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Vocabulary Word

Word: grueling

Definition: exhausting; Ex. grueling marathon race

Sentences Containing 'grueling'

After this grueling pretest, there are eight remaining teams: Lotto and Yureka, Ah-Dol and Boromid, Rapha and John, The Lovely Angels, Aradon and Alpha, a strange Necromancer(Baltisse)/Axman(Lazarus) team, a generic filler team, and Row-the-Mighty, with a mysterious master-level witch by his side.
Another informal Brazilian placeholder name for numbers, particularly those considered big, either as superlative or in quantities really grueling to count manually, is "trocentos" e.g. "Aquela patricinha, ela tem não imagino quantos trocentos sapatos e vestidos", which roughly translates as "That clueless wealthy girl, I can not imagine how many "trocentos" of shoes and dresses she owns".
Davies has twice won the C.R.A.S.H-Bs, the World Indoor Rowing Championship, one of the world's most grueling competitions, first as a junior in 2000, and then in the collegiate women open category in 2005.
Despite Fletcher's comment that "Dave was loving it tour...he was on a different planet", his heroin addiction had increased, Gore was drinking excessively and had several seizures, Fletcher was suffering from clinical depression to the point where he was replaced by Daryl Bamonte on all dates from April and the grueling nature of touring had taken its toll on Wilder.
During this time Micah competed in the annual Mantathalon, a grueling three event race designed to push athletes to their limits and beyond.
In a four- (4) week period from 4 July 2010, Sinclair ran the Gold Coast Half Marathon, the Brisbane Half Marathon and was a member of the record breaking winning school team for the grueling 96 km Kokoda Challenge.
Leigh and Matt attempt the grueling coast to coast just a year after Matt was taken out in the cycle section by his own team.
Many years later in the 1952 Olympic Games at Helsinki, Finland, Frank Havens won the grueling 10,000-meter Canadian single-blade race in 57 minutes and 41 seconds.
Stuart, during the Gettysburg Campaign the following year, resorted to procuring replacement horses from local farmers and townspeople during his grueling trek northward around the Union army.
The two knock each other down, but eventually Chaney gets the upper hand and wins a grueling bout.
Worn out by 13 grueling months in office, Ovando agreed to leave the presidency in the hands of his friend, general Torres, the hero of the moment.
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