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Vocabulary Word

Word: homogeneous

Definition: of the same kind; uniform in composition throughout

Sentences Containing 'homogeneous'

A mass may be exactly critical without being a perfect homogeneous sphere.
A nation-state is not composed of a single homogeneous ethnic group (a community), but of a variety of individuals willing to live together.
A valid equation in physics must be homogeneous, since equality cannot apply between quantities of different nature.
Again, it is assumed that the medium is homogeneous, linear, isotropic, and nondispersive, so that the permeability is a simple constant.
Although the inhabitants of Split ("Splićani") may appear to be a homogeneous body, they traditionally belong to three separate and distinct groups.
An alloy might be homogeneous or might contain small particles of components that can be viewed with a microscope.
Another problem to consider is that the Lacandon are not an entirely homogeneous group, which has created difficulties for ethnographers in understanding the religious practices of the Lacandon both past and present.
Audience segmentation strategy is driven by the goal of developing criteria that can be used to form homogeneous clusters.
Being homogeneous does not necessarily mean the equation will be true, since it does not take into account numerical factors.
Brass is an example of an alloy, being a homogeneous mixture of copper and zinc. Another example is steel, which is an alloy of iron with carbon and possibly other metals.
Fleshy and red when ripe, the fruit becomes wrinkled when dry, carrying one seed with homogeneous endosperm.
For example, a composite material is made up of different individual materials, known as ""constituents"" of the material, but may be defined as a homogeneous material when assigned a function.
For example, an object of uniform density is sometimes described as homogeneous.
For Homogeneous systems where all of the species of the reaction are in the same phase, Δ"G" cannot accurately predict reaction spontaneity.
For the time-independent case, the Klein–Gordon equation becomes which is the homogeneous screened Poisson equation.
From the perspective of 19th-century cosmology (and before), the universe was infinite, unchanging, homogeneous, and therefore filled with stars.
Heilongjiang's culture is part of a culture of Northeast China that is relatively homogeneous across this region, known in Mandarin Chinese as "Dongbei" (the northeast).
His son and successor Count Meinhard IV not only expanded the county, but also molded it into a more homogeneous country.
However, a completely homogeneous mixture is only achievable in theory and other denotations were introduced later such as adhesive mixture or interactive mixture.
However, this may fail to have any reasonable properties at all, aside from being separately homogeneous in "h" and "k".
In 1715 (after the Ottoman occupation) the Southern Great Plain was nearly uninhabited but now has 1.3 million inhabitants, homogeneous with ethnic Hungarians.
In another context, a material is not homogeneous in so far as it composed of atoms and molecules.
In contrast, air sanitizers that are maintained at a sufficient and homogeneous concentration (see homogeneous (chemistry)) within the interior air space provide simultaneous treatment of the entire interior air space volume, but are not able to remove particles including allergens.
In general, homogeneity is defined as the quality or state of being "homogeneous" (of the same or similar nature, from Greek ὀμός meaning 'same').
In representation theory for the orthogonal group, O("n") it is common to consider functions taking values in spaces of homogeneous harmonic polynomials.
In the early Iron Age, the relatively homogeneous Proto-Villanovan culture shows a process of fragmentation.
It is assumed here for simplicity that the medium is homogeneous, linear, isotropic, and nondispersive, so that the permittivity is a simple constant.
Koreans tend to equate nationality or citizenship with membership in a single, homogeneous ethnic group or "race" (minjok, in Korean).
Let formula_17 be the decomposition of the polynomial defining the curve into its homogeneous parts, where "pi" is the sum of the monomials of "p" of degree "i".
Let the homogeneous differential equation: model damped unforced oscillations of a weight on a spring.
Malayali cuisine is not homogeneous and regional variations are visible throughout.
Now as the Clifford algebra is not commutative "Dxf"("x", "u") then this function is no longer "k" monogenic but is a homogeneous harmonic polynomial in "u".
On January 2, 1870 Ollivier was placed at the head of the first homogeneous, united and responsible ministry.
Similarly, for a projective curve defined by a homogeneous polynomial "P"("x","y","z") of degree "d", the singular points have the solutions of the system as homogeneous coordinates.
South Korea is a relatively homogeneous society with absolute majority of the population of Korean ethnicity.
The complex Cayley plane is a homogeneous space under a noncompact (adjoint type) form of the group E6 by a parabolic subgroup "P"1.
The definition of homogeneous strongly depends on the context used.
The development of extensional rheometers has proceeded more slowly than shear rheometers, due to the challenges associated with generating a homogeneous extensional flow.
The equation of the tangents at a singular point are given by the nonzero homogeneous part of lowest degree in the Taylor series of the polynomial at the singular point.
The equivalence of the two equations results from Euler's homogeneous function theorem applied to "P".
The faulty premise, unknown in Olbers' time, was that the universe is not infinite, static, and homogeneous.
The Socialists chose homogeneous lists, while the radicals divided between lists allied with the center-right and isolated lists.
The term "ordered mixture" was first introduced to describe a completely homogeneous mixture where the two components adhere to each other to form ordered units.
These high-quality pillars are homogeneous, the result of the seamless method of construction that utilizes centrifugal force.
These two operations are reciprocal one to the other, as formula_4 and formula_5 as soon as the homogeneous polynomial "P" is not divisible by "z".
They stated that both targeting and tailoring should follow the audience segmentation process, which is to divide audience into highly homogeneous clusters.
This places Slovenia among the most homogeneous countries in the EU in terms of the share of speakers of predominant mother tongue.
Thus most natural regions are homogeneous ecosystems.
When one changes the coordinates to put the singular point at the origin, the equation of the tangents at the singular point is thus the nonzero homogeneous part of lowest degree of the polynomial, and the multiplicity of the singular point is the degree of this homogeneous part.
When one refines this representation theory to the double covering Pin("n") of O("n") one replaces spaces of homogeneous harmonic polynomials by spaces of "k" homogeneous polynomial solutions to the Dirac equation, otherwise known as "k" monogenic polynomials.
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