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Vocabulary Word

Word: illuminate

Definition: brighten; clear up or make understandable; enlighten; enable to understand; Ex. illuminating remarks

Sentences Containing 'illuminate'

" Let the divine light of million stars illuminate our minds.
According to the Apostolic Constitution "Ut sit" issued by John Paul II: “From its beginnings, this (Opus Dei) has in fact striven, not only to illuminate with new lights the mission of the laity in the Church and in society, but also to put it into practice; it has also endeavored to put into practice the teaching of the universal call to sanctity, and to promote at all levels of society the sanctification of ordinary work, and by means of ordinary work.
Albright used this influence to advocate "biblical archaeology", in which the archaeologist's task is seen as being "to illuminate, to understand, and, in their greatest excesses, to "prove" the bible.".
Because the various definitions often focus on entirely different aspects of CE, they are not in every case competing definitions but, rather, illuminate CE from different perspectives.
Earlier, Henry Bauer challenged the traditional view that the Velikovsky Affair illustrated the resistance of scientists to new ideas by pointing out "the nature and validity of Velikovsky's claims must be considered before one decides that the Affair can illuminate the reception of new ideas in science ..."
For all his old age, and his one arm, and his blind eyes, he must die the death and be murdered, in order to light the gay bridals and other merry-makings of men, and also to illuminate the solemn churches that preach unconditional inoffensiveness by all to all.
His earlier article on 'Fantasy Systems in Twins' (1960) was used by Maynard Solomon to illuminate the inner development of Beethoven, Arlow observing that the “bond of complete understanding which is missing with the parent unites the twins in the wish fantasy...The existence of another individual who is a reflection of the self brings the experience of twinship in line with the psychology of the double”.
It is best to use a candle to illuminate the areas; however, it is perfectly acceptable to use a flashlight or other light source.
It was carved with a Greek inscription, of which the English translation was "May the light of the blessed Gospel thus ever illuminate the dark temples of the Heathen".
It was propelled by a front-mounted, pedal-powered propeller at a speed of up to three miles per hour (5 km/h), had a barometer to read depth, a pump to raise or lower the submarine through the water, and provision for both lead and water ballast. When Bushnell learned that the candle used to illuminate instruments inside the "turtle" consumed the oxygen in its air supply, he turned to Benjamin Franklin for help.
No, but put a sky-light on top of his head to illuminate inwards.
Older hand scanners were monochrome, and produced light from an array of green LEDs to illuminate the image; later ones scan in monochrome or colour, as desired.
Only 10 days each month were suitable for launching the operation: a day near the full moon was needed both for illumination during the hours of darkness and to take advantage of the spring tides, the former to illuminate navigational landmarks for the crews of aircraft, gliders and landing craft, the latter to provide the deepest possible water to help in navigating over defensive obstacles placed by the German forces in the surf on the seaward approaches to the beaches.
Thayer has stated that his interest in subject matter pertaining to ancient Greece is slim, and his selection from Smith's is predominately Roman, with Greek topics included as they illuminate Roman texts.
The congress itself is not described in much detail, but Subotić includes some interesting recollections and evaluations of the historic meeting by Serbian delegates, and by the indomitable Mikhail Bakunin which illuminate more clearly the central theme of his book.
The film aims to show Helvetica's beauty and ubiquity, and illuminate the personalities that are behind typefaces.
The incandescent bulbs which illuminate our buildings consist of a fine, hairlike thread inclosed in a glass bulb from which the air has been removed.
They are able to advise the Sailor Senshi on their duties, on the history of the Moon Kingdom, and on ancient legends which illuminate the best course of action.
This dark ride went through the mountain and lights would illuminate scenes of various animals in the mountain.
Thomas Edison visited the Church for a lecture and his company designed and installed bright lights to illuminate the windows.
To begin, UV light is shone on the gel in order to illuminate all the ethidium bromide-stained DNA.
Transparent images do not work in this way, and require special accessories that illuminate them from the upper side.
Using energy-harvesting technologies to illuminate walkers and specially designed battery-powered light suits worn by runners, Speed of Light harnessed collective action to create a multi-layered night-time animation.
When that help arrived, he kicked off another attack in the failing light, cleverly turning on his boats' searchlights to illuminate enemy forces and positions.
Whenever a single factor, however important and fundamental, is called upon to illuminate the entire past and by implication the future, it simply invites disbelief, and after closer inspection, rejection.
Where artificial lighting is used, this has to be sufficient to not only illuminate the task area, but also provide sufficient background lighting to avoid a sensation of gloominess which has a negative effect on efficiency.
With Mr. Cable along to see for you, and describe and explain and illuminate, a jog through that old quarter is a vivid pleasure.

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