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Vocabulary Word

Word: havoc

Definition: widespread damage; disorder; chaos

Sentences Containing 'havoc'

"Cry 'Havoc (1943) is another war drama (World War II) but one of the rare all-female pictures.
After causing much destruction and havoc in Hungary they left the country for Bulgaria.
And, indeed, I was glad not to have been a spectator of the havoc they made, because I am confident it would have sensibly touched me, by bringing former passages into my mind, which I would rather have forgot.
But as perhaps fifty of these whale-bone whales are harpooned for one cachalot, some philosophers of the forecastle have concluded that this positive havoc has already very seriously diminished their battalions.
Dr. Vance Hendricks brings to Babylon 5 a deadly weapon from a long-dead civilization that is revived and wreaks havoc on the station.
Flair ended up turning on him at Halloween Havoc to reform the Horsemen with Arn and Pillman.
Folk belief often held such individuals could rise as some form of undead (such as a vampire) and burying them at crossroads would inhibit their ability to find and wreak havoc on their living relations and former associates.
He awoke, roused himself up, shook himself and stretched his lazy limbs, and seeing the havoc the pigs had made with his stores he cursed the drove, and more besides.
He discovers that he has another long-lost relative — Trey is actually his older brother, Ben Shepherd. Trey assumed his dead best friend's identity and dedicated his life to wreaking havoc on the mother who had abandoned him at birth.
He released a cavalry attack upon that position, overrunning the Sultan's camp and causing havoc.
He was put to death by Sun Ce and he later comes back as a ghost and wreaks havoc on Sun Ce for revenge by possessing his army and his wife.
Her film credits include "A Time for Dancing", where she was one of the two female main characters; "Swimfan"; "Havoc" with Anne Hathaway; and "Charlie Wilson's War" with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.
His latest film ‘Robot’ is a roller-costar ride, where you will see not one Rajni, but hundreds of them eating up helicopters, smashing cars, battering planet earth and creating havoc, like never before."
Holland played the role of a rebellious 16-year-old model who befriends and creates havoc for Taylor Momsen's character.
In "Bastard!!", the Kingdom of Metaricana is attacked by the four lords of Havoc.
In 1572 and 1573 the Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt wrought havoc throughout the wider region.
In countries where seaweed is harvested as a crop, ice-ice can wreak havoc on yields.
In February 1999 he said: "Before withdraws it wants to wreak major havoc and destabilization, as it has always promised.
In Mid-1943 Laurel AAF's mission changed to training medium and light bomber crews (B-25 Mitchell, A-20 Havoc) and photo reconnaissance units for deployment overseas.
In the anime, the six episodes tell of the awakening of Dark Schneider and his subsequent attempts to destroy his old allies (The Four Lords of Havoc) and take over the world, while winning over multiple love interests.
In the earliest productions of the Grove Play, several restrictions were imposed upon the Sire including that the stage setting be the natural forest backdrop and that the "malign character Care" be introduced in the plot, to wreak havoc with the characters and then be faced down and vanquished by the hero.
It seemed that the Jeroboam had not long left home, when upon speaking a whale-ship, her people were reliably apprised of the existence of Moby Dick, and the havoc he had made.
It was during this interview that Arn said something to the effect of "The only time this much havoc had been wreaked by this few a number of people, you need to go all the way back to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!"
Khomeini pitted Saddam against a torrent of Islamic radicalism as he faced his own people who were inspired by the Iranian Revolution and eight years of "Holy War" against Iranians who utilized suicide tactics, which wreaked havoc on the Armed Forces (who ultimately solved this problem with Chemical Weapons).
Many creatures, both mythical beasts and alien beings, come through the Rifts - some of them now permanently opened - to wreak havoc.
Moore's government soon had to deal with the effects of the Great Depression that was wreaking havoc on the economy throughout Australia.
On June 13, 2009, Callihan lost the championship to Egotistico Fantastico. On October 25, 2009, Callihan defeated Danny Havoc to win the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship, but the lost the title the same day to Thumbtack Jack.
One by one, the Legion personas take control of David's body and start wreaking havoc around the world.
One North American B-25C Mitchell and one Douglas A-20B Havoc was given to each of the 668th and 669th Squadrons.
Papoose would say his Mobb Deep collaboration "Aim, Shoot" was recorded in 2012 even through the feud that went on between members Havoc and Prodigy.
ROUGHHAUSEN Lineup Cry Havoc Tour 2012 (United States).
Severin--who was known as Steve Havoc when he joined the band--was a full contributor to Siouxsie and the Banshees' musical output from the first release (the B-side to the top 10 single "Hong Kong Garden" was the Severin-penned "Voices".)
She began to 'help' my mother next morning, and was in and out of the store-closet all day, putting things to rights, and making havoc in the old arrangements.
She is stressed out as a housewife, having to put up not only with Ray’s corny jokes and seemingly unhelpful attitude, but more with his obnoxious, family members, who often barge in uninvited, leaving emotional havoc in their wake.
Some of these include National Road Authority, IBM, Intel, Havoc, Wavebob, ESB, Health Service Executive, SMEs on the Innovation Voucher Scheme.
Sometime around 84 or 85 the Dacians, led by King Decebalus, crossed the Danube into the province of Moesia, wreaking considerable havoc and killing the Moesian governor Oppius Sabinus.
The brown minions find him and help cause local havoc.
The clash raged for 8 hours, artillery units of the sultanate army created havoc in the Vijaynagar ranks but Yachama kept the discipline among his forces and rigorously pressed the attack.
The film starts with a scene common to many Westerns, cowboys in a drunken state shooting up a town and wreaking havoc.
The group was a Douglas A-20 Havoc light bomb group assigned to Ninth Air Force in Western Europe.
The mission never occurred, and Granovsky instead worked with Soviet and Soviet-allied guerillas behind German lines in eastern Europe as an assassin and saboteur, causing havoc.
The population of the jellyfish shot up exponentially and, by 1988, it was wreaking havoc upon the local fishing industry.
The requirement was for a powerful ground attack aircraft to replace the Douglas A-20 Havoc, with the ability to hit "hardened" targets like tanks and bunkers.
The vengeful soul of the nun is thus freed from her watery prison, and leaves to wreak havoc on the lives of the girls who were her mortal downfall.
These floods eventually caused the disappearance of towns near Acolman such as Tlacuilocan, Tzapotla and Tescazonco. During one of the attempts to control the rivers in the area, a dam was constructed which cause havoc for the area.
This British naval-gun fire wrought havoc on the Batavian troops.
Unbeknownst to humans, alien/interdimensional beings have emerged with plans to take over the world by sending numerous agents to wreak havoc in cities, turning people into robotic minions.
WCW World Champion Sting was defending his title against the Horsemen's Sid Vicious at the Halloween Havoc pay-per-view.
When her husband, Leland Hayward, tried to read her the good reviews of "Cry 'Havoc, she responded with usual bluntness: ""You" read them, use them for toilet paper.
While this is what the heroes wanted, had Mr. Big sent them home, they'd leave Mr. Big in the real world to cause havoc without any competition.

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