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Vocabulary Word

Word: hierarchy

Definition: arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks; body of persons having authority

Sentences Containing 'hierarchy'

A sampler is organized into a hierarchy of progressively more complicated data structures.
According to its website, the store actively supports "movements that challenge hierarchy and all systems of oppression."
According to Sant Tukaram, there is no reference of any caste hierarchy mentioned in the Vedas.
Among these attributes, attribute A4 is the prerequisite for all other attributes in the sub-hierarchy.
Beneath them in the gang hierarchy are captains, lieutenants, sergeants of arms, and numerous soldiers.
But hierarchy is ultimately inescapable.
Cdr2 is at the top of this hierarchy and works upstream of Cdr1 and Blt1.
During her research on angels, she learned about the Christian angelic hierarchy, which she included in the series.
Example of items aligned to the attributes in a hierarchy.
For the Ratio and Algebra hierarchy, the Qr matrix is shown next.
He ranked leading a band and teaching music second and third, respectively, in his hierarchy of passions.
Hitler was obsessed with being in control, and with being the alpha male in a rigid male dominance hierarchy.
However, Buddhism does recognize a hierarchy of actions as being more or less wholesome or skillful, although the intent is as much as or more important than the action itself.
In the Toyota model hierarchy, TownAce occupied the position in between the LiteAce and HiAce.
Military service was a key to advancement in the hierarchy.
Napoleonic heraldry was based on traditional heraldry but was characterised by a stronger sense of hierarchy.
Note that heterarchy is not the opposite of any hierarchy all together, but is rather the opposite of "homoarchy".
So there is a "rank of the cumulative hierarchy" with an "external automorphism" T moving the rank downward, exactly the condition on a nonstandard model of a rank in the cumulative hierarchy under which a model of NFU is constructed in the New Foundations article.
Street hierarchy was first elaborated by Ludwig Hilberseimer in his book "City Plan", 1927.
The "HCI" evaluates the degree to which the observed response patterns are consistent with the attribute hierarchy.
The A matrix for the Ratio and Algebra hierarchy presented is shown below.
The cognitive model in the form of an attribute hierarchy has direct implications for item development.
The DSS hierarchy in Washington has no input on the agent’s evaluation.
The E matrix for the Ratio and Algebra hierarchy is shown below.
The first branch in the sub-hierarchy deals, mainly, with functional graph reading.
The first head of this hierarchy was the "Great Metropolitan" Ahudemeh (559-575).
The following hierarchy is an example of a cognitive model task performance for the knowledge and skills in the areas of ratio, factoring, function, and substitution (called the Ratios and Algebra hierarchy).
The hierarchy contains two independent branches which share a common prerequisite – attribute A1.
The lower clergy had a similar sentiment about the higher echelons of the religious hierarchy.
The prevalence of pathological, dominating hierarchies throughout history has given hierarchy a bad name.
The R matrix for the Ratio and Algebra hierarchy is shown next.
The Ratio and Algebra attribute hierarchy can also be expressed in matrix form.
The second branch in the sub-hierarchy considers the skills associated with advanced substitution.
The self-contained sub-hierarchy contains six attributes.
The suits are irrelevant for this game, and the ranks are not ordered in a hierarchy.
The Supreme Court is third highest court in the adjudicative hierarchy of the Bahamas.
The usage is standardized in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. Contents.
The various levels of the prosodic hierarchy are independently justified by the phonological phenomena that make reference to them.
The Vice-Curator is as such the "first and most senior living entity" in the college's hierarchy.
The Vizards have not shown any sort of hierarchy, seeming to prefer a loose-knit organization.
Then, these attributes are structured using a hierarchy so the ordering of the cognitive skills is specified.
These titles of nobility did not have any true privileges, with two exceptions: Hierarchy.
They challenged the status quo by subverting the religious hierarchy, and were perhaps even more subversive than they realized.
They may in fact be officially ordained as deacons, or may act outside the Church hierarchy.
They separated the 'pure of heart' from the hard-hearted Church hierarchy.
This allowed relative autonomy from the Mother Church while working within the constructs of the hierarchy.
This attitude persisted throughout Winterhalter's career, condemning his work to a category of his own in the hierarchy of painting.
This hierarchy is divergent and composed of nine attributes which are described below.
This in turn, sparked a "vigorous political discourse" to respond the challenge to religious hierarchy.
This necessitates many items that must be created to measure each attribute in the hierarchy.

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