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Vocabulary Word

Word: guise

Definition: outward appearance; costume; Ex. in a new guise

Sentences Containing 'guise'

'Asha Zero is only one guise amongst many individuality-destroying pseudonyms.
A letter dated February 6 from Henry II, advising Guise to support a neutral candidate, never reached the conclave before its conclusion.
A similar facility, known for a time as "Ouvrage F", operated at the nearby Fort François de Guise, while another existed at Fort Marne.
Arran, in 1554, was given the title Duke du Châtellerault and removed from the regency in favour of Mary of Guise (the Queen Mother).
Aspley Guise Woburn Sands Golf Club is a golf club between the villages of Aspley Guise and Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, England.
At first Mary of Guise cultivated the now growing number of Protestant preachers.
But could it be possible that any sober harpooneer would get into a door mat, and parade the streets of any Christian town in that sort of guise?
Charlie (in famous tramp guise) and one other suitor (unusually played by Mack Sennett himself) teams up against the third, and play dirty, throwing bricks and using a mallet.
Don Quixote's heart beat quick and Sancho's quailed with fear, for the persons approaching them carried lances and bucklers, and were in very warlike guise.
Fearing that the family is getting wise to their con, Abigail (under the guise of Dr. Pinder-Schloss) convinces Gomez that his suspicions are due to displacement.
For example, "tengu" in the guise of wood-spirits may be called , but this word can also refer to "tengu" with canine mouths or other features.
Handel is shown in the guise of Orpheus, holding a lyre.
He informs the group that he will join their army at some point in the future in the guise of Brazil, with the intention of drawing attention away from the approach of the real Brazil to the Well.
He saluted us courteously, and in a few well-spoken words he told us not to wonder at seeing him going about in this guise, as it was binding upon him in order that he might work out a penance which for his many sins had been imposed upon him.
He soon finds himself longing for greater challenges and thrills, and dons the guise of the Riddler to challenge Batman, who he believes could possibly be a worthy adversary for him.
Henry of Mayenne or Henry of Lorraine, (Dijon, December 20, 1578 – Montauban, September 20, 1621) was a French noble from the House of Lorraine and more particularly from the House of Guise.
However, in June 1560, Mary of Guise died, allowing the Treaty of Edinburgh, a negotiated settlement between France and England, which secured the withdrawal of both French and English troops from Scotland.
However, Mary of Guise was reinforced by professional French troops, and in November drove the rebels back to Stirling.
However, three years after his hypnotic instrumental hit 'Pjanoo', Prydz is returning under his familiar guise, seemingly eager to regain his place amidst today's Eurodance boffs.
In fact these are paintings of family life, which, while sharpening our eye for the human condition under the strict use of the bear guise, do not baulk at depicting idylls.
In his human guise he works in a German airport as a communications engineer.
In their fear, silence fell upon them, and a postillion, in the guise of a demon, passed in front of them, blowing, in lieu of a bugle, a huge hollow horn that gave out a horrible hoarse note.
It has been stated by environmentalists such as George Monbiot and Peter Melchett that the group of writers associated with "LM" continue to constitute a 'LM Network' pursuing an ideologically motivated 'anti-environmentalist' agenda under the guise of promoting Humanism.
Jack The Tab/Tekno Acid Beat is an album of material by Psychic TV released under the guise of a various artists compilation album.
Later, Co enters the camp, in the guise of a prostitute, and comes to the hut in which Rambo is held captive.
Nallon has continued to perform in the guise of Baroness Thatcher.
New Feminism may also be a form of gender or biological determinism, which some see as old prejudices in a new guise.
On Earth, they take on the guise of a male pop band, the Three Lights, and use their music as a signal beacon for their leader, Princess Kakyuu.
On the break-up of Yugoslavia, The HDZ government nationalized private agricultural property and rezoned it under the guise of forest statesmanship, when their publicly professed agenda was to only complete the nationalization of the communists.
Other examples of this include Victor Herbert's score in 1915 to "The Fall of a Nation" (a sequel to "The Birth of a Nation") and Camille Saint-Saëns' music for "The Assassination of the Duke of Guise" in 1908.
Prior to that, Scotland was under the regime of the regent Mary of Guise, who had governed in the name of her absent daughter Mary, Queen of Scots (then also Queen (consort) of France).
said Bildad, lifting his eyes and hands, "thou thyself, as I myself, hast seen many a perilous time; thou knowest, Peleg, what it is to have the fear of death; how, then, can'st thou prate in this ungodly guise.
She has not seen Jacques in two days, when he left her taking the jewels under the guise of showing them to his mother.
Signy came to Sigmund in the guise of a witch and she and her brother committed incest and had the son Sinfjotli.
That aircraft subsequently appeared in the 1990 fictionalized version of the "Memphis Belle" story, and continues to make air show appearances in that guise.
The art form, which began in the early half of the nineteenth century in Europe, started to rise slowly in America under the guise of Dadaism in 1915.
The brigade was reformed at this time, albeit under the guise of the "5th Task Force", and consisted of three battalions—3 RNSWR, 4 RNSWR and 17 RNSWR.
The brigandish guise which the Canaller so proudly sports; his slouched and gaily-ribboned hat betoken his grand features.
The faction received 600,000 shekels in party funding (transferred from Hetz, the Secular Faction's new guise).
The group, which contains some of France's most historic names, commit their crimes under the guise of Royalist convictions, but whether they really seek to reinstate the Bourbon royal line, or whether they are just a pack of lawless brigands is open for debate.
The website continues in that guise to this day and continues to develop the content available.
There an unsuccessful poet meets Mammon in the guise of a miser digging up his buried gold and debates with him whether the life of wit and learning is a better calling than the pursuit of wealth.
This guise served Soviet propaganda abroad, where it tried to promote a better image of itself especially in light of the great criticism against it from foreign religious influences.
This guise served to cover mass executions of clergy.
Ultrahouse The Twelve Inch Mixes is a release by Psychic TV released under the guise of a various artists compilation album.
Under this guise, they inject the trio with sedatives.
While under the guise of a Russian major, Naked Snake infiltrates Grozniy Grad, the military fortress where the weapon and Sokolov are believed to be housed.
Why, wert thou a statue of Phidias, an Athena or a Zeus, thou wouldst bethink thee both of thyself and thine artificer; and hadst thou any sense, thou wouldst strive to do no dishonour to thyself or him that fashioned thee, nor appear to beholders in unbefitting guise.
With this measured pace and in this guise he advanced to kneel before the duke, who, with the others, awaited him standing.
You have seven martlets on your arms; give three to your wife, and you will still have four; that is one more than M. de Guise had, who so nearly became King of France, and whose cousin was Emperor of Germany.''
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