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Vocabulary Word

Word: haggard

Definition: wasted away; gaunt; Ex. haggard faces of the rescued miners

Sentences Containing 'haggard'

'Yes; and the sense of being unfit for it, or of not having understood it, or of having shown his condition in spite of himself, seems to make him so uneasy, that next day he is worse, and next day worse, and so he becomes jaded and haggard.
(c. 1932 – 27 January 2005) was an American recording executive who helped launch Ozzy Osbourne and Merle Haggard. A one-time math teacher, Dempsey began his music career peddling albums for a distributor to dime and discount department stores that would eventually embark on a 25-year career with CBS Records.
After the Bolshevik Revolution, in 1918 Tairov "presented Oscar Wilde's "Salomé" to haggard, starved audiences who jammed the frozen hall"; Koonen was "a passionate, aggressive Salomé."
After the Flying Burrito Brothers scored a minor country hit in 1979 with a live cover of Merle Haggard's "White Line Fever", the band was dropped from their record contract and hit yet again with personnel changes.
Bolton goes on to call "Momma's Waiting" a close cousin of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" and states the album features songs that are a lot more pop slanted -on the whole- than any of Rogers' previous albums, but the albums best tracks still have an over-riding country sound.
But he who was addressed stood there, stupefied, bewildered, stunned; his haggard eyes glanced around, as if in search of the traces of some terrible event, and with his clinched hands he seemed striving to shut out horrible recollections.
By this time his haggard eyes had the appearance of being ready to start from their sockets; his head fell back, and the lower extremities of the body began to stiffen.
He got up as well as he was able and reached the house of his friend, who as yet knew nothing of his misfortune, but seeing him come pale, worn, and haggard, perceived that he was suffering some heavy affliction.
He had laid aside his coat and waistcoat; his shirt was open at the throat, as it used to be when he did that work; and even the old haggard, faded surface of face had come back to him.
He was dressed in ordinary evening clothes, and nothing save his haggard look remained of the change that had startled me.
Her features and figure were those of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature grey, and her expression was weary and haggard.
His face was ghastly pale; his chin had a brown cut on it--a cut half healed; his expression was haggard and drawn, as by intense suffering.
His haggard eyes turned to Defarge as if he would have transferred the question to him: but as no help came from that quarter, they turned back on the questioner when they had sought the ground.
I got up, several times, and looked out; but could see nothing, except the reflection in the window-panes of the faint candle I had left burning, and of my own haggard face looking in at me from the black void.
I observed, upon that closer opportunity of observation, that she was worn and haggard, and that her sunken eyes expressed privation and endurance.
In addition to his work with Asleep at the Wheel, Benson is also an accomplished producer whose credits include albums by Dale Watson, Suzy Bogguss, Aaron Watson, James Hand and Carolyn Wonderland; also single tracks for Willie Nelson, Aaron Neville, Brad Paisley, Pam Tillis, Trace Adkins, Merle Haggard, and Vince Gill.
In their 1966 study, Haggard and Isaacs outlined how they discovered these "micromomentary" expressions while "scanning motion picture films of psychotherapy hours, searching for indications of non-verbal communication between therapist and patient" Through a series of studies, Paul Ekman found a high agreement across members of diverse Western and Eastern literate cultures on selecting emotional labels that fit facial expressions.
Liz Anderson wrote "Pick of the Week" for him as well as "(My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers" which is best remembered by the concurrent hit by Merle Haggard although Drusky's was actually the more successful record at the time.
McEntire's sound has been influenced by the country music of Bob Wills, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, and Patsy Cline.
Microexpressions were first discovered by Haggard and Isaacs.
On this paved yard are to be seen, pacing to and fro from morning till night, pale, careworn, and haggard, like so many shadows, the men whom justice holds beneath the steel she is sharpening.
Rattray explained in a March 2013 interview, why he was not a member of the NB# skate team: "I'm old and haggard and need a zimmer frame to move around so..."
repeated Caderousse, fixing his haggard gaze on the count.
Reviews of the film claimed Reid looked tired and haggard throughout the production and garnered generally bad reviews.
She also explained Merle Haggard's influence on her career, stating "I had every album he ever put out", and would sing "every song he did", along with her brother, Pake and sister, Susie.
She was lightly dressed; looked bold, and haggard, and flaunting, and poor; but seemed, for the time, to have given all that to the wind which was blowing, and to have nothing in her mind but going after them.
Suddenly a light passed over his face, a smile played round his set mouth, and his haggard eyes were fixed in thought.
The door was closed, but I looked through the keyhole, and saw him so pale and haggard, that believing him very ill, I went and told M. Morrel and then ran on to Mercedes.
The songs "The Ballad of John Chisum" and "Turn Me Around" were sung by Merle Haggard for the film.
There was a movement and an exclamation from my right, and peering through the gloom, I saw Whitney, pale, haggard, and unkempt, staring out at me.
This time, a pair of haggard eyes had looked at the questioner, before the face had dropped again.
Villefort said nothing, but he clasped his hands, opened his haggard eyes, and, overcome with his emotion, sank into a chair.
Watusi is a 1959 MGM adventure film directed by Kurt Neumann and produced by Al Zimbalist and Donald Zimbalist. The screenplay was by James Clavell loosely based on the novel "King Solomon's Mines" by H. Rider Haggard. The film stars George Montgomery, Taina Elg, David Farrar and Rex Ingram.
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