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Vocabulary Word

Word: heterogeneous

Definition: dissimilar; mixed; not homogeneous; consisting of dissimilar elements or plants

Sentences Containing 'heterogeneous'

20th-century intellectuals face a heterogeneous whole of groups and media producing their own discourses according to their own logic and interests.
An intensely heterogeneous movement of leftists and conservatives, monarchists and republicans, nationalists and cosmopolitans, after Milosevic's departure, Otpor had lost the most important glue that bound it together.
For heterogeneous systems where all of the species of the reaction are in different phases and can be mechanically separated, the following is true.
Her work is focussed on self-assembly of heterogeneous molecules, charged molecules and in molecular electrolytes and has described emergence of shape and patterns in membranes and in multicomponent complex mixtures.
His "Oameni excepţionali" discusses Nazism as a heterogeneous ideology, arguing that Adolf Hitler was an imitator of Stalin, a reluctant follower of Marxian economics, and a person whose arrival in power was only made possible by the inconsistencies of German Communist Party activists.
Indian Singaporeans are a religiously heterogeneous group.
It has also been reported that gold can be used as a heterogeneous catalyst, which was demonstrated in the coupling of phenylacetylene and iodobenzene with an Au/CeO2 catalyst. In this case, catalysis occurs heterogeneously on the Au nanoparticles, with Au(0) as the active site.
It is thought, but has not been proven, that some types of atoms sink under the force of gravity, while others are lifted towards the exterior of the star by radiation pressure, making an heterogeneous atmosphere.
Lau's spokespeople said that the fact that he had been approved by the (presumably heterogeneous) Prize Committee spoke for itself.
Now, Bildad, like Peleg, and indeed many other Nantucketers, was a Quaker, the island having been originally settled by that sect; and to this day its inhabitants in general retain in an uncommon measure the peculiarities of the Quaker, only variously and anomalously modified by things altogether alien and heterogeneous.
Partly due also to the variety of climates in Japan and the millennium encompassed between the first cultural import and the last, the result is extremely heterogeneous, but several practically universal features can nonetheless be found.
Prekmurje has traditionally been the most heterogeneous Slovene region regarding religious affiliation.
Service Data Objects is a technology that allows heterogeneous data to be accessed in a uniform way.
Some talked of Otpor's "ideologically heterogeneous membership that in addition to progressives also contained those well infected with Milošević's war propaganda", seeing the organization's eventual demise in the post-Milošević period as the victory of the latter over the former, while others saw Otpor's failure in the political arena to be caused by its inability to disassociate itself from foreign aid that continued to pour in even after the revolution, which ultimately tarnished the organization's reputation.
Stanol ester is a heterogeneous group of chemical compounds known to reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in blood when ingested, though to a much lesser degree than prescription drugs such as statins.
Structures known as metalodendrimers combine the advantages of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, as they are soluble and well defined on the molecular level, and yet they can be recovered by precipitation, ultrafiltration, or ultracentrifugation.
Symantec NetBackup (earlier Veritas NetBackup) is an enterprise level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite.
The most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by violence together."
The surface is geologically heterogeneous and is intersected by a system of grooves and scarps, which are thought to be fractures.
The variability and heterogeneous characteristic of mitempfindung among individuals makes it difficult to determine a precise set of identifying symptoms of the disease, or a set of risk factors.
The Weisz-Prater Criterion is a method used to estimate the influence of pore diffusion on reaction rates in heterogeneous catalytic reactions.
They recognised that if "Macroanthera" was reduced to three species ("A. horrida", "A. eggersii" and "A. minima") it could form a viable grouping, but that this would leave "Brachyanthera" overly heterogeneous.
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