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Vocabulary Word

Word: implement

Definition: put into effect; enforce; carry out; supply with tools; Ex. implement the plan/suggestion; N: tool or instrument

Sentences Containing 'implement'

A co-funding assistance scheme for SMEs to implement risk management at the workplace.
After its passage in 1999, the CDFG began to implement the MLPA.
After the review of the information, the district was not required to implement the recommended cost savings changes.
Among all local government units in Metro Manila, only the cities of Manila, Caloocan and Pasay implement the so-called "Zone Systems".
Aref also said he would pursue and implement plans to further the presence and participation of the youth in various arenas of the country.
Armasuisse takes in the procurement procedure to implement the requirements of the purchaser from the army and administration.
As such, he attempted to implement a conversion of Consols in 1884.
Both implementations conform to the R5RS standard but the second does not conform to R6RS because it does not implement the full numerical tower.
Courtenay was sent to Richmond, Virginia carrying military dispatches, and he remained in Richmond to implement his plan.
Dailymotion is also the first video sharing website to implement a video fingerprinting solution supplied by INA.
Device drivers are also libraries, but they implement a standardized interface.
Example: a macro to implement codice_1 as an expression using codice_2 to perform the variable bindings.
Germany is also one of the first countries to implement biometric technology at the Olympic Games to protect German athletes.
Han law-makers took account of Confucian values and introduced rules designed to implement them.
He helped design and implement the Regional Strategic Initiative.
His father, Harvey Hollister Bundy, was a diplomat who helped implement the Marshall Plan.
His raised right hand would presumably have held a spear or some other implement, while his left hand, extended at waist length, is now missing.
However her duties are primarily to implement EU foreign policy, rather than formulate it.
However, before he could implement such reforms, Ritter died from a heart attack at age 74, one month and ten days short of his next birthday.
However, Israeli authorities have yet to devise and implement a clear approach towards asylum-seekers.
However, the plan was abandoned because it would take months to implement, and due to fears that it could affect other countries like Uganda and Kenya.
In 1792, they spent a season of exploring the west coast of America, and then put into Nootka Sound to implement the Nootka Sound Convention.
In numerical analysis, different decompositions are used to implement efficient matrix algorithms.
In the first three quarterly issues of the PCC newspaper published in 1975, Albrecht had published articles written by Allison, describing how to design and implement a stripped-down version of an interpreter for the BASIC language, with limited features to be easier to implement.
In the R5RS standard, Scheme implementations are not required to implement the whole numerical tower, but they must implement "a coherent subset consistent with both the purposes of the implementation and the spirit of the Scheme language" (R5RS sec.
It is so far a small political experiment, and does not implement the full system proposed in America 2076.
It is used in many solvers to implement AMPL connection.
It was later discovered that the corkscrew for opening the wine bottle had been the castration implement.
One of the right ribs had been cut by a sharp implement, as had the pelvis.
Otherwise, the board acted swiftly to implement the oath provisions.
Scheme is a very simple language, much easier to implement than many other languages of comparable expressive power.
Servers are Helios processes that implement the "General Server Protocol", typically with the support of the server library.
She hurled the implement a distance of 55.15m.
Sweden was the first country in the world to implement a public VRS fully subsidized by the government.
The aim of this programme is to devise and implement development strategies for agriculture and for the sectors upstream and downstream of it in the mountain area.
The algorithm is straight forward to implement.
The bolo knife is common in the countryside due to its use as a farming implement.
The first microprocessor to implement 3DNow was the AMD K6-2, which was introduced in 1998.
The government has indicated its commitment to implement the “Law on Combating Trafficking in Persons,” adopted in December 2007.
The Herzog board struggled to implement the anti-communist oath provisions, but it was the Farmer board which capped these efforts.
The issue before the US Supreme Court was if the states could determine how to implement a federal program.
The Leedom board continued to implement a conservative agenda at the NLRB, although more slowly and with less publicity.
The named let is widely used to implement iteration.
The Nixon administration took no action to implement the recommendation, however.
The proposals were bitterly opposed by many teachers and school principals who refused to implement the standards.
The Secretary of Defense must implement the recommendations not later than September 15, 2011.
These criticisms and fallbacks have led the government to implement more stringent controls over the operations of the Reform as well as to diversify the way it provides services to beneficiaries.
They decided to implement their policy of non-aggression.
Understanding the lessons theoretically was not tough on him, but how to implement them was the problem, especially since his knowledge of English language was very limited at the time.
You shuddered as you gazed, and wondered what monstrous cannibal and savage could ever have gone a death-harvesting with such a hacking, horrifying implement.

More Vocab Words

::: affidavit - written statement made under oath (for use as proof in a court of law)
::: maim - mutilate; injure lastingly; disable; cripple; Ex. maimed for life
::: dauntless - bold; fearless
::: deviate - turn away from (a principle, norm); move away from an accepted standard; swerve; depart; diverge; N. deviation; Ex. deviation of the path of light by a prism
::: malevolent - wishing evil; exhibiting ill will; N. malevolence
::: effete - having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted
::: ambush - act of lying in wait to attack by surprise; sudden attack made from a concealed position; Ex. lie in ambush; V.
::: accessible - easy to approach; obtainable
::: brood - sit on in order to hatch; think deeply or worry anxiously; N: the young of certain animals; group of young birds hatched at one time
::: acrophobia - fear of heights