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Vocabulary Word

Word: impermeable

Definition: impervious; not permitting passage through its substance; impossible to permeate

Sentences Containing 'impermeable'

A water impermeable secretion produced by a sebaceous gland covers the feathers and the birds spread it across their body using their beak or their head.
An underground aquifer on an impermeable layer of shale sustains a spring in this otherwise very dry area.
Because it is quite impermeable, and so dry, it does not get broken by tree roots.
Because of the transition from water-permeable to impermeable rock layers several spring horizons have emerged, explaining the richness of the springs.
Graphene oxide membranes allow water vapor to pass through, but are impermeable to other liquids and gases.
Graphene-based membranes are impermeable to all gases and liquids (vacuum-tight).
Groundwater recharge occurs through mineral soils found primarily around the edges of wetlands (Verry and Timmons 1982) The soil under most wetlands is relatively impermeable.
Here, tight junctions fuse together to form an impermeable barrier to not only large molecules such as proteins, but also smaller molecules like water.
Often dyes are used inside cells, which are impermeable to charged molecules, as a result of this the carboxyl groups are converted into an ester, which is removed by esterases inside the cells, e.g., fura-2AM and fluorescein-diacetate.
The gel fragment is placed in a dialysis tube that is permeable to fluids but impermeable to molecules at the size of DNA, thus preventing the DNA from passing through the membrane when soaked in TE buffer.
The survey also demonstrates that the overlying thick cap rock of anhydrite over the Weyburn reservoir is not an impermeable barrier to the upward movement of light hydrocarbons and CO2 as is generally thought." said the report.
Their calcite shells are impermeable, and they possess two plates which they slide across their mouth opening when not feeding.
These springs occur where the permeable chalk geology of the Wolds, meets impermeable mudstone and clays that underlie most of the Rase catchment.
Unlike the skin of amphibians, that of reptiles and birds is impermeable to salt, preventing its release.
With a generally impermeable underlying geology where water mostly flows through large fault structures, water infiltration and aquifers are limited.

More Vocab Words

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