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Vocabulary Word

Word: grouse

Definition: complain; fuss; grumble; grouch; N: plump chickenlike game bird

Sentences Containing 'grouse'

A number of species among birds exist in this district. Among the birds, the Large Grey Babbler (Turdoides malcolmi), the Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor), the king crows, mynas and crows, bee-eaters, hoopoes, swifts, vultures, eagles, kites, owls, sand grouse, quails, partridges, green pigeons, pigeons and peacock are also found in the district. The commonly found herbivora present in the district include Sambar (deer) (Rusa unicolor), Blackbuck (Antelope cervicapse), Chital (Axis Axis), wild sheep - (Civis cycloceros), mouse deer (Memina indica), hare (Lapium finidus) and rabbit.
Always, also, it may be well to bear in mind that by the word 'creation' the zoologist means 'a process he knows not what.'" He amplifies this idea by adding that when such cases as that of the Red Grouse are "enumerated by the zoologist as evidence of distinct creation of the bird in and for such islands, he chiefly expresses that he knows not how the Red Grouse came to be there, and there exclusively; signifying also, by this mode of expressing such ignorance, his belief that both the bird and the islands owed their origin to a great first Creative Cause."
An approximate 8km, 4 hour, round-trip hike from Grouse Mountain, Goat Mountain is popular with local hikers, as its steep summit tower provides excellent views over the Greater Vancouver area, Howe Sound, Washington State, the Strait of Georgia, Vancouver Island, and the Coast Mountains.
Fishers, martens, snowshoe hares, and ruffed grouse also browse American mountain-ash.
Following the Grouse Mountain Trail southeast leads to the Martin Creek Trail and Cross Creek Trail, north of Mount of the Holy Cross.
Further on (page xc), after referring to geographical distribution, he adds, "These phenomena shake our confidence in the conclusion that the Apteryx of New Zealand and the Red Grouse of England were distinct creations in and for those islands respectively.
Goat Mountain is a mountain peak rising east of the Crown Pass, located directly north of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Grouse Mountain Trail continues southwest to Grouse Mountain Pass, six miles from the trailhead, at 12,000 feet.
Grouse, if not destroyed at some period of their lives, would increase in countless numbers; they are known to suffer largely from birds of prey; and hawks are guided by eyesight to their prey,--so much so that on parts of the continent persons are warned not to keep white pigeons, as being the most liable to destruction.
Hence natural selection might be effective in giving the proper colour to each kind of grouse, and in keeping that colour, when once acquired, true and constant.
Hiking Colorado: Holy Cross Wilderness, a hiking guide by Kim Fenske, provides a description of West Grouse Creek Trail.
However, senior BJP leaders had strongly mentioned that HLP dissidents had no "genuine grouse" and left the party for "extraneous" personal reasons.
If we interpret these sentences given in the same address, one by the other, it appears that this eminent philosopher felt in 1858 his confidence shaken that the Apteryx and the Red Grouse first appeared in their respective homes "he knew not how," or by some process "he knew not what."
It is closely related to the Dusky Grouse ("Dendragapus obscurus"), and the two were previously considered a single species, the Blue Grouse.
It is located in the Holy Cross Wilderness east of Grouse Mountain and south of Beaver Creek Resort in Eagle County.
It was designed by Thomas Henry Wyatt and originally built as a shooting lodge, mainly for grouse shooting in the late summer and autumn.
Pedersen and Straud sabotage a ferry carrying the drums, and it sinks in the deepest part of a fjord. Besides this impressively filmed sequence, the raids (Operations Grouse, Freshman and Gunnerside) and the final attack are depicted in location filming, in which snowy Norwegian locations serve as a backdrop for the plot.
Sagebrush provides food and habitat for a variety of animal species, such as sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, gray vireo, pygmy rabbit, and mule deer.
Sagebrush provides food and habitat for a variety of species, such as sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, gray vireo, pygmy rabbit, and mule deer.
Several experienced ornithologists consider our British red grouse as only a strongly marked race of a Norwegian species, whereas the greater number rank it as an undoubted species peculiar to Great Britain.
Skeet shooting was invented by Charles Davis of Andover, Massachusetts, an avid grouse hunter, in the 1920 as a sport called Clock Shooting.
Sooty Grouse are experiencing some population decline from habitat loss at the southern end of its range in southern California.
The area supports a breeding population of Red Grouse, as well as Eurasian Golden Plover and Hen Harrier.
The berries of American mountain-ash are eaten by numerous species of birds and small mammals, including ruffed grouse, ptarmigans, sharp-tailed grouse, blue grouse, American robins, other thrushes, waxwings, jays, squirrels, and rodents.
The forest and adjacent moorland are important habitats for the Black Grouse which is declining in many parts of England and Wales.
The Grouse Mountain Trail merges with the West Grouse Creek Trail, at 11,500 feet elevation, in the tundra meadow.
The Holarctic has four other endemic bird families: the divers or loons (Gaviidae), grouse (Tetraoninae), auks (Alcidae), and waxwings (Bombycillidae).
The hunters focus on deer, moose and bear, but small game such as hare, duck and grouse are popular.
The sanctuary was increased to . MNA also ended its four-year search for a spruce grouse sanctuary.
The six seasonal ales are Cooper's Butt ("4.3% ABV"), Hogshead Bitter ("4.1% ABV"), Grouse Beater ("4.2% ABV"), Masham Ale ("6.5% ABV") and Paradise Ale ("4.2% ABV").
The Sooty Grouse ("Dendragapus fuliginosus") is a species of forest-dwelling grouse native to North America's Pacific Coast Ranges.
The trail continues winding southwest through a dense forest of spruce and fir trees to a tundra basin below the summit of Grouse Mountain.
This discipline mainly consists of bird specimens from BC, with a distinct focus on common seabirds, waterfowl, raptors, grouse, common shorebirds, alcids, gulls, woodpeckers, and common passerines.
Thus, there seems to be little doubt that the stock of partridges, grouse, and hares on any large estate depends chiefly on the destruction of vermin.
West Grouse Creek Trail ascends four miles before meeting a junction with the short Olsen Lake Trail, at 11,200 feet.
West Grouse Creek Trail is in the northern Sawatch Range, part of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. state of Colorado.
West Grouse Creek Trail is south of Interstate 70, near Minturn, west of Vail and east of Avon, Colorado.
West Grouse Creek Trailhead, elevation 7,880 feet, is about a half-mile north of Minturn, six miles west of Vail.
When we see leaf-eating insects green, and bark-feeders mottled-grey; the alpine ptarmigan white in winter, the red-grouse the colour of heather, we must believe that these tints are of service to these birds and insects in preserving them from danger.
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