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Vocabulary Word

Word: hostility

Definition: unfriendliness; hatred; enmity; ADJ. hostile

Sentences Containing 'hostility'

A psychiatrist said Glover had built up hostility and aggression since his childhood against his mother and then against his mother-in-law, who was said to "trigger" him.
According to C. Howard Wheeldon, who was present at the meeting where Powell gave the speech, "it is fascinating to note what little hostility emerged from the audience.
After establishing Granville Town, disease and hostility from the indigenous people eliminated the first group of colonists and destroyed their settlement.
Ali certainly behaved like a man who suspected hostility towards himself, for he soon entered Basra with a professional army of twenty thousand.
All of these were turned down, with increasing levels of hostility from his commanders, one of whom was reported to have told him to "Go to hell!
And this time the tone and manner in which the command was given, betokened such growing hostility that the two young men perceived, for the first time, that the mandate was addressed to them.
Anti-Western sentiment refers to broad opposition or hostility to the people, policies, or governments in the western world.
Apart from their shared hostility to the Cumann na nGaedheal government, the party's member's had little in common.
But Napoleon, in order to restore the prestige of the Empire before the newly awakened hostility of public opinion, tried to gain from the Left the support which he had lost from the Right.
Canada had participated in the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War, and in general mirrored the hostility towards the Soviet Union demonstrated from London.
Driven out by their enemy's hostility, Cadvan and Maerad flee.
Due to the extensive hostility to any hint of foreign influence, the American branch of Save the Children was distributing funding anonymously in the region as of July 2007.
Even then, her hostility had little to do with religion: she was angered when the dowager Queen married Thomas Seymour so soon after Henry's death.
From 1846 he renewed his policy of hostility to the British and allied himself with the Sikhs.
gone is the ambivalence or outright hostility toward government involvement in little beyond basic science."
Hollingsworth's original idea for the concert was to help overcome western hostility towards Japan caused by the highly successful Japanese economy.
However, crossing arms can be interpreted as a sign of hostility.
However, Russian hostility barred the restoration of Alexander, who abdicated on 8 September.
However, their conversion did not protect them from ecclesiastical hostility after the Spanish Inquisition came into full effect; persecution and expulsion were common.
In 418 BC, however, hostility between Sparta and the Athenian ally Argos led to a resumption of fighting.
In many cases the United States, and the United Kingdom are the subject of discussion or hostility.
In the 1890s there was widespread hostility towards foreigners in Britain, mainly directed against eastern European Jews but also including Germans.
In the case of a war, the very first act of hostility on the part of the debtor nation might be the forfeiture of the funds of its credit.
Its debut in the Mexico City's Palacio de Bellas Artes was welcomed by the theater-going public, but was met with hostility by the Mexican government.
Kelly faces overt hostility from his fellow students and confusion over his place in the school from the faculty.
Leicester's administration of the lordship aroused violent hostility from the residents.
Mennonite communities left the USSR in large numbers as a result of the hostility against them; 13000 fled in 1928.
On May 24, 1570, after disputes and hostility erupted between the two groups.
Parliamentary hostility meant there was no question of any Act of Uniformity as in England.
Sargon II, who came to the throne in 722 BC, continued the Assyrian hostility against Urartu.
Such idea was met in hostility in the government and Foreign Minister Yacob Khan and Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto were the ones who objected and opposed to this idea.
Such was the hostility directed against Velikovsky from some quarters (particularly the original campaign led by Harlow Shapley), that some commentators have made an analysis of the conflict itself.
The Anti-religious propaganda played a critical role in the persecutions, because they were used to develop attitudes of hostility against believers which could then lead to justifying their mistreatment.
The design was met with such public hostility that it was withdrawn.
The first recorded mention of it is in a work by the 6th-century John of Ephesus, who decries its hostility to Monophysite missionaries traveling to Alodia.
The hostility of the King made this a short lived ministry.
The MCC were thereby convinced of the speed and hostility of Tyson's bowling and decided to take him to Australia.
The mutilation of Coloradas' body increased the hostility of the Apache toward the United States.
The rapid influx of blacks disturbed the racial balance within cities, exacerbating hostility from both black and white Northerners.
The strike was illegal. Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis sided strongly with the companies, largely due to his hostility to all forms of socialism.
The U.S. considered it "a center of hostility and above all a threat to the security of their slaves."
These stereotypes can serve to dehumanize Asian-Americans and catalyze hostility and violence.
They show hostility towards Inder and conflicts arise within the households and the couple decides to elope, but afterward realize they miss their families.
This hostility may have been shared by some of the Jansenists in Parlement who were embarrassed by the convulsions and repudiated any connection to them (see below).
This was criticized as being "gimmicky" and reminiscent of the disastrous Magna budget as well as demonstrating a hostility to Toronto.
Traditional conceptualizations of sexism focused almost entirely on overt hostility toward women.
Typically, sexism is thought of as hostility toward women, perpetrated by men.
Wang observes that Hsia's literary history was controversial in Mainland China due to its perceived hostility to leftist literature.
While he was at Cambridge, his hostility to fascism was awakened by the Spanish Civil War (although he admitted he had little idea about what was going on).
Wimpy, for his part, seems to largely ignore Geezil's hostility—although he has often subtly retaliated by flustering and confusing Geezil.

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