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Vocabulary Word

Word: iconoclastic

Definition: attacking cherished traditions; N. iconoclast: one who attacks traditional ideas; one who destroys sacred images

Sentences Containing 'iconoclastic'

According to Brookes, the influence of Shrewsbury School affected Cardus to the extent that "he playing fields of an English public school were for him a more natural setting than the iconoclastic frenzy of the Lyons café where socialism vied with Richard Strauss for pride of place in the race to modernity".
Born in Oslo but raised in Cascais, Rygg was 16 years old when he formed Ulver, considered one of the most iconoclastic bands from the Norwegian black metal scene.
During the second half of the ninth century, Emperor Basil I (r. 867–886) wholly rebuilt the church, which possibly had been damaged during the iconoclastic fights.
Eno studied at Winchester School of Art and although his iconoclastic style became apparent early and caused some conflict with the college establishment, it also resulted in him meeting important artists and musicians including Cornelius Cardew and Gavin Bryars.
Greek monks escaping iconoclastic persecutions decorated the church around 782, when pope Adrian I promoted its reconstruction; the church was built with a nave and two aisles and a portico. Because of its beauty, the church received the adjective "cosmedin" (from Greek "kosmidion"), ornate.
He won the Indian National Film Award for the film Ksha Tra Gya(Best Audiography 2005) where he demonstrated his innovative and occasionally iconoclastic approach to sound design.
His masterwork is a modernist novel "Isušena kaljuža" (1906–1909) saturated with psychosexual and spiritual conflicts of the iconoclastic first-person narrator and later described as a proto-existentialist prose, written decades before the literary movement's appearance.
It was also iconoclastic, rejecting both the supremacy of the “high art” of the past and the pretensions of other contemporary avant-garde art.
Saint Andrew of Crete, a martyr of the fight against Byzantine Iconoclasm, killed on 20 November 766 in the Forum Bovis because of his opposition to the iconoclastic policies of Emperor Constantine V (r. 741–775), was buried there.
The linji-school of the Song Dynasty brought together the classical elements of Zen: All of these elements, which shaped the picture of the iconoclastic Zen-master who transmits a wordless truth, were shaped by and dependent on "literary" products that shaped the Traditional Zen Narrative which furthered the position of the Linji-school.
This is somewhat reflective of the times, and yet the self-consciously progressive even iconoclastic attitudes presented by MUFS elsewhere are often not supported by the actual content of activities.
Throughout his 20s, Smith made his living in New York City as an iconoclastic artist known for his highly recognizable paintings.

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