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Vocabulary Word

Word: glaze

Definition: cover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to; N: thin, smooth, shiny coating (as for pottery); Ex. unglazed pottery

Sentences Containing 'glaze'

Analysis of the pigment shows that the flesh of his face is painted with whites and vermilion, and traced with greys, blacks, blues and some ultramarines over a red-lake glaze.
Central Asian art adopted many Tang Chinese stylistic elements, like the sancai three color glaze used for ceramics.
Finally the title track, featuring electronically treated vocals and Moog synthesizer, is a unique piece of "space-rock" based upon an insistent bass-drum, full of rushing, wailing and bleeping sounds as Yester intones "the comets cling to her, the fiery bride, she is the mother of the mark and the prize, the glaze of paradise is in her eyes, her mouth is torn with stars..." before the track fades into chaos.
In his more recent work, Tcherkelov paints images from American and other national currencies using impasto, glaze, and watercolor techniques.
in Philippines, it is called "Napoleones" (Na-pol-yo-nes); and is composed of 2 layers, with pastry cream or custard as filling, topped with sugar glaze.
In Venice, Titian was the master of fine reds, particularly vermilion; he used many layers of pigment mixed with a semi-transparent glaze, which let the light pass through, to create a more luminous color.
It has a brilliantly burnished dressing of the quality of a glaze which ranges from a jet black to a deep grey or a metallic steel blue.
Judging criteria include "when tasted, should reveal a custard with a creamy smooth texture and a balance of vanilla taste with a crisp, crunchy pastry topped with a smooth and shiny glaze/fondant".
Meat glaze, French: Glace de viande, is a dark brown, gelatinous, flavouring agent used in food preparation.
Miyamura is best known for his unique iridescent glazes, including a compelling gold glaze, the "starry night" glaze on a black background, and a blue hare's fur glaze.
Morrill's technique uses oil on illustration board, coating the paintings with a high-gloss glaze and thin coats of paint.
Niver saw the prints gain some of their original flat disposition and found an added benefit of a soft surface glaze which made for a more definitive image for capture back to film.
On 14 December 1998, a combination of freezing fog and supercooled rain caused glaze at Gardermoen.
Strié is a popular form of faux painting using glaze and paint brushes to create a soft natural striped texture.
The glaze is generally rolled over the entire surface, and then removed with a tool such as a brush.
The pottery's striking red glaze in particular won admiring comparisons to traditional Chinese oxblood glaze.
The successive layers of color are then applied in transparent glaze or semi-transparent layers.
The traditional design has a blue-green glaze, called “iskor”.
There is a yellowish layer of glaze over the face, which in probability was a later addition.
There is usually a range of approximately 22 Specialty Pizzas on the menu ranging from fan favorites such as the ATW (Around the World) which is appropriately named for it's supreme topping mix and the Big Country or The Bozworth, both of which are loaded with fresh meats and fresh cheeses, to the employee submitted new favorites like Da Bomb which has unique toppings like thick balsamic glaze, salami, pineapple, and in-store fresh cut basil to top it all off.
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