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Vocabulary Word

Word: hieroglyphic

Definition: picture writing; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'hieroglyphic'

A Bronze Age titular figure of Kukunnis (KWKWN), son of Lykos (RWQQ), left an inscribed hieroglyphic obelisk for the governor of Byblos; and, as ruler of Wilusa (Ilion), he was commanded in correspondence by Hittite Muwatalli II (father of Mursili III), to "adopt an heir" named Alaksandu for the throne.
And this tattooing had been the work of a departed prophet and seer of his island, who, by those hieroglyphic marks, had written out on his body a complete theory of the heavens and the earth, and a mystical treatise on the art of attaining truth; so that Queequeg in his own proper person was a riddle to unfold; a wondrous work in one volume; but whose mysteries not even himself could read, though his own live heart beat against them; and these mysteries were therefore destined in the end to moulder away with the living parchment whereon they were inscribed, and so be unsolved to the last.
By my retentive memory of the hieroglyphics upon one Sperm Whale in particular, I was much struck with a plate representing the old Indian characters chiselled on the famous hieroglyphic palisades on the banks of the Upper Mississippi.
Egyptologist Horst Beinlich published a full and illustrated edition of the hieroglyphic versions of "Book of the Faiyum" in 1991, thusly paving the road for further scholarly investigation of the text.
He later constructed the original hieroglyphic stairway on the east side of the Esmeralda Structure.
In 1890, James Scotford of Edmore, Michigan, claimed that he had found a number of artifacts, including a clay cup with strange symbols and carved tablets, with symbols that looked vaguely hieroglyphic.
Of the hieroglyphic versions, there are both illustrated and un-illustrated forms.
Temples in desert areas could be covered by drifts of sand, while those near the Nile, particularly in Lower Egypt, were often completely buried under layers of river-borne silt. Thus, some major temple sites like Memphis and Heliopolis were reduced to ruin, while many temples far from the Nile and centers of population remained mostly intact. With understanding of the hieroglyphic script lost, the information about Egyptian culture and beliefs that was preserved in the surviving temples lay incomprehensible to the world.
The Hieroglyphic Bench of GI-K'awiil labels her husband as "He of Five Captives".
The inclined benches of the ballcourt are inscribed with hieroglyphic text, one of these being the commemoration date.
The Libyan Palette contains seven cities, fortress-protected; the seven cities are identified inside an approximate–circular–enclosure with iconography, with some signs to become hieroglyphs, and similarly identified "externally" with the similar hieroglyphic iconography, also to be used as hieroglyphs.
The only reference at Copan is on the Hieroglyphic Stairway, recording the death of Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah Kawiil by ‘flint and shield.’ There is no evidence of a large-scale battle at or around Copan during the 730’s, suggesting that Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah Kawiil was captured abroad.
The reliefs, including both images and hieroglyphic text, are among the most important sources of information on Ancient Egypt.
The sarcophagus of Ankhru from the Faiyum locality of Hawara also contains hieroglyphic excerpts and copied illustrations from the text.
These include both hieroglyphic and hieratic (a cursive ancient Egyptian script) versions of the text.
They practised their own forms of hieroglyphic writing and even advanced astronomy.
What Champollion will decipher this hieroglyphic for us, that we may turn over a new leaf at last?
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