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Vocabulary Word

Word: implacable

Definition: incapable of being pacified; impossible to appease; Ex. implacable enemy

Sentences Containing 'implacable'

After the "coup d'├ętat" of 1842, which brought the Costa Cabral government to power, the Count of Bonfim became its most implacable opponent.
Dhruva's enemies include normal criminals like Jubisko, Champion Killer; tricksters like Bauna Waman, Vidooshak; mad scientists like Dhwaniraj, Dr. Virus; demons like Chandakaal and even aliens, but Dhruva's most implacable foe is Grand Master Robo.
He renewed against Danglars, Fernand, and Villefort the oath of implacable vengeance he had made in his dungeon.
His creditors were not implacable; and Mrs. Micawber informed me that even the revengeful boot-maker had declared in open court that he bore him no malice, but that when money was owing to him he liked to be paid.
I VISIT STEERFORTH AT HIS HOME, AGAIN I mentioned to Mr. Spenlow in the morning, that I wanted leave of absence for a short time; and as I was not in the receipt of any salary, and consequently was not obnoxious to the implacable Jorkins, there was no difficulty about it.
In Germany it was called "Jack Rechnet Ab" (literal: Jack Settles Accounts), and in Spain and Mexico it was "Asesino Implacable", (Implacable/Relentless Assassin) whilst in Turkey the film was named "Alacaklar" (payback of debts).
In particular, Rogers claims, "Fielding was generous enough in that sphere of morality, however implacable he might be in his larger political and religious attachment.
In Quer├ętaro he learned to treat the Indians "como amigos, con mano suave, y como enemigos, con rigor implacable" (as friends, with a soft hand, and as enemies, with implacable rigor).
It is no wonder that he and his family have some of the more implacable spirits upon their track.
Meurant remained in Parliament but was an implacable critic of Prime Minister Jim Bolger.
Oh, heavens you are, then, some secret, implacable, and mortal enemy!
On 30 August she joined the "Centaur", "Implacable" and the Swedish fleet blockading the Russians in the port of Rogerswick.
The president called for the indictment, revised as we know, by the clever and implacable pen of Villefort.
The young man's implacable eyes interrogated Villefort, who, on his side, glanced from Noirtier tod' Avrigny.
What does the angel of light or the angel of darkness say to that mind, at once implacable and generous?
``Excuse me,''said the implacable young girl,``Monsieur Albert claims and well deserves his share.

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