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Vocabulary Word

Word: imperative

Definition: absolutely necessary; that must be done; critically important; expressing command; Ex. It is imperative that; N: something that must be done

Sentences Containing 'imperative'

"The Hedonistic Imperative outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life.
Accent on the soft imperative form is flat, and the accent on the soft negative imperative form has a downstep before "na".
AMPL features a mixture of declarative and imperative programming styles.
Another commonly believed social idea of sexuality is the coital imperative.
Another such clitic is "-uh" "and", appearing as "-h" after a vowel: "ga-h-mēlida" "and he wrote" from "gamēlida" "he wrote", "urreis nim-uh" "arise and take!" from the imperative form "nim" "take".
Apart from the imperative forms, the prefix conjugation (the Classical Mandaic imperfect) has been replaced by the Neo-Mandaic imperfective, which was already anticipated in Classical Mandaic as well.
Children are so important as opinion formers within their family that we felt it imperative to have a child take a pivotal role in relaying our message.
Due to the extreme sensitivity of tunnel current to height, proper vibration isolation or an extremely rigid STM body is imperative for obtaining usable results.
For One Night Only, On account of imperative European engagements!
Future indicative indicate a future punctual action, a directive or a mild imperative.
He believes and promotes the idea that there exists a strong ethical imperative for humans to work towards the abolition of suffering in all sentient life.
If one views a statement in an imperative language as being like a sentence in a natural language, then a command is generally like a verb in such a language.
Imperative: The imperative mode is marked by several different morphemes, depending on how the action is to be carried out.
In Hebrew, "shiri" means either "my song", "my poem", or simply "sing" (in the imperative).
In his preface to "Reactionary Imperative", he wrote "Reaction is a necessary term in the intellectual context we inhabit in the twentieth century because merely to conserve is sometimes to perpetuate what is outrageous."
In Kyoto, women often add "-yoshi" to the soft imperative form.
In the negative imperative mood, Kansai-ben also has the somewhat soft form which uses the "ren'yōkei" + "na", an abbreviation of the "ren'yōkei" + "nasaruna".
In view of the global extinction crisis, it is imperative that coextinction be the focus of future research to understand the intricate processes of species extinctions.
It became imperative to lance the flying whale, or be content to lose him.
It is imperative that crisis managers act strategically to save the organization’s reputation.
It is imperative therefore that the 2nd Preclinical campus building opposite to the Hospital which is currently under construction is completed soon.
It is not enough to know that a website has 500 highly engaged members, for instance; it is imperative to know what percentage are members of the company's target market.
It is not only used as interjectory particle (as emphasis for the imperative form, expression an admiration, and address to listeners, for example), and the meaning varies depending on context and voice intonation, so much so that "naa" is called the world's third most difficult word to translate.
Noirtier cast an appealing look on Valentine, which look was at once so earnest and imperative, that she answered immediately.
One group of verbs (the ones ending in "-er" in present tense) has a special imperative form (generally the verb stem), but with most verbs the imperative is identical to the infinitive form.
One is the normal imperative form, inherited from Late Middle Japanese.
Pearce is primarily known as the author of "The Hedonistic Imperative", a 1995 book-length manifesto in which he theorizes how to "eradicate suffering in all sentient life" through paradise engineering.
Pearce runs a web-hosting company and owns BLTC Research, a series of websites based in Kemptown, Brighton, UK, originally set up by Pearce in 1995 when he published "The Hedonistic Imperative".
Per FIGC rules and its president's imperative, they suffered cancellation once again.
Similarly, if there is the view that action on climate change, for example, is urgent and imperative, then an 'I will, irrespective of what you do' approach might be argued as more responsible.
Since imperative programs are analogous to plans, the approach was also applicable to classical AI planning problems.
Specifically, the term "command" is used in imperative computer languages.
Table 8 The principal parts upon which all inflected forms of the verb are built are the perfective base (represented by the third masculine singular form of the perfective), the imperative base (represented by the masculine singular form of the imperative), and the imperfective base (represented by the active participle in the absolute state).
The Capernwray Statement of Faith asserts that God created man in such a way that the presence of God as Creator within a man as creature is imperative to his humanity, and that we as men can do nothing without him.
The coital imperative is the idea that for sex to be "real" there must be penis-vagina intercourse.
The end of the soft imperative form is often elongated and is generally followed by "ya" or "na".
The Neo-Mandaic verb may appear in two aspects (perfective and imperfective), three moods (indicative, subjunctive, and imperative), and three voices (active, middle, and passive).
The new Christian Command felt it imperative to retain control of Beirut’s port district and began raising an elaborate defence barricade at Rue Allenby.
The normal imperative form is often followed by "yo" or "ya".
The verb system was also more complex: it included subjunctive and imperative moods and verbs were conjugated according to person as well as number.
There are few, if any, opportunities to expand the areas of the three Special Use Forests in this dry coastal forest ecoregion, so strict protection of the existing resources is imperative.
These languages are called this, because statements in these languages are usually written in a manner similar to the imperative mood used in many natural languages.
These observations are imperative, as there are not always larvae, pupae, or adults readily available for examination and identification.
They further claim that the job of policing is far more imperative than to continuously worry about minorities or interest groups crying foul or complaining about being victims of unfair targeting.
This soft negative imperative form is the same as the soft imperative and "na", Kansai speakers can recognize the difference by accent, but Tokyo speakers are sometimes confused by a command "not to do" something, which they interpret as an order to "do" it.
Tiffany Potter follows this idea by claiming, "Eliminating a moral imperative to drama (and to life in general) gives Fielding the liberty to create unconventional characters and to set plays anywhere from ballrooms to brothels without having to defend anything more than his own stance on issues.
Two or three times, the matter in hand became so knotty, that the jackal found it imperative on him to get up, and steep his towels anew.
When "kai" follows the negative verb ending -"n", it means strong imperative sentence.
While Waldinger's thesis had dealt with the synthesis of applicative programs, which return an output but produce no side effects, Waldinger then turned to the synthesis of imperative programs, which do both.
``You lie,''repeated the abbe a third time, with a still more imperative tone.

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