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Vocabulary Word

Word: graze

Definition: (of an animal) feed on growing grass; cause (an animal) to feed on grass; scrape (esp. the skin) or touch lightly in passing; brush; Ex. We can't graze the cattle till summer; N: surface wound

Sentences Containing 'graze'

As more and more settlers arrived each year, more and more land was needed to farm and to graze.
Beaufort cheese is pale yellow, with a smooth and creamy texture and lacks holes like other Gruyère-style cheeses, Comté, Vacherin Fribourgeois or Emmental. Beaufort also has a very distinct aroma, sometime described as strong or mildly pungent and reminiscent of the pastures on which the Tarentaise and Abondance cows graze to provide the milk used for the cheese.
Both the Hongu and Hinku valleys remain uninhabited although there are kharka in the upper Hinku basin where Sherpas from the south, near Pangkongma, graze their animals during the grass-growing monsoon.
But in that gale, the port, the land, is that ship's direst jeopardy; she must fly all hospitality; one touch of land, though it but graze the keel, would make her shudder through and through.
Doth it like either oxen, or sheep, graze or feed; that it also should be mortal, as well as the body?
Elk browsing is believed to be responsible for the open park-like structure of the Olympic rainforests; the elk graze on hemlock and shrubs, leaving the Sitka spruce to grow.
Farewell Bend was the last stop on the Oregon Trail along the Snake River where travelers could rest and water and graze their animals before the trail turned north through more rugged country to follow the Burnt River.
For instance, in the case already mentioned; they never desire to know what claim or title my adversary has to my cow; but whether the said cow were red or black; her horns long or short; whether the field I graze her in be round or square; whether she was milked at home or abroad; what diseases she is subject to, and the like; after which they consult precedents, adjourn the cause from time to time, and in ten, twenty, or thirty years, come to an issue.
John Shackelford, Burr H. Duval, and Ira Westover opposed Fannin's decision to allow the oxen to graze, arguing that they should continue their retreat until they reached the protection of the Coleto Creek timber.
Nor white whale, nor man, nor fiend, can so much as graze old Ahab in his own proper and inaccessible being.
Sea urchins graze on the lower stems of kelp, causing the kelp to drift away and die.
The Bayar are community of cultivators and graziers, often occupying tracts of land outside their villages to graze.
The château sits within a walled, partly wooded park with rose gardens, fruit trees and a large swimming pool tucked neatly out of sight of the château and is surrounded by its own 14 ha of meadow land where in the spring and summer sheep may safely graze.
The Lacandón also use the acahual as a type of hunting ground, as the animals discussed above frequent the acahaul to graze or eat.
The milk used in one variety comes from the Tarentaise or Abondance cows that graze in the Alps.
The south fork is from government property leased to cattle ranching companies and is used to graze cattle.
The two hour lead was removed, when a Texan cart crossing the San Antonio River broke, a cannon had to be brought out of the river, and Fannin ordered that the oxen be allowed to graze for a period of time after the Texans had proceeded about a mile past Manahuilla Creek, resulting in the retreat being stopped.
The unique brand meant that cattle owned by multiple ranches could then graze freely together on the open range.
These are not suffered to taste a grain of oats, except upon certain days, till eighteen years old; nor milk, but very rarely; and in summer they graze two hours in the morning, and as many in the evening, which their parents likewise observe; but the servants are not allowed above half that time, and a great part of their grass is brought home, which they eat at the most convenient hours, when they can be best spared from work.
Trampled banks were also a constant reminder of the damage that cattle can cause when allowed to drink from and graze beside river systems.
Without apparent reason the carpet whales, who normally graze in the polar waters of Genji's Starside, start swimming towards Moonside, converging towards the point where Chujo is exactly overhead.
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