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Vocabulary Word

Word: haunt

Definition: (of a spirit) visit (a place); come to mind continually; visit (a place) regularly; frequent; Ex. haunted house; Ex. haunted by his last words; N: place much frequented

Sentences Containing 'haunt'

A song is about melody and lyrics and being able to take something away in your memory that is going to haunt you".
According to legend he died in torment, having sworn to haunt the nation of Japan as a great demon, and thus became a fearsome "tengu" with long nails and eyes like a kite's.
After he reveals he knew all along about their real relationship, he stabs and kills her so she won't be in his way of his plans, but, having planned for this, Tess poisons him as she dies with a toxin thay erases his memory (and, as revealed in the spin-off comic book, plants a copy of her mind into his, allowing her to haunt him).
All of the songs found on this recording were re-recorded for the band's third EP "Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You".
And equally fallacious seems the conceit, that because the so-called whale-bone whales no longer haunt many grounds in former years abounding with them, hence that species also is declining.
And this same arid soil hath ever been A haunt of countless mournful memories, As well in our day as in days of yore.
Antonio is well-known among the urban youth of Llanview as ""El Leon"", leader of the "Prides" gang, but his past crimes haunt him as well as his family.
Both Henry and Kinsey are astonished to find that romance begins to bloom between William and Rosie, the proprietress of Kinsey's local Hungarian tavern, which has recently been taken over as a favourite haunt by some local sports fans.
But lurking behind the laughter and stories is a murky episode from their past that continues to haunt them.
But this move came back to haunt Brandon, when Ethan's alliance saw him as untrustworthy and voted him out at the next tribal council.
Chisley Lane was a favoured haunt of the famous highwayman Dick Turpin.
Demon Cat (or D.C.) is the name given to the ghost of a cat which is purported to haunt the government buildings of Washington, D.C..
For my own part, my occupation in my solitary pilgrimages was to recall every yard of the old road as I went along it, and to haunt the old spots, of which I never tired.
Glick also attempts to spice up the coverage with theories of his own, which comes back to haunt him later.
How I found time to haunt Putney, I am sure I don't know; but I contrived, by some means or other, to prowl about the neighbourhood pretty often.
However, a shoulder injury prevented him from pitching in the state championship; the team won without his help, a fact that has continued to haunt him.
However, Haymes' decision would come back to haunt him in 1953 when he went to Hawaii (then a territory and, technically, not part of the United States) without first notifying immigration authorities.
However, Yu Ji's spirit returned to haunt Sun and eventually caused him to die from shock.
In 1945 Browse formed a partnership with Gustav Delbanco and Henry Roland and opened Roland, Browse and Delbanco in Cork Street, which at that time was, in Browse's words, a "haunt for prostitutes"; there was then only one other gallery in the street, the Redfern.
In the New York Times Book Review, Alexander McCall Smith described "Sum" as a "delightful, thought-provoking little collection belonging to that category of strange, unclassifiable books that will haunt the reader long after the last page has been turned.
In the same way, Arthur manipulates friends such as Dave of Arthur's haunt the private, if downmarket, "Winchester Club"; the character of Dave originally appeared on an irregular basis, but by Series 3, the three-way banter scenes between Terry, Arthur and Dave (sometimes simply Arthur and Dave) became one of the show's most popular elements with viewers, and such scenes were increased in regularity as a result. Arthur refers to his wife, who never appeared, as "'er indoors"; the implication that she is a fierce and formidable woman is reinforced by the appearance of actress Claire Davenport (famous for such roles) as her sister.
It soon became a popular haunt for ship owners, merchants, and ships' captains, and thereby a reliable source of the latest shipping news.
It was a famous haunt for show people and they got to accompany such names as Danny Kaye, Billie Holiday, Pearl Bailey, Sarah Vaughan.
It was then followed by "Haunt of Jackals" in August 2009, and "Valley of Bones" in May 2010.
Its scattered villages and rugged terrain made it a favourite haunt of the persecuted Covenanters in the seventeenth century and its rocky coastline with its many hidden coves and inlets has made it a favourite location for smuggling.
Men come tamely home at night only from the next field or street, where their household echoes haunt, and their life pines because it breathes its own breath over again; their shadows, morning and evening, reach farther than their daily steps.
Miche Wabun Lake is at the head of the North Fork Belly River and is surrounded by Kaina Mountain to the east, Miche Wabun Peak to the north and Goat Haunt Mountain to the southwest. See also.
Oh, ye rural deities, whoever ye be that haunt this lone spot, give ear to the complaint of a wretched lover whom long absence and brooding jealousy have driven to bewail his fate among these wilds and complain of the hard heart of that fair and ungrateful one, the end and limit of all human beauty!
Over the next few years the store became London's best known jazz shop and a well known haunt for both local and visiting jazz, blues and folk musicians and enthusiasts.
Set in the Kerala Backwaters the bird sanctuary is an ornithologist's paradise and a favourite haunt of migratory birds.
She felt all the perverseness of the mischance that should bring him where no one else was brought, and, to prevent its ever happening again, took care to inform him at first that it was a favorite haunt of hers.
She generally is said to haunt lonely paths or roads, and to have died from torment by a male, and thus would seek revenge on any male.
Spirits are supposed to haunt the places where their bodies most resorted, and Monseigneur without a guinea haunted the spot where his guineas used to be.
The cat then disguises itself as its own ghost, painting itself white and donning wings and a halo, and proceeds to "haunt" Sambo by repeatedly sneaking up on him and whispering "boo."
The Fishtail Rock and Hoi Sham Rock were preserved and displayed in the park, which has also become a popular haunt for dating lovers.
The refusal to fight in the war against the Silicates has led to a stigma that continues to haunt In Vitroes everywhere, years after that particular war ended.
The Royal Lodge is a regular haunt of the Norwegian royal family.
The tribunal had overlooked this crucial point when it gave the interim award and it had returned once again to haunt the situation.
They and the episode writers developed a storyline in which a victim's childhood experimentation, when they were injected with something, was now "coming back to haunt them."
This comes back to haunt Jessica when Ella becomes the judge assigned to a case involving her client.
This move would come back to haunt the Cardinals later; they would be to St.
Unknown to the UVF leadership, who had sought and been given assurances that no LVF regalia would be displayed on the Shankill on the day of the procession, as well as the rest of the UDA outside of Adair's "C Company", Adair had an LVF flag delivered to the Lower Shankill on the morning of the celebrations, which he planned to have unfurled as the procession passed the Rex Bar, a UVF haunt, in order to antagonise the UVF and try and drag it into conflict with as much of the UDA as possible.

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::: comeuppance - deserts; well-deserved punishment or misfortune; rebuke
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::: falsify - make (something written) false by changing
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