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Vocabulary Word

Word: holocaust

Definition: destruction by fire; CF. burnt whole; CF. Holocaust

Sentences Containing 'holocaust'

(2011) • "Federman’s Fictions: Innovation, Theory, and the Holocaust".
A rózsa énekei is a 2003 film about Holocaust victims in Hungary during World War II.
After the war the CJC organized relief aid for Holocaust survivors who were being detained in Displaced Persons camps.
After World War 2 veterans were welcomed as part of their readjustment and Holocaust survivors began using the baths as part of their healing process.
Altmaier lost over 20 relatives during the Holocaust. Political Life.
Auerbach lectured there, and died at the hands of Gestapo during the Holocaust in Poland.
Background to alleged Holocaust involvement.
By Presidential appointment Sobel served on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington D.C. between 1994 through 1998.
CNAB complained that Savich is a genocide denier and extremely unreliable source for the Holocaust research.
Curt Lowens (born 17 November 1925) is an actor of the stage and in feature films and television, as well as a Holocaust survivor and a rescuer who saved about 150 Jewish children during the Holocaust. Life and career.
Dawidowicz was a leading critic of the American historian Arno J. Mayer's account of the Holocaust in his 1988 book "Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?" arguing that Mayer played up anti-communism at the expense of antisemitism as an explanation for the Holocaust. Dawidowicz titled her review of "Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?" in the October 1989 edition of "Commentary" as "Perversions of the Holocaust".
Dawidowicz’s major interests were the Holocaust and Jewish history.
Fifty-nine of his relatives were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. His mother is Naomi Wilzig.
Garfein's parents are actress Carroll Baker and film director Jack Garfein, a Czech Jew and a survivor of the Holocaust.
He concluded however that, 'I remember the Holocaust. We have a choice to fight the terrorists or to face being consumed by the flames again.'
He gives the child to his wife, a Polish Holocaust survivor.
He was instrumental in preventing Jews from being deported and killed during the Holocaust. First actions.
Her books include "The War Against the Jews 1933-1945", her best-selling 1975 history of the Holocaust, and "The Holocaust and the Historians", a study of Holocaust historiography.
Her mother was a German Holocaust survivor who was interned in the Riga ghetto and a series of work camps in and out of Germany.
His "Muzică de balet" was considered highly original for its parable nature and the theme of racial persecution ("see Holocaust literature").
His older sister, Edit, also survived the Holocaust and was brought to Ireland after the war.
Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal began searching for Silberbauer in 1958, when Wiesenthal was challenged by Holocaust deniers to prove the existence of Anne Frank.
In 1961 Jüttner testified for the prosecution in the trial of Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann.
In 2000 Amaudruz was sentenced to a year in a Swiss jail for Holocaust denial and returned to prison in 2003 on similar charges.
In the assessment of the "Encyclopedia Britannica", the depiction of the Pope as indifferent to the Holocaust "lacks credible substantiation".
It also addresses post-Holocaust subjects, particularly the manipulation of Holocaust history.
It has also been associated with Holocaust denial and praised Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he announced a conference on the topic.
It has helped establish courses on the Holocaust at over 400 colleges.
It includes a publication entitled "Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism".
It is impossible to know if a more forthright condemnation of the Holocaust would have proved more effective in saving lives, though it probably would have better assured his reputation."
Mosse was the first research historian in residence at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Most of her family was killed in the Holocaust. Zemer immigrated to Israel in 1950.
Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Project This program addresses contemporary anti-Semitism on a global scale.
Response and criticism for genocide denial. His work has been cited on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website in Washington DC and the Holocaust and Genocide Studies website of the University of Minnesota.
Sabina escaped the Holocaust with her former tutor and future husband, Mietek.
She has compared "anthropogenic warming deniers" to Holocaust deniers.
She wrote books on modern Jewish history, in particular books on the Holocaust. Life.
Some secular Jews may reject cremation perhaps in reaction to the Holocaust, in which the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide were disposed of by cremation at the death camps.
Specifically, they claim that the Nation of Islam has engaged in revisionist and antisemitic interpretations of the Holocaust and exaggerates the role of Jews in the African slave trade.
Star Chamber also included several new recruits, Holocaust, Harm, Rocket and Xombi, although all of them left the group during the Shadow War.
The book was published in 1962, a time in Jewish history in which the magnitude of the Holocaust was beginning to surface.
The Holocaust Educational Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization founded by Theodore Zev Weiss in 1976 and dedicated to the support of teaching and research about the Holocaust at the university level.
The Holocaust gallery of the Jewish Museum London is dedicated to Greenman's story.
The Holocaust. A Star of David, often yellow-colored, was used by the Nazis during the Holocaust as a method of identifying Jews.
The institute helps direct the Post-Holocaust and Ant-Semitism Project and it’s associated publication Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism, both of which attend to global anti-Semitism.
The party did not survive the Shoah, the Holocaust. Territorialists.
This is because it is a phrase designedly reminiscent of the idea of Holocaust Denial ...".
Xavier was secretly using his psychic powers to ease the pain of Holocaust survivors institutionalized there.
Years later, he pondered the fact that, as a Jew, had he been in Europe instead of the United States at that time, he might have been travelling in Holocaust trains.
Zoltan Zinn-Collis (born 1940, in the High Tatras) was a Slovakian survivor of the Holocaust. He was one of only five living survivors of the Holocaust in Ireland.

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