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Vocabulary Word

Word: hegemony

Definition: dominance especially of one nation over others

Sentences Containing 'hegemony'

"Formerly known as Santa Ana (for many Santana), but after years of hegemony of Horacio Vásquez Dominican political life, Villa Vásquez was named after the leader said.
"Hegemony" – which Gartside eventually cited as being based on the old English folksong 'Lemady' – led to more melodic songs such as "Confidence", which in turn hinted at the direction the band would take in the 1980s.
5 Janet L Abu Lughod, “As Chaudhuri stated so well, before the arrival of the Portuguese … 1498 there had been no organised attempt by any political power to control the sea lanes and the long distance trade of Asia …” Janet L Abu Lughod, Before European Hegemony, The World System A.D. 1250 1350, New York, Oxford, 1989, p. 275.
Academics Ralph Maughan and Douglas Nilsona write that wise use is a "desperate effort to defend the hegemony of the cultural and economic values of the agricultural and extractive industries of the rural West", and have "argued that the Wise Use agenda stemmed from an ideology that combined "laissez-faire" capitalism with cultural characteristics of an imagined Old West" Some critics of the wise use movement claim that the strong rhetoric used has deepened divisions between opposing interest groups, and has indirectly increased violence and threats of violence against environmental groups and public employees.
Al-Ya'qubi and other early accounts make the Zaghawa to be nomadic and it appears that their hegemony over this region was not unlike the sort of loose rule that nomadic cultures sometimes exercised over settled populations elsewhere in the world.
Alexander's revolt was the most serious threat to the Macedonian hegemony in Greece, and since Antigonus' military efforts were unsuccessful, he probably resolved to poison the traitor in 247 BC.
Antonio Gramsci's concept of hegemony (see: cultural hegemony), that is, the domination of society by a specific group which stays in power by partially taking care of and partially repressing the claims of other groups, does not work here anymore.
As the hegemony of the Caliphate crumbled, Sarir found itself continually at war with its successor states, such as Derbent and Shirvan.
At the end of the 15th century, two wars resulted in an expansion to thirteen cantons ("Dreizehn Orte"): in the Burgundian Wars of the 1470s, the confederates asserted their hegemony on the western border, and their victory in the Swabian War in 1499 against the forces of the Habsburg emperor Maximilian I ensured a "de facto" independence from the empire.
But hegemony of Denmark was indisputable, and Gustav regarded them with suspicion.
During the Hegemony, the Conservative Party created the Bank of the Republic and a modern rail transport system that crossed the country.
For a small period of time, he was part of the Shia Hezbollah before leaving the movement disenchanted with their policies and established in 2006 his own political movement the Free Shia Movement, which tries to represent an alternative third voice for the Lebanese Shia community and protests the hegemony of the two main Shia parties allied with March 8 Alliance, namely Amal Movement and Hezbollah on the community.
He is the author of many works, including "After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy" (Princeton University Press, 1984), for which he was awarded the second annual University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award in 1989 for "Ideas Improving World Order".
He succeeded his father on the latter's death, at a time of growing Ottoman hegemony; when the Turkish admiral, on his way to Rhodes, anchored off Lesbos in June 1455, Domenico sent his official, the historian Doukas, to the dignitary with handsome gifts of "garments of silk and of woven wool six in number, 6,000 pieces of silver, 20 oxen, 50 sheep, more than 800 measures of wine, 2 bushels of biscuit and one of bread, more than 1000 lbs of cheese, and fruit without measure", as well as gifts to the members of the admira's staff.
His theory draws mainly on Johan Galtung's imperialism theory, Antonio Gramsci's social theory, and in particular on his notion of cultural hegemony.
In 1177, Prince John Lackland was made Lord of Ireland by his father Henry II of England at the Council of Oxford. The Crown did not attempt to assert full control of the island until after Henry VIII's repudiation of papal authority over the Church in England and subsequent rebellion of the Earl of Kildare in Ireland threatened English hegemony there.
In the early 4th century, Constantine I became the first emperor to convert to Christianity, launching the era of Christian hegemony.
It is unlikely that a polity only one tenth the size of Copan could overthrow centuries of regional hegemony by acting alone.
It would have been in the interest of the ruling elite to protect their privileges by perpetuating their hegemony of Prakrit in order to exclude the common people from sharing power (Mahadevan 1995a: 173-188).
King George's War in mid-century failed to settle that claim, and it took the later French and Indian War to establish British hegemony over all the European colonies in the region.
Mithiborwala praised the Iranian regime, saying that the idea for the convoy was inspired by the May 2010 Gaza flotilla and by the active support of Iran, and that the convoy intended to take a stand against “Zionism, which wants to create a hegemony in the world, and especially in Asia.” During the convoy's sojourn in Iran many contributions were received from Iranians.
Niall Noigiallach (died c.450/455) laid the basis for the Uí Néill dynasty's hegemony over much of western, northern and central Ireland.
One outcome of the conference was the production of the 'Cairo Declaration', which took a stance against the then looming Iraq war; it also noted the negative effects of capitalist globalisation and U.S. hegemony on the peoples of the world (including European and American citizens).
Robert Owen Keohane (; born October 3, 1941) is an American academic, who, following the publication of his influential book "After Hegemony" (1984), became widely associated with the theory of neoliberal institutionalism in international relations.
Scritti Politti released two EPs in 1979 with singles "Bibbly-O-Tek", "Doubt Beat", "OPEC/Immac" and "Hegemony".
Some scholars view Christians as much as Pharisees as being competing movements "within" Judaism that decisively broke only after the Bar Kokhba's revolt, when the successors of the Pharisees claimed hegemony over all Judaism, and – at least from the Jewish perspective – Christianity emerged as a new religion.
The Arab geographer al-Ya'qubi, in a description written around 890 spoke of them as the “Zaghawa who live in a place called Kanem,” and proceeded to list a string of other kingdoms under Zaghawa rule which cannot be identified for sure, but make it clear that they had some sort of hegemony over most of the smaller complex societies that stretched from at least Lake Chad to the Christian Nile valley kingdoms of Nubia, Makuria and Alwa.
The Cairo Conference against U.S. hegemony and war on Iraq and in solidarity with Palestine (later: Popular Campaign for the Support of Resistance in Palestine and Iraq and Against Globalization), generally known simply as Cairo Anti-war Conference, is an anti-war and anti-neo-liberalism conference held regularly since 2002 in Cairo, Egypt.
The Conservative party along with the Colombian Liberal Party dominated the Colombian political scene from the end of the 19th century until 2002, in bipartisan political hegemony.
The Delian League then formed, under Athenian hegemony and as Athens' instrument.
The educational philosophies of New College, developed by Alexander, encouraged students to think critically, solve problems, and later, question the ruling hegemony and the status quo of the dominant social structure.
The Indian Government worked on the plan to weaken and dismember Pakistan and to maintain hegemony on Kashmir through sheer might" - [""My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir","" 7th Edition," by Jagmohan, page 127-128.
The principle of hegemony as a goal to achieve for an oppressed social class loses its meaning.
The Reformation Parliament of 1560, which repudiated the pope's authority, forbade the celebration of the Mass and approved a Confession of Faith, was made possible by a revolution against French hegemony.
The SOBRI-affiliated trade union in the plantation estate sector was Sarbupri-SOBRI, one of several smaller unions that had begun to challenge the hegemony of the SOBSI-affiliated Sarbupri amongst the estate workers.
Then he moved to Hungarian vice-champions Dunaferr SE, with that he has broken the long-term hegemony of MKB Veszprém KC and won the Hungarian National Championship in his first season.
This victory marked the culmination of decades of developing British naval dominance, and left the Navy in a position of uncontested hegemony at sea which endured until the early years of the 20th century.
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