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Vocabulary Word

Word: groom

Definition: man employed to take care of horses; V: make neat and trim; clean and brush (an animal)

Sentences Containing 'groom'

'He dined in town yesterday, and drove down in the phaeton by himself,' said Tiffey, 'having sent his own groom home by the coach, as he sometimes did, you know--' 'Well?'
A small feast is then held for the groom as the next steps in the marriage continue.
After leaving parliament, he bought a property, Kyogle, in northern New South Wales, an extremely successful venture which turned Groom's interest further north.
After the wedding is complete, the bride leaves for groom's home, where Hindu family members of the groom welcome the newly wedded couple in a ritual known as "Grihapravesa" (home coming/entry).
Aloft, like a royal czar and king, the sun seemed giving this gentle air to this bold and rolling sea; even as bride to groom.
Arthur Champion Groom (26 November 1852 – 22 March 1922) was an Australian politician and land agent.
As principal of the firm Hamilton, Groom Co., Groom became associated with the Gippsland area.
Bayram was also a "damat" (groom) of the palace.
During these rites the bride and groom perform tasks such as placing red powder in the hair of the bride and the bride eats leftover food of the groom and at the end the now husband gives his wife a personal name for which she is to be called by.
Each circuit of the consecrated fire is led by either the bride or the groom, varying by community and region.
Elsewhere, the groom holds the bride's right hand in his own right hand.
Groom was born at Harefield, Tasmania, the fifth son of Francis Groom and Matilda Emma, née Minnett.
Groom was elected to the seat of Flinders in the Australian House of Representatives at the inaugural federal election in 1901, representing the Free Trade Party.
He was sired by 1982 Canadian Hall of Fame inductee Runaway Groom, who in turn was a son of leading sire Blushing Groom.
I call him mine, but really old Toller, my groom, is the only man who can do anything with him.
I left the house a little after eight o'clock this morning in the character of a groom out of work.
In 1527 he was Groom of the Chamber, and became a member of Wolsey’s household.
In 1796 he was appointed Groom of the Stole and made a Privy Counsellor.
In North India, the first six circuits are led by the bride, and the final one by the groom.
In some regions, a piece of clothing or sashes worn by the bride and groom are tied together for this ceremony.
In the fifth step as the groom waits before the house of the bride, gifts of clothes and food are placed around the jagya; the father of the bride then places red paste on the groom’s forehead indicating that he is no longer an outsider to his family.
In these ceremonies, rice is thrown at the bride, groom or they kick a container containing the grain.
My father was absent from home at the time of my arrival, and I was informed by the maid that he had driven over to Ross with John Cobb, the groom.
My groom and my page sleep out of the house, and may be set aside altogether.
On their arrival, there is a ritual where key persons from the groom's side and bride's side are introduced to each other.
Once the team had a picture taken with the couple, the groom handed the team their next clue.
Prior to the marriage ceremony, there is no kinship between families of the bride and groom and the bride must be a virgin.
said the old father of the bride groom, as he carried to his lips a glass of wine of the hue and brightness of the topaz, and which had just been placed before Mercedes herself.
Seth had also played the groom's father in screenwriter Sabrina Dhawan's 2001 film, "Monsoon Wedding".
The "Baraat" typically includes dancing and joyous members of groom's family, relatives and friends.
The bride was twenty years old and the groom twenty-two.
The bride's and groom's home - entrance, doors, wall, floor, roof - are sometimes decorated with colors, balloons and other decorations.
The father purifies the body of the groom using panchämrit (nectar from five pure liquids).
The groom accepts the bride's hand, while the "kama-sukta" (hymn to love) is pronounced, in the presence of the father, the bride and the groom.
The groom repeats the promise three times.
The groom's promises to bride's father marks the end of the "kanyadaan" ritual in Hindu wedding.
The groom, in obedience to his orders, tapped at the window of the porter's lodge, saying,``Pray, does not the Count of Monte Cristo live here?''
The menu is assembled according to the ethnicity of the bride and groom and their families.
The porter was in attendance; he had been apprised by the groom of the last stage of the count's approach.
The sixth step is the performance of the "Barani" or welcoming for the groom and his janti as they enter the jagya.
Then, the groom (Thyagu) losses his job, so Pandian and Rajeswari decide to abortion for the benefit of the family.
They also acted together as a couple in the television drama "Wrong Carriage, Right Groom".
This ceremony typically requires participation of the mother, father, brothers, and sisters, or other guardians of the groom.
Unbeknownst to Angel, Lilah has brought Bethany to Los Angeles, hoping to groom her into being an assassin for Wolfram Hart.
Usually, the bride leads the groom in the first circuit.
Women move from their houses to the home of the groom after marriage.
Your tilbury, your groom, your clothes, are not then hired?
``All at once I see you pass through the barrier with a groom, a tilbury, and fine new clothes.
``Take out the horses quickly, and come up to me,''said Andrea to his groom.
``You have no right to beg at night,''said the groom, endeavoring to rid his master of the troublesome intruder.
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