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Vocabulary Word

Word: gruesome

Definition: grisly; horrible

Sentences Containing 'gruesome'

After a gruesome battle, the Birds of Prey almost manage to subdue Prometheus, but the Crime Doctor decides to kill himself, thus ensuring his own punishment, and sparing his daughter, who, alone and outcast by the other children, subsequently falls prey to the ambition of Lady Shiva to have a young apprentice to mold in her image.
At work, Dexter is called to investigate a gruesome tableau on a local beach, where a pair of bodies have been mutilated and arranged in a display that parodies the state's tourist trade.
Dale's death was adulated by commentators, who affirmed that it was a gruesome and emotional scene.
Faced with this knowledge, Edward and Chris carry out a hasty clinical trial of the latest revision, which is a spectacularly gruesome failure.
For "The Road Not Taken", he and Chiappetta were asked to again "find a new and gruesome way to blow people up," this time by rooting it in the concept of pyrokinesis.
Gameranx ranked it seventh out of ten in a 2012 list of the series' most gruesome Fatalities.
Gruesome experiments partly stripped the girl of the needed biometal, granting the beasts her powers and leaving her in extreme pain.
Having long-pursued a cryptic trail from native legend and archaeological artifacts, Blackthorne Shore arrives at a gruesome temple hidden in the wilds of Borneo, within which a snake-like Inhumanoid named Slither has been imprisoned for thousands of years.
His commissioned feature screenplays to date include 'The Good War' scheduled for production in Malta in 2010 starring Alfred Molina, Ed Speleers and Ian Virgo; 'Brodie's Law' the gruesome graphic novel adaptation from infamous comic book publisher Pulp Theatre; and a comedy musical studio picture from Firefly.
However, when Kamban discovers his son’s love for the princess and realizes the gruesome retribution that would undoubtedly follow, he pleads with Ambikapathi to give up his love.
If the intestinal tract alone is removed, death follows after several hours of gruesome pain.
In 2010 Smith announced via Facebook that he was in fact not penning a script for Inhumanoids, but stated ""It was a killer series back in the day, [it's] a shame it didn't last longer, had some really gruesome shit that I wouldn't mind tackling someday."" Nothing has been mentioned since, though it may be a possibility eventually.
Janson went on to compare the directing to Lars von Trier's "Breaking the Waves" and "Dancer in the Dark", and found "Lilja 4-ever" to be superior: "What particularly distinguishes Moodysson's from von Trier's destruction tales, and makes it so much more gruesome, are the ties to reality.
King said, "We satisfied the ratings board by just cutting short of a few things that went into really gruesome stuff."
McShae also considered that the brief but gruesome death scenes for the boy helped to create an "emotional immediacy that is difficult to forget".
MPs in both houses had set aside their regular business to discuss the gruesome rape case and demanded strict punishment for those who carried out the attack.
One of the fragments cited for book 2 relates the gruesome story that Thetis cast numerous of her children by Peleus into a cauldron of boiling water to see whether they were mortal, before her husband intervened in the case of Achilles.
Playdead called the style of play "trial and death", and used gruesome imagery for the boy's deaths to steer the player from unworkable solutions.
Playdead included gruesome death sequences to highlight incorrect solutions and discourage players from repeating their mistakes.
Repeated attempts to locate the source of the voices proved unsuccessful, but the dawn soon revealed "one of the most gruesome sights imaginable as far as you could see ..." the water literally covered with wreckage and dead Japanese, most clad in Army uniforms.
Robert Chiappetta and Glen Whitman, frequent contributors to the series, aided in the episode's production by "find a new and gruesome way to blow people up," and rooting its explanation in science.
Roger Hargreaves of "Metro" stated that the game has "very little evidence that [Playdead really knew where they were going with the game", citing the second half, when the player is traveling through a factory-type setting and where he felt the game became more like a typical two-dimensional platform game, and led to an anticlimactic ending; Hargreaves contrasted this to more gruesome elements of the first half, such as encountering corpses of children and having to use those as part of the puzzle solving aspects.
So supremely confident is Rasalom of his eventual victory that he spares Glaeken for an especially gruesome fate and allows him to pursue his desperate plan to save the Earth so that Glaeken's ultimate failure will become both Rasalom's greatest victory as well as Glaeken's - and humankind's - most tragic final defeat.
Splinching is quite common during lessons, and can be uncomfortable (and at times rather gruesome) depending on the body parts splinched, but is ultimately harmless if properly reversed.
Thackeray's "Catherine" (1839) was intended as satire of the Newgate novel, based on the life and execution of Catherine Hayes, one of the more gruesome cases in the Newgate Calendar: she conspired to murder her husband and he was dismembered; she was burnt at the stake in 1726.
The Encyclopædia Britannica characterises the novel as “a gruesome look at the alcoholism, violence, and animosity among Soviet people″[http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/760323/Viktor-Petrovich-Astafyev].
The episode was shelved when the NBC Television Network and sponsor Revlon called its ending "too gruesome" (by 1960s standards) for airing.
The execution poles and gallows are still there, as is a gruesome SS torture chamber.
The Morlocks were largely a peaceful group that refused to follow Apocalypse's regime and for that decision they were all captured and imprisoned in the Breeding Pens for gruesome experiments by Sinister and the Beast. One known Morlock member was Artemis.
The player takes on the role of a contestant working their way through 6 stages of a game show as Hollywood becomes the staging ground for a set of gruesome crimes.
The series centered on a group of family and friends who gather on an island for a wedding on an island known for its sinister past full of gruesome murders.
The two-metre long shallow grave was also adorned with a crucifix carrying a gruesome message which read: "Second division or this".
Their attack at dawn has been described as "cruel and gruesome by 19th century standards."
There he makes a gruesome discovery that spurs him to confront Todd, who overpowers and binds him.
This behavior and the gruesome execution on somewhat dubious charges of his erstwhile protege, the cabinet minister Artemy Volynsky (insisted upon by Biron) soon made the favourite unpopular with Russians of all classes.
Under great pressure from the media for a suspect in this gruesome murder, they turned to Johnny Purvis, the town "weirdo".
While discussing Sektor's "Compactor" Fatality in a 2011 feature on the series' most gruesome finishers, Fearnet described "MK3" as featuring well-balanced characters, "except for that jerk Kabal." Armando Rodriguez of 411mania.com included Kabal fifth among his ten favorite "MK" characters due to the recreation of his origins in the 2011 reboot.
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