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Vocabulary Word

Word: giddy

Definition: light-hearted; not serious; frivolous; dizzy; causing dizziness; Ex. giddy youth; Ex. giddy climb/height

Sentences Containing 'giddy'

"Giddy Up a Ding Dong" was not a hit in the United States, but it was popular in Australia, France, and the UK, where it climbed to number four in the UK Singles Chart.
"Like one who after a night of drunken revelry hies to his bed, still reeling, but with conscience yet pricking him, as the plungings of the Roman race-horse but so much the more strike his steel tags into him; as one who in that miserable plight still turns and turns in giddy anguish, praying God for annihilation until the fit be passed; and at last amid the whirl of woe he feels, a deep stupor steals over him, as over the man who bleeds to death, for conscience is the wound, and there's naught to staunch it; so, after sore wrestlings in his berth, Jonah's prodigy of ponderous misery drags him drowning down to sleep.
'That's the effect of living backwards,' the Queen said kindly: 'it always makes one a little giddy at first--' 'Living backwards!'
'You'll make me giddy soon, if you go on turning round like that.'
And they went so fast that at last they seemed to skim through the air, hardly touching the ground with their feet, till suddenly, just as Alice was getting quite exhausted, they stopped, and she found herself sitting on the ground, breathless and giddy.
At last I awake, very queer about the head, as from a giddy sleep, and see the butcher walking off, congratulated by the two other butchers and the sweep and publican, and putting on his coat as he goes; from which I augur, justly, that the victory is his.
But the first boy seems to me a mighty creature, dwelling afar off, whose giddy height is unattainable.
Genevieve Koski of "The A.V. Club" and David Amidon of PopMatters noted that "Love on Top" features "mature lyrics" alongside Knowles "sounding vocally giddy and aggressive while portraying the message."
Had I left the room a minute, when his man told me that "Young Innocence" (so he called you, and you may call him "Old Guilt" all the days of your life) had set his heart upon her, and she was giddy and liked him, but his master was resolved that no harm should come of it--more for your sake than for hers--and that that was their business here?
I got up at eight, a little giddy from the shortness of my night's rest, and was ready for him before the appointed time.
I lay down on the edge, for the throb of the great pump below made me giddy.
I recall him bending his aching head, supported on his bony hand, over the book on his desk, and wretchedly endeavouring to get on with his tiresome work, amidst an uproar that might have made the Speaker of the House of Commons giddy.
I was a small boy, at the time; and I saw those giddy young ladies come tiptoeing into the room where Miss sat reading at midnight by a lamp.
I was still giddy with the shock of my mother's death, and in a kind of stunned state as to all tributary things.
It is but to turn this peg the horse has in his neck, and he will bear them through the air to where Malambruno awaits them; but lest the vast elevation of their course should make them giddy, their eyes must be covered until the horse neighs, which will be the sign of their having completed their journey."
It went from me with a shock, like a ball fired from a rifle: but the image of Agnes, outraged by so much as a thought of this red-headed animal's, remained in my mind when I looked at him, sitting all awry as if his mean soul griped his body, and made me giddy.
Or wilt thou say that it is through defect of thy natural constitution, that thou art constrained to murmur, to be base and wretched to flatter; now to accuse, and now to please, and pacify thy body: to be vainglorious, to be so giddy-headed., and unsettled in thy thoughts?
Referring to "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson", he noted that "It’s political theater, but one that happens to have this giddy, pop-rock soundtrack."
She added that "[Beyoncé’s] vocals - as deft and accurate as ever - convey none of the giddy rush that the lyrics describe."
She was getting a little giddy with so much floating in the air, and was rather glad to find herself walking again in the natural way.
Suddenly he arose, lifted his hand to his brow as if his brain were giddy, paced twice or thrice round the dungeon, and then paused abruptly by the bed.
The first single for their new label, "Giddy Up a Ding Dong", written by Bell and his friend Pep Lattanzi in 1953, was featured in the film.
There was a sequel, "Giddy 2", also on Amiga, and a third game, "Giddy 3", made in 2000 for DOS, then ported in February 2009 to Windows, Mac OS X, Wii, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS.
These thoughts, and a hundred other such thoughts, turned me burning hot, and made me giddy with apprehension and dismay.
This game featured similar gameplay to the Dizzy series (although the game was much shorter) and stars Giddy, an egg very much like Dizzy except that rather than wear boxing gloves he simply had very large hands.
Three days afterwards, this poor vulture, which has been very much indisposed since that dinner, suddenly feels very giddy while flying aloft in the clouds, and falls heavily into a fish pond.
To the undiscerning eye of giddy ambition it naturally presents itself, amidst the confused scramble of politics and war, as a very dazzling object to fight for.
``Don't worry, dear grandpapa,''said she, endeavoring to smile;``it is nothing it is nothing; I was giddy, that is all.''
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