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Vocabulary Word

Word: gnome

Definition: dwarf; underground spirit who guards treasure hoards

Sentences Containing 'gnome'

According to tradition the Gnome King Kyrië lived on the Kerkakkers in the Kabouterberg (Gnome Mountain), a tumulus located in the heathland of Hoogeloon.
Among the differences to Compiz, Beryl had a new window decorator named Emerald based on cgwd along with a theme manager called emerald-theme-manager, used a flat file backend instead of gconf, and had no GNOME dependencies..
As a result, Orca follows the GNOME stable release cycles of approximately six-months.
As of GNOME 2.16, Orca is the default screen reader of the GNOME platform, replacing Gnopernicus.
As one reviewer in the Sydney Morning Herald remarked wryly in 1897: “One feels puzzled to meet brownie, kobold, gnome, dwarf and prince under our skies.
As they leave, T-Rick discovers his gnome stolen and chases after them but they escape in Thomas' mini-van.
Because it conforms to the ICCCM standard, Compiz can be used as a substitute for the default Mutter or Metacity, when using GNOME Panel, or KWin in KDE Plasma Workspaces.
Compiz or Beryl have usually been deployed on Linux and other X11-based Unix-like platforms together with GNOME 2 and KDE 3.
Devhelp is a GTK+/GNOME browser for API documentation; it works natively with gtk-doc (which is the API reference format for GTK+/GNOME documentation).
Early in his career he was sometimes confused with Martin Greenberg (1918– ), publisher of Gnome Press; they were not related.
First published in "Weird Tales" in 1933, the story was republished in the collections "The Sword of Conan" (Gnome Press, 1952) and "Conan the Adventurer" (Lancer Books, 1966).
From Ubuntu 7.10 onwards, Compiz was enabled by default. In 2010 Canonical released their new Unity interface, a desktop shell for GNOME, which is written as a plugin for Compiz.
Gnome King Kyrië (Dutch: Kabouterkoning Kyrië, ) is, according to local folklore, the leader of the legendary gnomes (kabouters) which lived in the Campine region of the province of North Brabant, the Netherlands.
Gnome King Kyrië was buried somewhere in Hoogeloon.
GNOME replaced Google Search with DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in Web, the default GNOME web browser, starting with version 3.10, which was released on September 26, 2013.
GNOME version 3.0 uses GNOME Shell which is built as a plugin to the Mutter compositing window manager.
He commemorated it with the poem "Gnome", which was inspired by his reading of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship" and eventually published in the "Dublin Magazine" in 1934: Beckett travelled in Europe.
He has forged alliances with the deities of the elven, gnome, and halfling pantheons whose portfolios most closely match those of Mielikki, Silvanus, and his own.
In Hoogeloon, a village pump with a statue of Gnome King Kyrië on it was erected on the Valensplein in 1985.
It is integrated in GNOME development tools such as Glade and Anjuta, and is an official application of the GNOME project. Devhelp uses Bonobo for integration to Emacs via command line searches and is embedded in other development applications such as Anjuta.
Its first hardbound publication was in "King Conan", published by Gnome Press, and its first paperback publication was in "Conan the Usurper", published by Lancer Books in 1967.
On KDE or GNOME, key behavior is quite similar to Windows.
One day, Gnome King Kyrië was shot by a hunter in the heathlands of Riethoven.
Orca is a free and open source, flexible, extensible screen reader from the GNOME project for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.
She also takes most responsibility for keeping the house clean and is called the "garbage gnome" by Ruuan.
T-Rick arrives armed with a flamethrower in an attempt to reclaim his gnome.
T-Rick's gnome is smashed, revealing that it contains a large amount of ecstasy tablets, which are quickly consumed by the partygoers.
The sad message that their king had died spread quickly among all gnome settlements in the region.
The tale, in which Howard created the character of Conan, was a rewrite of the unpublished Kull story, "By This Axe I Rule!" with long passages being identical. The Conan version of the story was republished in the collections "King Conan" (Gnome Press, 1953) and "Conan the Usurper" (Lancer Books, 1967).
There is also a legend (quoted by Sir Walter Scott, a distant relation) that McCulloch was in fact saved from execution by a gnome whom he had done a favour for earlier in life, and that he was never seen again.
This means Compiz cannot be used in conjunction with GNOME Shell.
This unusual arrangement became a characteristic of the aircraft manufactured by Breguet before World War I. The prototype was powered by a Gnome Omega driving a three-bladed aluminium propeller through a 2:1 reduction gear.
Using various combinations of speech synthesis and braille, Orca helps provide access to applications and toolkits that support the AT-SPI (e.g., the GNOME desktop, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice and GTK+, Qt and Java Swing/SWT applications).
When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 they cut developer jobs of full-time developers working on GNOME accessibility components, including Orca main maintainer Willie Walker.
While T-Rick gets the marijuana, Costa steals his lawn gnome to use as a party mascot.
With Martin Greenberg, Kyle founded Gnome Press in 1948.
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