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Vocabulary Word

Word: humanitarian

Definition: one devoted to the promotion of human welfare; CF. humanism

Sentences Containing 'humanitarian'

("People Against Landmines") is a humanitarian landmine clearance organization headquartered in Germany.
522 humanitarian agency staff has participated in the BSO Learning Programme workshops."
A large part of the population is dependent on humanitarian assistance, primarily from the UN agencies.
Additionally, Jackson was awarded for her humanitarian work and philanthropy, receiving the "Humanitarian Award" from the Human Rights Campaign and "Touching a Life Award" from the Behind the Bench Awards.
All of the performances dealt with social and humanitarian problems.
Armenia's western neighbor, Turkey halted humanitarian aid coming through its borders.
AUSCO is available to all refugee and humanitarian visa holders over the age of five.
Campbell recognized the humanitarian benefit of safety, but realized that there were also economic benefits of EHS.
During the war the airport was used for UN flights and humanitarian relief.
Following pressure from UNHCR, a temporary humanitarian protection arrangement was established in 1999, benefiting refugees from war-torn countries in Africa.
From July 2003 to July 2004, he was the commander of the Philippine Humanitarian Contingent in the Iraq War.
He is the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management in the Cabinet of South Sudan.
He was awarded the Humanitarian Award 2008-2009.
He was charged with submitting annual reports and recommendations to the UN concerning the situation of international human rights and humanitarian law.
Humanitarian agencies responded almost immediately with measures designed to prevent further abuse, setting up an inter-agency task force with the objective of "strengthening and enhancing the protection and care of women and children in situations of humanitarian crisis and conflict..."
Humanitarian organizations are often strongly present in this phase of the disaster management cycle.
Humanitarian workers traded food and relief items for sexual favors.
In 2010–11, a total of 13,799 visas were granted under the Humanitarian Program.
In 2011 the Foundation allocated 1 million dollars to humanitarian and social projects.
In addition to acting, she is active in humanitarian work, and the brand ambassador of Samsung and Lux.
In April 2007 BSO was moved to Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International, where it has been merged with HAP's complaints unit.
In humanitarian jargon, a skeleton team is a small team from humanitarian organizations, who remain in the place where they work when other teams are evacuated.
It concludes: Sexual exploitation and abuse is a predictable result of a failure of accountability to beneficiaries of humanitarian aid.
It sponsors trips to religious and non-religious institutions and partners with downtown Los Angeles charitable and humanitarian organizations.
LDS Church in South Carolina have been involved in a number of humanitarian services.
Members of the 60th have participated in countless humanitarian airlift missions over the years.
On a humanitarian level, Suliman was selected as an ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund in 1999.
Pharmaciens Sans Frontières Comité International (PSFCI) is the largest humanitarian association in the world specialized in the pharmaceutical sector.
Russia claimed these actions were a necessary humanitarian intervention and peace enforcement.
Sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian response
Since 2004, GlobalMedic teams have deployed to over 60 humanitarian disasters around the world.
The "hospital" served as a "humanitarian almshouse", providing for the poor and elderly of the parish.
The AMEP is available to eligible migrants, from the humanitarian, family and skilled visa streams.
The Crown Council has pursued a mission devoted to the promoting a cultural and humanitarian role.
The curriculum combined a humanitarian concern to help others with a scientific approach to human development.
The Humanitarian program for 2011–12 is set at 13,750 places.
The major NGHAs and the UN agencies engaged in humanitarian response committed themselves to setting up internal structures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse of beneficiaries.
The Parks Branch Annual Report outlined the commercial and humanitarian benefits of parks.
The program is the beginning of the settlement process for people coming to Australia under the Humanitarian Program.
The school obligates all students to be volunteers and participate in humanitarian or citizen action along with their studies.
The single most important reason for this ‘humanitarian accountability deficit’ is the asymmetrical principal-agent relations that characterise most ‘humanitarian’ transactions, that puts the users of humanitarian assistance at a structural disadvantage in their relationship with humanitarian aid providers.
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA); is responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure a coherent response to emergencies.
The work of Pajaziti has focused on European integration and standards issues in humanitarian assistance for displaced persons, sport and promoting activities for young people.
These ships and their escorts are capable of anything from landing operations, to humanitarian operations.
These storms crippled coastal regions, requiring humanitarian aid for 800,000.
They have participated in peace support operations and humanitarian activities.
They raise record sums of money for philanthropic and humanitarian causes in North America and Israel.
They were granted permanent stay in Norway on humanitarian grounds.
This humanitarian writer-journalist was presented with many awards during his lifetime.
With the involvement of those who are experienced in the field of architecture and humanitarian and aid sector.

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