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Word: hygiene

Definition: science and practice of the promotion and preservation of health; ADJ. hygienic: showing careful attention to cleanness (to prevent disease); Ex. hygienic condition

Sentences Containing 'hygiene'

A native of Kuwait, Al-Refai was graduated from College of Medicine (MD) in 1962, and had obtained a Diploma of Tropical Medicine Hygiene in 1967 (DTM H) from the University of Liverpool.
A newspaper report published in 1949 exposed serious flaws in the treatment of the mentally ill in the state, which resulted in the creation of the Department of Mental Hygiene and turned Maryland's mental hospitals by the end of the Lane administration into some of the best in the nation.
A total of 175 family hygiene kits provided by UNICEF and stationeries from a group of sponsors were also distributed in Suak Pandan Village and SD Keub.
Additionally, at each visit, health and hygiene promoters monitor progressive changes in the health and hygiene related behavior of each household.
Another commentator has put his contribution thus: "his major contribution was to improve dairy hygiene and to standardise the methods used for making cheddar".
As originally organized, the Health and Welfare Agency consisted of the departments of Social Welfare, Mental Hygiene, and Public Health.
At MTW students are taught four health modules, Dental Hygiene, Oral Re-hydration Therapy, Nutrition, and Burn Care and Prevention.
Beginning in the early 1990s, AIDS hygiene in dentistry and addressing patient fears about AIDS risks in the dental office became dominant themes in Horowitz's peer-reviewed work.
Binaca is an oral hygiene brand that is marketed in India and owned by Dabur.
Chapter 42 Hygiene and Sentiment THEY bury their dead in vaults, above the ground.
Community Mobilization and Participation WASEP trains partner villages to take ownership of all aspects of the intervention including water supply, sanitation, drainage, operation, maintenance and health and hygiene education.
Despite this it was able to maintain an almost uninterrupted ascendancy over its rivals through superiority in financing, tactics, training, organisation, social cohesion, hygiene, dockyard facilities, logistical support and from the middle of the 18th century, warship design and construction.
Due to very strict food hygiene regulations, moose meat is mainly consumed within households and is rarely obtainable in restaurants.
Early organic chemists tasted many of their products, either intentionally (as a means of characterization) or accidentally (due to poor laboratory hygiene).
Farmers were educated on hygiene, and inspection was increased.
Former prisoners report torture and physical abuse by the staff, catastrophic hygiene conditions and a lack of medical care.
From 1883 until his death in 1894, he was director of the institute of hygiene at Rostock.
Good hygiene practices before, during, and after food preparation can reduce the chances of contracting an illness.
Harding was insistent upon temperature control and strict hygiene in the production of cheese.
He now serves as Director of the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET) at the Royal College of Surgeons and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where he holds an Honorary Professorship and is a member of Court.
He sponsored a school for local children, with basic education such as hygiene, along with medicine and hospital care.
He was editor of "Jahresberichte über die Fortschritte und Leistungen auf dem Gebiete der Hygiene", a supplement to the "Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für öffentliche Gesundheitspflege" (German Quarterly Journal of Public Health Care).
He was wrote the first Serbian treatise on hygiene.
Health and Hygiene Education To focus on health and hygiene awareness WASEP has initiated a Community and School Health Improvement Program through which household and schools visits are made once every two months.
His travelogue shows his shock at the lack of hygiene amongst Tibetans, the filth of Tibetan cities, and by many Tibetan customs, including sexual practices, monastic immoderation, corruption and superstitious beliefs.
I then went on, beginning with the rise and progress of the primitive religions, and coming down to the various religions of the present time, during which time I labored to show Queequeg that all these Lents, Ramadans, and prolonged ham-squattings in cold, cheerless rooms were stark nonsense; bad for the health; useless for the soul; opposed, in short, to the obvious laws of Hygiene and common sense.
In 1876 he received his habilitation in pediatrics and hygiene at the University of Rostock, where in 1879 he became an associate professor.
In 1979, Papa Wemba became the leader of the Sapeur (Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes d'Élégance or SAPE) which he promoted as a youth cult. Wemba said: The Sapeur cult promoted high standards of personal cleanliness, hygiene and smart dress, to a whole generation of youth across Zaire.
In 2009 ETI won Company of the Year award at the Society of Food Hygiene Technology Awards (SOFHT).
In 2012, Werber appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" to discuss dental hygiene in dogs.
In Ireland, many personal hygiene products are within the luxury tax bracket.
It was re-zoned in 1844 under the administration of Henry Pottinger to improve the hygiene condition of water supply.
Kurt Gerstein, an official at the "Institute of Hygiene" of the Waffen-SS, tried to inform the international public about the extermination camps.
Mothers and children in the village were introduced to the importance of hygiene by teaching them the basic principle and steps of washing hands and brushing teeth.
Poor hygiene and a lack of adequate trash disposal seemed to have hastened the spread of the deadly disease.
Prevention is mainly the role of the state, through the definition of strict rules of hygiene and a public services of veterinary surveying of animal products in the food chain, from farming to the transformation industry and delivery (shops and restaurants).
Prof. Greenwood, the Manson Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), was honored in the Medical Research category; and his laureate lecture topic was "Malaria elimination – Is it possible?"
Since the program's inception, offenders have been motivated to enroll in school, obtain jobs, obey unit rules and improve their hygiene so that they may become MCKC participants.
Social withdrawal, sloppiness of dress and hygiene, and loss of motivation and judgment are all common in schizophrenia.
TFN’s activities include cleaning services, security, building maintenance and repairs, hygiene and gardening.
The funding included: midwife training; visiting nurses for pregnant women and new mothers; distribution of nutrition and hygiene information; health clinics, doctors and nurses, for pregnant women, mothers and children.
The new bathhouse proposed to facilitate the basic needs of toilets, personal hygiene and laundry.
The study has been cited in scientific reviews and in a public health textbook which states that "safe local water supply systems, properly managed and regularly tested by trained individuals, is a major development thrust in many parts of the world; interventions to improve hygiene education and practices show promise".
The teams also typically include two high school students who fulfill various functions, including giving presentations on health maintenance and dental hygiene to families living near the mission site.
The tools include those used for knocking off or polishing away the animal-like parts (axe, pliers, grindstone), tools for woodworking (plane), and for personal hygiene (shaving brush, shaving cream, shaving knife, ear spoon).
This program addresses topics such as diarrhea, worms, personal hygiene and operation and maintenance of water scheme.
This technique is notable as a development in food hygiene.
To qualify for the program, E Unit offenders must meet criteria which include good behavior, good hygiene, psychiatric stability, a pro-social attitude and a high level of participation in correctional programs.
Training at OPSA schools include computer technology, computer programming, medical assistant, LPN, surgical technician, dental hygiene, medical billing and coding, computerized accounting, transcription, court reporting, electircal, heating and air conditioning, just to name a few.
WASEP provides communities with engineering and construction training and services, non-local materials, skilled labor, and health and hygiene education.
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