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Vocabulary Word

Word: grunt

Definition: utter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N.

Sentences Containing 'grunt'

"The Brothers Grunt" had a short run and was met with generally negative reception from critics.
"Zoo magazine" had this to say of the release: "With grunt, guts and gravitas, and driven by a heavy acoustic feel, it's hands down the most quintessential Aussie record we've heard since the golden eras of Cold Chisel or Paul Kelly.
A 1963 album by Dick Fariña and Eric von Schmidt, released on the offshoot Folklore label, featured "Blind Boy Grunt", alias Bob Dylan, on harmonica.
A flashback in a later issue reveals Grunt was a soldier on the mission that led to Snake-Eyes' unintentional scarring.
A new version of Grunt was released in 1991, with an all-new mold and head sculpt.
After finding out the fate of that universe’s Grunt, the series’ Grunt, along with Steeler and Clutch, elected to stay behind and win the world back from Cobra.
Also, in the season males advertise themselves loudly with a repetitive sequence of sounds: first, a "ker-plonk splash" made with the feet on the surface of the water; then two soft, sharp "cuc cuc" calls; then a loud whistle and a deep "grunt".
As more new characters were introduced, Grunt was shunted into the background.
At that the Editor turned to his knife and fork with a grunt, and the Silent Man followed suit.
Dreamwave. Grunt is one of the background soldiers in the 2003 limited series 'G.I.Joe Vs.
Females coo when they are apparently content; males may grunt instead.
Grunt appeared in the original "" animated series.
Grunt appears in issue #145 and explains he has gained an engineering degree.
Grunt appears in the film "", portrayed by Ryan Hansen, but he only has one line of dialogue, and he is among all but three Joes killed when the President (Zartan) orders an airstrike on the Joe's staging base in the Indus Valley.
Grunt eventually left the G.I. Joe Team, to get his engineering degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Grunt first appeared in "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" #1 (June 1982) by Marvel Comics.
Grunt has a brief mention in the non-fiction novel 'Paradise Of Bombs'.
Grunt has since appeared in his own issue explaining why he joined the army, and later the G.I. Joe team.
Grunt is a fictional character from the toyline, comic books and cartoon series.
Grunt is first seen in the A Real American Hero mini-series of the Sunbow-produced . However, much of the series’ focus was on the newer characters and Grunt was quickly shunted to the background.
Grunt was first released as an action figure as part of the original 1982 line.
Grunt was not among the first to heed the call to duty.
Grunt's primary military specialty is infantry and his secondary military specialties are as a small-arms armorer as well as being an artillery coordinator.
He is a member of the reserves as indicated in the Data Desk Handbook special. Grunt is featured in the series "G.I. Joe Declassified", which focuses on early missions of the Joe team.
He later meets and befriends a female ex-soldier, Lola. When Stalker’s team was captured in Borovia by the local militia, Grunt contacts Breaker and gets the number for the current Joe headquarters.
Hunters would grunt into the call while saying "hut", "quit" or "ut".
I sang out, I could not help it now; and giving a sudden grunt of astonishment he began feeling me.
In issue #55, Grunt leaves the Joe Team to go to Georgia Tech.
In the second season of the , Grunt is seen again in the episode "Keyboard Warriors".
It is unclear when this promo aired if the storyline and characters for "The Brothers Grunt" had been developed already or if it had been developed into its own show after the success of the promo, in the wake of "Beavis and Butt-head".
Note: As of 2011, "Chez Greek", "Chez Grunt" and "Chez Dork" are out of print (not available directly from SJGames).
Other species make many different sounds, ranging from high-pitched whistles to very low, grunt-like quacks.
Place names: "Mucsaröcsöge" or "Csajágaröcsöge" (ending sounds similar to "röfög" – to grunt), "Bivalybasznád" (literally: buffaloyouwouldfuck), Tiszaszétszaród or Jászbivalyhónalja: little village or boonies far out in the countryside, "Kukutyin" or "Piripócs": νillage or small town somewhere in the countryside Indonesian.
Readers would not know the Devil’s Due comics had followed the toy’s storyline of Grunt returning to the Joe Team until issue #24 where he is listed as among the Joes tasked with invading Cobra Island.
Roadblock tells Grunt there will be no rescue operation, 'official, covert or otherwise'.
The Brothers Grunt is an American animated comedy television series that originally aired from August 15, 1994 to March 12, 1995 on MTV.
The characters that would become The Brothers Grunt were first seen in one of MTV's numerous 30-second promos.
The comics never had Grunt rejoin the Joe Team, going in a different direction from the toy’s storyline.
The current line up swells in size for recording and live purposes adding both grunt and texture with pedal steel, accordion, harp, strings and vocal arrangements to the fore.
The duo's initially violent nature was eventually subdued as they proved useful in grunt work, and sometimes served as comic relief for the audience.
The rank-filling Greenshirts, with a uniform very similar to the one Grunt wore.
The show began in 1993 when the MTV ad for "The Brothers Grunt" aired.
The studio began as a way to locate his work for "The Brothers Grunt" after an MTV executive liked his MTV ad so much he asked him to turn it into a television series.
They meet at the house of Adele Burkhardt, the peace activist Grunt helped to rescue in issue #1.
This frog is also known as the "Freddy Krueger" frog, because when frightened, it will open its disproportionately large mouth and emit a grunt or a shrill scream.
Throughout the issue, the story of another young man who joins Cobra is told which shows how much character Grunt truly has.
Typical Type I male calls are divided into: short grunts that last for milliseconds or are produced in a series of grunts called a “grunt train,” mid-duration growls, and long duration advertisement hums that can last up to an hour.
When most of the Joe Team is suspended and imprisoned after the disastrous events of the Cobra Civil War, Grunt and his girlfriend, Lola, follow Roadblock's call to help save their friends.
While Grunt serves for patriotism the other man only wants wealth and personal glory.
While the second series purports itself as a continuation of the first animated series, no explanation is made how Grunt escaped from the alternate universe or whether this is supposed to be the same character.
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