I was staggered, though the import of his gesture was plain enough.
6.5) R6RS extends this by providing a procedure called codice_45 by which the programmer can specify exactly which objects to import into the evaluation environment.
A smile of terrible import passed over the count's lips.
A specific exemption of a British court is required to own and import Tosas legally in the UK.
After the season, Bødker was drafted by the Kitchener Rangers in the 2007 CHL Import Draft and he joined the team for the 2007–08 OHL season.
American breeders began to import Gypsy horses and created its first registry in 1996.
An American import Vann was a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders who played the 1976 Grey Cup.
Another important factor is the application's support of various vector and bitmap image formats for import and export.
Any import restriction is likely to have little change as most devices shipping worldwide will soon support GLONASS.
At first I was puzzled by all these strange fruits, and by the strange flowers I saw, but later I began to perceive their import.
At that time, Crispa didn't need a scoring import since the locals were more than capable of carrying the load.
Born in San Francisco in 1926, Dietrich was the daughter of Richard Dietrich, who worked in the import business, and his wife, Marion.
But we should remember, that the more gold we import from one country, the less we must necessarily import from all others.
Canadian Pontiacs were used in part because, as a fellow Commonwealth country, there were advantages with import duties.
Consumption, trade, import and production of adult pornography is allowed.
During the occupation of a sawmill of a wood import company the lack of import restrictions for rainforest wood was brought attention to.
He has also been a proponent on limitations for import of automobiles due to excessive traffic jams in the capital Baku.
I consented, hardly comprehending then the full import of his words, and he nodded and went on down the corridor.
If I might choose, I would be found doing some deed of true humanity, of wide import, beneficent and noble.
In 1900 he established his own company, an import and trade company for tobacco, and in 1905 he founded the tobacco factory H. Petterøe Tobakkfabrikk.
In 1993, Potanin became President of United Export Import Bank.
In May 1851 he arrived in Adelaide, where he set up a wholesale import business Robin Le Bair (see below).
In some cases, there are different ways to import the concepts into ZFC and NFU.
In the CHL import draft in 2012, he was drafred by the Frontenacs in the 1st round, 6th overall.
Instead, it is possible to import a different procedure under the name of a standard one, which in effect is similar to redefinition.
It is a very rare immigrant or accidental import in Great Britain.
It is under these regulations only that we can import wrought silks, French cambrics and lawns, calicoes, painted, printed, stained, or dyed, etc.
Its Korean import You Hyo-sik has the ability to make speedy runs and he was an asset to the team.
Makurian trade with Egypt was of great import.
Many observations were made, the import of which was a unanimous opinion that there was something sinister about the room.
Most of the demand comes from Europe, though the United States and Japan also import this species.
Most of the rail activity in Portland revolved around agricultural goods bound for export and import freight from Europe.
New malls have opened, local industry is developing and the economic upswing has led to the construction of hotels and a rise in the import of cars.
Putting things together, I reached a strong suggestion of an extensive system of subterranean ventilation, whose true import it was difficult to imagine.
RAW Software: software, either stand alone or as part of image library management software that is designed to import and process RAW images.
Since its import into the United States, the number of Suri alpacas has grown substantially and become more color diverse.
So, it is believed that, there has to be some pole, which must have been an identity for this city as it was a glorious port, import/export trade was at the extreme.
The brothers established Bangladesh Export and Import Company (Beximco Group) in 1972.
The committee are forbid to export negroes from Africa, or to import any African goods into Great Britain.
The import of new techniques and the growth of the initial Thai state affected agricultural production.
The PlayStation game was only released in Japanese, but is available as an import to western countries.
The topic of the meeting was how to import heroin without the Mafia.
These features were intended to comply with the Gun Control Act of 1968 which had halted import of the Model 1955.
These recordings are generally not heard today but are available on European import labels, such as JSP Records.
They could frequently buy more advantageously with gold and silver, than with any other commodity, the foreign goods which they wanted, either to import into their own, or to carry to some other foreign country.
To any country which was highly improved throughout, it would be more advantageous to import its lean cattle than to breed them.
To import the gold and silver which may be wanted into the countries which have no mines, is, no doubt a part of the business of foreign commerce.
Various reports indicate an alternate import year of 1628.
When, on the other hand, they import less than is wanted, they get something more than this price.

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