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Word: hysteria

Definition: excessive or uncontrollable excitement; N. hysteric: person suffering from hysteria; CF. hysterics: attack of hysteria

Sentences Containing 'hysteria'

Christophe Miossec also wrote texts for Alain Bashung, Axel Bauer, Jane Birkin, Jeff Bodart, Daran, Frandol, Juliette Gréco, Johnny Hallyday, Dani, Erwann Mentheour, Polar or Mass Hysteria.
During Hawkins' freshman year at Iowa, he was a victim of the hysteria surrounding a point-shaving scandal that had started in New York City.
He is also often compelled to arbitrarily sing, rant in hysteria, or disrobe as he walks offstage.
Ian McDonald criticised the song as "an unpreposessing shambles of ersatz hysteria and jumbled double-tracking", saying it was "little better" than Williams' "drab twelve-bar boogie" original. "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" also appeared in a live solo version by Lennon on the Plastic Ono Band's "Live Peace in Toronto 1969".
In "The Puppet of Desire", he explains the story of the Loudon possessions, which he deciphers with the help of the mimetic theory, showing that at bottom it is the mother superior of the convent, infatuated with a young prelate, who draws the other sisters along with her by transmitting her Madame Bovary-like desire to them, plunging all of them into a generalized hysteria.
In the latter case, many have believed mass hysteria as the sole cause of the perpetuation.
Increasing anti-German hysteria even threw suspicion upon the British monarchy and King George V was persuaded to change his German name of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor and relinquish all German titles and styles on behalf of his relatives who were British subjects.
Increasingly, people viewed this strange blend of millenarianism, eroticism, torture, and hysteria as a medical problem rather than a religious phenomenon."
It is the episode known for spawning the 8-month "Who shot J.R.?" hysteria.
Principal photography for the album, including its cover and those of its lead single "Hysteria", was completed in Thailand in December 2010.
Reports are also often dismissed as mass hysteria.
Richard Webster notes that some of Szasz's arguments are similar to his, but that their views of hysteria and the work of Jean-Martin Charcot are quite different, since Szasz assumes that hysteria was an emotional problem and that Charcot's patients were not genuinely mentally ill.
She points to physicians (Philippe Hecquet) and theologians (Nigon de Berty) alike who attributed the convulsions to female hysteria, sexual frustration and menstrual irregularities, as well as woman's inherent moral inferiority.
She was the first female medical student extern at Kalamazoo State Hospital, where she successfully treated an agoraphobic girl diagnosed with hysteria.[http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/155/9/1274] Wilbur was a pioneer clinician, as well as an educator, researcher, and mentor for others in the field of psychiatry.
The album was preceded by the lead single "Hysteria" in January 2011.
The brief album launch tour in support of "The Luxury Of Hysteria" began on October 3, 2007 and last for approximately 1 month.
The Luxury Of Hysteria is the fourth solo album by the front band for Australian rock band You Am I, Tim Rogers, and his first to be credited solely to his name, although his backing band, The Temperance Union, did play on most tracks.
The poem mocks militarism, jingoistic fervour and hysteria, and suggests that it is the powerful that reap the profits of wars waged by common people.
The result was the bestselling "The Invasion of 1910", which originally appeared in serial form in the "Daily Mail" in 1906 and has been referred to by historians as inducing an atmosphere of paranoia, mass hysteria and Germanophobia that would climax in the Naval Scare of 1908–09.
Whenever Teresa got frustrated to the point of hysteria with Juan, she'd scream his name three times (""¡Juan, Juan, Juan!"").
While at Steppenwolf she was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for Actress in a Supporting Role in a Play for "Time of My Life", and again for Actress in a Principal Role in a Play for "Hysteria", directed by John Malkovich.

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