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Vocabulary Word

Word: glacial

Definition: like a glacier; of an ice age; extremely cold; Ex. glacial epoch; CF. iceberg

Sentences Containing 'glacial'

"Glacial Lake Plain:" The floor of Glacial Lake Agassiz is one of the flattest expanses of land in the world.
A glacial outwash stream surged from the Cordilleran ice sheet around the southern end of the peninsula to the Pacific Ocean.
A memorial honouring the 23 people who died in the dzong in the glacial floods in 1994 has also been erected just outside the dzong.
And in the distant future, a geologist, examining these beds, would be tempted to conclude that the average duration of life of the embedded fossils had been less than that of the glacial period, instead of having been really far greater, that is, extending from before the glacial epoch to the present day.
As an example, I have attempted to show how potent has been the influence of the Glacial period on the distribution of the same and of allied species throughout the world.
But due to glacial melting, Ngga Pulu lost a lot of altitude in the 20th century.
But due to glacial melting, Ngga Pulu lost a lot of altitude in the mid-20th century.
But we shall follow the changes more readily, by supposing a new glacial period slowly to come on, and then pass away, as formerly occurred.
Clarke, it appears also that there are traces of former glacial action on the mountains of the south-eastern corner of Australia.
During glacial periods when sea level was 130 meters (400 ft) below present, the water table would have been below the bottom of the vast majority of the bays.
During the glacial periods there were large drops in sea level, so the coast-line was greatly modified.
During the Last Glacial Maximum, the glacier motion of the ice sheets through the Tunjuelo valley reached as far as Usme (today part of Bogotá City).
During this period there were a number of glacial and inter-glacial periods.
Further research will need to be done to determine any genetic differences and if glacial refugia may have contributed to lineages and pelage coloration.
Glacial epochs are great things, but they are vague vague.
However, the lake is actually the result of glacial erosion, and in no way an ancient volcanic crater.
Ice flowed up the river valleys as far as , carrying granitic glacial erratics with it.
In common with other hills in the Brecon Beacons National Park Fan Fawr was subject to glacial action in the ice ages.
In Europe we meet with the plainest evidence of the Glacial period, from the western shores of Britain to the Ural range, and southward to the Pyrenees.
In the Ice Age, Harringay was at the edge of a huge glacial mass that reached as far south as Muswell Hill.
Initial radiocarbon dates yielded estimates of 31ka, a comparatively young age approaching the Last Glacial Maximum.
It was originally dominated by temperate deciduous forest growing mostly on limestone covered by glacial till.
Large basins are complex and there is often one or more non-aeolian process at work, including tectonics, glacial and alluvial forces.
Most of the ecozone is underlain by Paleozoic rock, mostly limestone, covered with various deposits of glacial till including moraines, drumlins and old glacial lake bottoms.
Most of the Mallee consists of sand dunes that have been deposited as a result of movement of sand from the interior of Australia during arid glacial periods of the Quaternary.
Northern parts of Sweden have summer temperatures in the to range, while furtherther south, the temperature is closer to and . During summer in Greenland, ice sheets breaking up trigger what is known as "glacial motion" or "glacial earthquakes".
Occupying a natural basin of fluvio-glacial origin between the River Clyde and the Kelvin, the site is roughly triangular in shape.
She is currently acting head of Geography and Environment in the University of Southampton Jane Hart's research is in Glacial sedimentology and Glaciology, and in particular looking at the formation of till (glacial sediments), glaciotectonics and links between subglacial processes and climate change.
So conversely it will be with the northern hemisphere, while the southern passes through a glacial period.
Some of these species are so distinct, that we cannot suppose that there has been time since the commencement of the last Glacial period for their migration and subsequent modification to the necessary degree.
Strath Taieri is a large glacial valley and river plateau in New Zealand's South Island.
The chasm or gorge between Lover's Leap and the hill west of it is supposed by scientists to have been caused by glacial action.
The crust also rebounded at a rate of 4.74 feet per mile, undercutting many of the glacial deposits, especially in the Connecticut River Valley.
The deposits found in this area include general glacial deposits and marsh deposits, and consist of many small drumlins interspersed with shallow glacial deposits having poorly defined drainage.
The explanation, I believe, lies in the nature of the climate before the commencement of the Glacial period.
The lake occupies a glacial valley carved out along the Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault. In the Holocene the valley was blocked by lava flows from the Volcanes de Caburgua.
The last glacial period, popularly known as the Ice Age, was the most recent glacial period within the current ice age occurring during the last years of the Pleistocene, from approximately 110,000 to 12,000 years ago.
The latter one is the drain of the system of glacial lakes in both Kholmogorsky and Pinezhsky Districts.
The lower ground is mantled by glacial till, a legacy of the last ice age when the valley was filled by the Towy Valley glacier.
The melting ice released vast amounts of water, resulting in glacial lakes dotted across the state.
The Poricy Brook cuts through a number of geological layers which are rising due to glacial rebound.
The River Course is an 18-hole layout along a glacial river basin that features a of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72.
The rock deposits in the area have also been used to study post-glacial carbonates.
The thick sediments, which were recovered in these cores and contain pollen characteristic of full glacial conditions could have accumulated within these Carolina bays only if they had existed prior to end of the last glacial epoch.
The upper valley is primarily Millstone Grit with fluvio-glacial deposits.
The western cwm contains a fine late-glacial moraine known as Cefn Bach.
Their presence caused lakes (Glacial Lake Tight, Glacial Lake Monongahela, etc.) to form along the Teays and associated rivers.
These ice ages left their mark on the Rockies, forming extensive glacial landforms, such as U-shaped valleys and cirques.
This area contains deep glacial deposits created by the last Wisconsin Glaciation.
Watson) from their somewhat northern character, in comparison with the latitude, I suspected that these islands had been partly stocked by ice-borne seeds during the Glacial epoch.
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