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Vocabulary Word

Word: heresy

Definition: opinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion; ADJ. heretical; CF. heretic

Sentences Containing 'heresy'

""That heresy took its rise from one Jovinianus, a monk, in our own time, when we were yet young"".
"Heresy of all heresies," Lieberman wrote in "The News", "it would be wonderful if, as a symbolic gesture, the societies some day put windows in their buildings.
According to paragraph 1 of its by-laws the object of the Volksverein was the opposition of heresy and revolutionary tendencies in the social-economic world as well as the defence of the Christian order in society.
After he and those who adhered to him (describing themselves as of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church) had in 1832 removed to a new building in Newman Street, he was, in March 1833, deposed from the ministry of the Church of Scotland by the Presbytery of Annan on the original charge of heresy.
Always on a purely religious ground, it is also said, by the orientalist Sir Thomas Arnold for instance, that because of Bogomilism, a major heresy in the region at the time, oppressed by the Catholics and against whom Pope John XXII even launched a Crusade in 1325, the people were more receptive to the Turks.
As early perhaps as 431 Marius Mercator denounced him as the real author of the Pelagian heresy (Lib.
Augustine's "On the Good of Marriage" was written against somewhat that still remained of the heresy of Jovinian.
Beatus is famous for his support of Asturian opposition to the doctrine of Adoptionism, proclaimed by the bishop of Toledo and declared by Asturias as heresy, and it has been suggested that the manuscript reflects his orthodox stance against the doctrine.
Bishop Gardiner continues his campaign against heretics and gathers enough evidence to persuade the King to issue an arrest warrant against the Queen for heresy.
Count Raymond became less enthusiastic for the repression, but Bishop Raymond persuaded him to enact anti-heresy legislation in 1234.
Critics accused it of sacrilege and heresy.
Ebedjesu includes in his list "two tomes on the Holy Spirit", probably a work directed against the heresy of the Pneumatomachi; and "two tomes against him who asserts that sin is inherent in human nature."
Germanus, the fighting bishop who is supposed to have landed in the neighbourhood when he came to Britain to suppress the Pelagian heresy in 400.
He appears in a letter by Philoxenus of Mabbug in which Philoxenus tells Abu Yaf'ar of the "heresy‏" of Nestorius.
He is also working on the follow up Ten album to Heresy and Creed.
He was arrested by the inquisitor Geoffroy d'Ablis in August 1309 and burned at the stake for heresy on April 10, 1310.
However, Simon Fish - while arrested for heresy - died in prison of bubonic plague.
In 1528, the nobleman Patrick Hamilton, influenced by Lutheran theology whilst at the universities of Wittenberg and Marburg, became the first Protestant martyr when he was burned at the stake for heresy, outside St Salvator's College at Saint Andrews.
It is stated by Evagrius Scholasticus ("H.E." i.2) that "Nestorius, on his way from Antioch to Constantinople (AD 428), took counsel with Theodore and received from him the seeds of heresy which he shortly afterwards scattered with such disastrous results."
Jovinianus", he says, who a few years since tried to found a new heresy, said that the Catholics favored the Manichæans, because in opposition to him they preferred holy Virginity to Marriage.
Lindsay unsuccessfully supported William Robertson Smith in a trial for heresy between 1877 and 1881 which resulted in Smith's losing his position at the Aberdeen Free Church College.
Pope Innocent X condemned Jansenism as a heresy in 1653, and Arnauld was expelled from the Sorbonne in 1655.
Saladin defended his own conduct claiming that he had come to Syria to fight the Crusaders, end the heresy of the Assassins, and to end the wrong-doing of the Muslims.
Some even tried to translate directly from the Greek to show the heresy of Evagrius.
Sun accused Yu Ji of heresy and had him executed.
Supporting historical characters include the old Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his conniving favorite wife, Tiy; the wife of Akhenaten, Nefertiti; the listless young Tutankhamun (King Tut), who succeeded as Pharaoh after Akhenaten's downfall; and the two common-born successors who were, according to this author, integral parts of the rise and fall of the Amarna heresy of Akhenaten: the priest and later Pharaoh Ay and the warrior-general and then finally Pharaoh, Horemheb.
The bishop of Milan Dionysius initially seemed ready to follow the Arians in condemning Athanasius, accused not of heresy but of lese-majesty against the Emperor.
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith pointed out that Flannery’s views could be construed as “heresy” under church law, and threatened “canonical penalties,” including excommunication, if he did not change his views.
The early well-spring of Jansenist theology in Paris came undoubtedly from the convents and schools at Port-Royal des Champs near Paris, which was ultimately razed in 1708 because of its association with the Jansenist heresy.
The four putti are each depicted fighting a different beast, symbolizing the city's overcoming of adversities: war represented by the lion, pestilence by the cockatrice, hunger or famine by the dragon and heresy by the serpent.
The princes who have dared in this manner to rebel against the church, over and above this crime of rebellion, have generally been charged, too, with the additional crime of heresy, notwithstanding their solemn protestations of their faith, and humble submission to every tenet which she thought proper to prescribe to them.
The SCP findings alleged that the Local Church was promulgating heresy.
There has been speculation that the order was in some way associated with the Albigensian heresy of southern France.
Under the 1725 statutes the grounds for this were heresy, high treason, or fleeing from battle out of cowardice.
“‘That the said Quinbus Flestrin, having brought the imperial fleet of Blefuscu into the royal port, and being afterwards commanded by his imperial majesty to seize all the other ships of the said empire of Blefuscu, and reduce that empire to a province, to be governed by a viceroy from hence, and to destroy and put to death, not only all the Big-endian exiles, but likewise all the people of that empire who would not immediately forsake the Big-endian heresy, he, the said Flestrin, like a false traitor against his most auspicious, serene, imperial majesty, did petition to be excused from the said service, upon pretence of unwillingness to force the consciences, or destroy the liberties and lives of an innocent people.

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