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Vocabulary Word

Word: growl

Definition: low, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)

Sentences Containing 'growl'

As the crowd approaches the downed machine, a hatch falls open, revealing an alien that lets out a final, weak growl before dying.
Besides which, the walls were not thick, and, whenever he passed the evening at our house, we always knew of it by hearing one continual growl in the kitchen.
David Browne, writing for "Entertainment Weekly" felt that "Falsas Esperanzas" left Aguilera "room to growl like a "blues singer".
death growl on track 1 by E.Isaksson and E.Nyström
In practice, pilots would often take shots at aircraft that were passing by the front of their own aircraft, launching as soon as the seeker's indicator growl was heard. By the time the missile had cleared the launch aircraft, the target was no longer in the seeker's view, and the missile would fly off ballistically.
It is claimed the sound that the CO2 made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around sounded like a growl.
It's perfectly suited to that slippery growl that such a distinctive component of Haley's style.
McEntire's vocal strength yields a different kind of authority than the bluesy, drawling growl of Janis Joplin, the weathered rasp of Marianne Faithfull, or even the soul-shrieking powerhouse of Tina Turner.
Nevertheless, there is an attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios called The Great Movie Ride, which features a small area aboard the "Nostromo" where a frightened Ripley hides behind a wall while Xenomorphs pop out of the walls and ceiling to growl at the audience.
Ott also began to use a more traditional singing voice in addition to the throaty growl for which he'd become known in Crimpshrine.
Reavers growl and snarl like beasts; even radio transmissions within their flotilla seem to be little more than shrieks and moans.
Step and growl; growl and go--that's the word with Captain Ahab.
The Bandits lost quite a few players from last season, but the youth of the team should prove to help, they are all under 23 years old and their speed should help them a lot against teams of veterans like the Growl and Lunatics.
The user interacts with the Cocoa application's GUI, including file transfer by drag and drop, and notifications via Growl.
There are various visual interfaces for Quicksilver, Constellation Menus supporting mouse gestures, and a Notification Hub which supports Growl.
When foraging, their contact call is a low growl similar to that made by a young puppy.
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