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Vocabulary Word

Word: hallowed

Definition: blessed; consecrated; Ex. hallowed ground; V. hallow: set apart as holy

Sentences Containing 'hallowed'

At the height of his success in 1977, Papa Wemba's family home, in Kanda-Kanda street, which had become a popular, some even said hallowed place for Matonge youths to gather "à la mode" (i.e., to be cool), was named the "Village Molokai," and Wemba assumed the exalted moniker "Chef Coutumier" (Chief) of the Village of Molokai.
Bones have been found close to some of these sites, suggesting that the corpses were buried close by and not in hallowed ground.
Kerala's Margam Kali is an important element in the age-old and hallowed tradition of St Thomas among the Syrian Christians of Malabar Coast. The disparity between the present condition of this form and the early days leads one to assume three important phases in the history of Margamkali.
Prior to 2003, it was the famous South Magpies who graced the hallowed Davies Park field and legendary players such as Mal Meninga, Gary Belcher, Peter Jackson, Mick Veivers, Greg Veivers, Harold 'Mick' Crocker, Frank Drake, Mitch Brennan, Bob Linder, Ash Lumby, Norm Carr, Richo Hill and Chris Phelan wore the black and white of the club.
Standing, for the most part, on the hallowed precincts of the quarter-deck, they were careful not to speak or rustle their feet.
The first attempt to conquer these trials is unsuccessful, but Shaolung is spurred on by his straight-talking friend (Wong) and finally leaves through Shaolin's hallowed gates after a final tremendous effort.
This date hallmarks, the time and hallowed ground where lie, the relics and sun-bleached skulls (some estimates run as high as 300) of the American Military pack horses of Major-General John Sullivan.
Upon which, Janet came running up the stairs as if the house were in flames, darted out on a little piece of green in front, and warned off two saddle-donkeys, lady-ridden, that had presumed to set hoof upon it; while my aunt, rushing out of the house, seized the bridle of a third animal laden with a bestriding child, turned him, led him forth from those sacred precincts, and boxed the ears of the unlucky urchin in attendance who had dared to profane that hallowed ground.
``Dear Doctor Manette, always knowing this, always seeing her and you with this hallowed light about you, I have forborne, and forborne, as long as it was in the nature of man to do it.

More Vocab Words

::: exiguous - small in amount; minute
::: cordial - warmly friendly; gracious; heartfelt; Ex. cordial welcome
::: sentimental - swayed by sentiment; appealing to the sentiments
::: minion - servile dependent; obsequious follower
::: mangle - tear or cut to pieces; mutilate or disfigure; Ex. badly mangled bodies
::: abstain - refrain; withhold from participation; intentionally not use one's vote;
::: parvenu - upstart; newly rich person
::: caste - one of the hereditary classes in Hindu society; social stratification; prestige
::: diverge - vary; go in different directions from the same point; ADJ. divergent: differing; deviating
::: indemnify - make secure against damage or loss; compensate for damage or loss; CF. make uninjured