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Vocabulary Word

Word: igneous

Definition: produced by fire; of fire; volcanic; (of rocks) formed from lava; Ex. igneous meteorite

Sentences Containing 'igneous'

Ages of the igneous rocks range from 70 to 74 million years.
Both the Carrizo Mountains and Sleeping Ute Mountain are located along the southwest extension of the Colorado Mineral Belt, a 250-mile long lineament characterized by igneous rocks associated with abundant ore deposits.
Despite intense reworking during the Caledonian orogeny in some areas, three major belts can be recognised in the Proterozoic rocks of Norway, the Neoproterozoic and Mesoproterozoic Gothian and Sveconorwegian, the Palaeoproterozoic Svecokarelian and the intervening Transscandinavian igneous belt of late Palaeoproterozoic age.
However, the basin contains significant areas of igneous sill intrusions that may impact the quality of the shale gas resources, limit the use of seismic imaging, and increase the risks of shale gas exploration.
In southern Norway the Permian was a period of W-E directed rifting with associated igneous activity, during which the Oslo graben formed.
It consists of miogeoclinal strata and contains the Cassiar Batholith, a 100 million year old igneous intrusion and the single largest intrusive body in the hinterland of the Canadian portion of the Western Cordillera.
It was first described in 1928 for occurrences in the Bushveld Igneous Complex and named after South African metallurgist Richard A. Cooper who first characterized it.
Large ore deposits have not been found in the igneous rocks of the Carrizo Mountains, although small deposits of uranium, vanadium, copper and silver have been found in the sedimentary rocks of the Morrison Formation.
Professor Ramsay has given me the maximum thickness, from actual measurement in most cases, of the successive formations in DIFFERENT parts of Great Britain; and this is the result:-- Feet Palaeozoic strata (not including igneous beds)..57,154 Secondary strata................................13,190 Tertiary strata..................................2,240 --making altogether 72,584 feet; that is, very nearly thirteen and three-quarters British miles.
Pyrrhotite is a rather common trace constituent of mafic igneous rocks especially norites.
Radiometric ages of igneous intrusions in Sleeping Ute Mountain are essentially identical to those of the diorite intrusions in the Carrizos.
Sequences of mainly parautochthonous quartz-rich sedimentary rocks derived from the North American continent also include meta-igneous rocks with mostly continental geochemical and isotopic signatures.
Similar igneous-cored ranges of the Colorado Plateau, including the Henry Mountains, Abajo Mountains and La Sal Range, formed ca.
Specimens of thorite generally come from igneous pegmatites and volcanic extrusive rocks, hydrothermal veins and contact metamorphic rocks.
Structurally higher sequences contain meta-igneous rocks with arc and back-arc characteristics.
Such dike swarms may form a large igneous province and are the roots of a volcanic province.
The beta version of the browser-based game was published by MMO games and reviews website Dini also works as a consultant and developer through his company Igneous Entertainment Limited.
The bluff is distinguished by a dike consisting of igneous rock against a black background of the intruded sediments.
The Brooks Range has existed since Cretaceous time, and is composed mainly of shales, limestone and chert, with intrusions of igneous rocks from more recent volcanism.
The Carrizo Mountains primarily consist of igneous rocks that intruded Permian through Cretaceous marine strata.
The most common igneous rock type is porphyritic hornblende diorite.
The most common rocks are of igneous and metamorphic origin.
The natural remanent magnetization of an igneous rock can be altered by this process.
The Tetons and other north-central ranges contain folded and faulted rocks of Paleozoic and Mesozoic age draped above cores of Proterozoic and Archean igneous and metamorphic rocks ranging in age from 1.2 billion (e.g., Tetons) to more than 3.3 billion years (Beartooth Mountains).
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